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  1. You can still edit it to "...", so why not being able to delete it to keep the forum cleaner?
  2. 85 Prague Phantoms @ Helsinki Titans 86 Calgary Wranglers @ HC Davos Dynamo 87 Riga Reign @ New York Americans 88 Malmo Nighthawks @ D.C. Dragons
  3. Week ending February 2nd. Tough start, but we can rally. 1. Is there any specific real life NHL player you're modelling your VHL player around, or just playing the numbers game that STHS provides us? 2. How did you get into hockey? 3. Do you play or have you played hockey IRL? 4. We're third from bottom now - a few close losses to be fair - what do we need to make sure we get a secure playoff position? 5. Which teams do you see as front runners for the rest of the season? 6. Have you broken your New Year's resolutions yet?
  4. If mine can just be autopicked I'd be fine with that, had some problems in the family that has to be dealt with.
  5. New season! New presser! (sorry about being a bit late) 1. Who do you think will lead Saskatoon in points at the middle mark of the season? 2. How do you think we will finish in the regular season standings? A playoff spot, how high? 3. What do you think about the trades this off-season? 4. Happy with your own off-season and development for this upcoming one? 5. Anyone on the team you're particularly excited to play with this season? 6. What are the expectations you have on yourself this season?
  6. F - Jet Jaguar and I guess @FrostBeard is still up, I was really tempted to pick John.
  7. @Brayden we're in a kind of rebuilding phase here in Saskatoon, but that would mean plenty of playing minutes for you, also clean air at the Canadian prairie. We have really good resources in our locker room for TPE earning and a decently active GM to help you out at all times.
  8. @p91 come to Saskatoon. We won last season in style, and now is the start of a rebuild, so if you like an active management and don't shy away from hard work we're absolutely the place to be. Also good hunting and fishing up here.