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  1. 1. Europe 2. World 3. USA 4. Stiopic
  2. In Sweden we have this tradition of seven lights in the windows (don't ask me how it got up to Lutheran countries, I think its history and tradition is more with Juadism, but we loved it) - recent decades you see more and more outdoor lights though. Personally I like it. I haven't put up any of my own though, maybe for next year.
  3. Good luck, you have much to live up to! Make Europe proud again!
  4. Done all three, actually followed two before this, so technically I only added one.
  5. 1. Walk us through your game, day routine as you prepare for a match up. Six raw eggs, just gulp it down. Go for a run to Madison Square Garden while shadow boxing and also shouting New York-things at tourists, high-fiving cab drivers. 2. Some athletes are very superstitious - do you have any lucky superstitions so you succeed in games? To be there early is on time, being on time is late. I guess it doesn't count as a superstition, nor am I sure I live up to it, but just being prepared, meticulous will help you perform so much better. 3. Who was your favorite athlete growing up? Steve Yzerman probably. I liked the original Russian 5, some Swedish players... but Stevie is my man. 5. They are casting the biopic of your life - who should play you? Nicklas Lidström... or Gary Oldman doing his best effort acting as Nicklas Lidström. 6. It was @Esso2264’s birthday what are you getting him? I actually asked him for poutine. 8. If the New York Americans rebranded they should be called the New York _____ Americans is so perfect, this is possibly the team with the best name over both VHLM and VHL. But I'd go with something in that vein, pertaining to liberty, constitution, Ellis Island or something in that vein.
  6. 1st of Advent is supposed to symbolize hope. Elmebeck shrugged it off, the fervent atheist he was, but somewhere at his core - whether that was from upbringing or something intangible and hidden in his nature - he couldn't feel but a feeling of relief... and hope. The move into his New York apartment was finished, his father settling down more and more up north in Saskatoon, and it all coincided with December 1st and the first Sunday of Advent. His father had called earlier talking about the Whitetail tracks in the snow outside the small cottage in Saskatoon, while New York was draped in lights, red and green in anticipation of Christmas and the new year. For once, perhaps, Christmas wasn't early. He picked up his trunk - at Americans you had people who took care of your equipment for you, but he preferred to do it himself, including profiling and sharpening his blades personally - and headed for practise.
  7. Week ending December 8th. Snow is here, cold is here, Xmas and New Years are closing in; and a new press conference is right below. 1. Is your town/shops/malls/streets also in full Christmas attire now?! And have you started worry about buying gifts, planning trips or hosting meals? 2. Are you a hockey fan, first and foremost? Or another sport? 3. Who was best; Orr, Bourque, Coffey, MacInnis, Sure, Harvey, Leetch or Lidström? Did I miss one (don't bring up the S-word!)? 4. Best movie ever that features hockey as a dominant theme or significant backdrop to the story? 5. If a VHL or VHLM team were to relocate, which team and where would you move it to? Why Malmö and why to Västerås? 6. I hope we can extend our winning streak to over 30, right now we're at 29... which is just amazing. Any predictions or hopes for end of season? EDIT: 31!!!!
  8. 175 Seattle Bears @ Helsinki Titans 176 Prague Phantoms @ HC Davos Dynamo 177 Calgary Wranglers @ Moscow Menace 178 Riga Reign @ Vancouver Wolves
  9. I don't know what kind of weight my opinion carries in grams (or ounces), but having been the GM for Team Europe WJC I think this is a really good way to introduce players who want to step into AGM or GM roles a taste and some knowledge of how stuff works, build some knowledge and confidence. Familiarity. Having spent most of O'Quinn's current career as his AGM I can't but wholeheartedly support that he is given a chance to step up and to familiarize himself with the management that he needs to have to later on to prosper in VHLM and VHL in more advanced positions. What's the vernacular? "I vouch!" ? I vouch.