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  1. As the first matchups have been played in the round robin, Europe is dominating as predicted. Perhaps even stronger than anyone would have thought. WJC standings (depending on when you read this you may see the half-way or full-time standings): https://vhlportal.com/vhlm/WJHC/68/Standing.php Team Europe was on paper the best team before the tournament started, but few expected them to have four straight wins right off the bat, looking to dominate this tournament. A few of the records to beat that are in reach so far: EIGHT WINS Team Europe has previously scored seven wins in seasons 40, 43, 56 and 66. They do need to win all remaining four games, with Canada as an opponent in two of them, to beat that though. GOALS AGAINST In S40 and S65 Team Europe only let in 18 goals. After four games they only have let in 4 goals. This seems like a season this likely can be broken. GOALS FOR The record is 39 and Team Europe now only stands only at 15. So while not out of the question it does not seem likely. All the historical stats available here: https://vhlportal.com/vhlm/WJHC/68/TeamsRecords.php#Europe
  2. Hmm, maybe I should look at this. POWER PLAY Europe - 2 on 9 Attempt(s) - 22.22%
  3. And I had made a mistake with my 5v5 lines too for Europe (two CPU players, I was apparently in a rush). Hopefully my line changes take effect for next game.
  4. Elmebeck

    S68 WJC Index

    Lines sent, a bit late admittedly. Apologies, have been having problems switching from one operator to another and live in the middle of the woods...
  5. Great spot, keep following them next season!
  6. Saskatoon Wild have made a waivers offer to Casey Laflamme.
  7. (Photo by Associated Victory Press, @Steve) After technical problems with the venue, ice being way too soft and another French strike by the Union of Zamboni Drivers the WJC got moved from Palais de Sports in Sorbonne to Eis Arena Wolfsburg in Germany. The delay of the start of the tournament seems to have benefited Team Europe even more, if they were the slated favorites earlier they have pulled away even more now. VSN expert talking head explains, "They now have several player near, or even over the 350 TPE, but the roster stands as it was picked. So it is indeed a formidable team, perhaps one of the best in WJC history." Fredrik Elmebeck, who only got picked because his father runs the team, a filthy display of nepotism, celeberated on Twitter that he was "Going to tear shit up for Europe, I'll probably hit 350 too!" Due to insurance and cost reasons the VHL were ready to pull their players from participating, but after negotiations the world organization managed to come to an agreement by having the VHLM logo on all jerseys for the tournament. (Bold everything, underline the rest)
  8. Elmebeck

    S68 WJC Index

    Cute. I have double that.
  9. @Goliathus, I will tell you the same thing as I have been telling the others. 15 games left. You want a cup with no playing minutes, wait for other offers, if you want playing minutes go for us at the bottom. Despite our position we have a great support for our locker room, so you will not miss out on player development; and the draft if a few weeks out, so in the end it probably doesn't matter that much unless you want playing time over laurels. But anyway, Saskatoon Wild, the door is open for the last few games. GM @Peace(Discord: MrZPeace#0598) AGM @Elmebeck (Discord: VerloreneSiege#9910)
  10. Sweden! You need to check Saskatoon Wild out, I think. Earn good TPE and hope we can catch you in the draft even if you don't choose us now. GM @Peace (Discord: MrZPeace#0598) AGM @Elmebeck (Discord: VerloreneSiege#9910)
  11. Cool, we'll have GM @Peace set you up with a contract.
  12. Just like in two weeks or so. You're perfect timing as you can get some TPE, but you can't choose your team for next season. I would say just go for it, get in TPE for these two-three weeks and hope a decent team drafts you (I think basically all in VHLM are good to be honest... even Halifax). Right now you can choose how to end this season... which again, you can go with some later offers from the top runners, or go with us at the bottom. Anyway, offer is still open to check us out on Discord, we have pretty good support for our players I think. (but no guarantee where you go for next season, I guess, draft and all)
  13. Hey @AnthonyOuellet, you seem to know how this goes so I won't post a wall of pre-written text. You can possibly be "on a team" to win a cup, without playing minutes, or you can explore teams that will be great in the future, and one of those is definitely Saskatoon Wild. who probably has the best picks for the upcoming draft. So check us out, either just our picks and players, or come check out our Discord. GM @Peace (Discord: MrZPeace#0598) AGM @Elmebeck (Discord: VerloreneSiege#9910)
  14. Press conference for week ending Oct 20th. I don't know if these In Character and Out Of Character worked how I marked them, I'll fine-tune it in the future. Let me know how you feel. Ten questions but you only have to answer six! [INC/OOC - your choice] 1. How do you feel for next season, regarding the picks we have, the players that will stay, the players that will leave? 2. Going back to next season, and particularly the draft, any draftable players that stands out to for Saskatoon to try to catch? If you're already drafted, any players that you'd like for your new VHL team to have a look at? 3. @PotatoKing and @STZ (LVA) leads the VHLM in points and are neck to neck, but who will be the most valuable player during the playoffs? Someone else, or one of those two? 4. Who wins the VHLM final? 5. Who wins the VHL final? [INC] 6. With playoffs closing in, any interest in following a specific team or player now that Saskatoon likely won't reach them? 7. With only fifteen games left on the season, how do you look at your own performance and output? Statswise or development wise. 8. Do you have any changes in mind for next season in either focus or goals? 9. Are you actively rooting against Halifax 21st? [OOC] 10. Lottery has been talked about starting up, it has been touched on in a previous press conference. The "problem" according to some people that earlier it kind of encouraged spamming the forum, as your chance to get picked was in relation to the amount of posts you had. If you could start from scratch and design a lottery system, what do you think would be a good way to do it? Or should it be abandoned altogether even? (edit: forgot that @name doesn't automatically link when pasting) (a few edits later: better structured and a few spelling mistakes fixed)