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  1. Though, it has to be pointed out that the amount of effort between 10 pts and 14 pts is quite large. Considering that Practise, Welfare, Trivia and Press Conference takes 5 minutes - but then to get 14 you have to write ~700 words or make two graphics (or a combination). And gambling on Fantasy Zone also takes no time. So 10 minimum per week while in VHLM, 9 pts in VHL - and one spends <10 minutes.
  2. Alan Rickman's character in Die Hard.
  3. Hans Gruber Sorry, but that caught me off guard. I generally dislike pop-culture names, or 4chan-silliness, but that one will do. Shoot the glass. E: spelling
  4. I don't know what happened with Minnesota, but their goalie @MMFLEX had 97.2% saves and two shutouts. I think he robbed us. GG
  5. Speaking of pirate radio.
  6. Elmebeck

    KnightTime #1017

    More questions, the draft obviously. So apparently the expansion draft is first - so who do you think the GMs should protect and who should the expansions GM's hope to be unprotected? Secondly, how will the actual draft go with Green being pretty adament he goes to and expansion team? Should a current GM still pick him and trade him, or should current GM's bend over backwards and one of the expansion teams gets to draft him?
  7. I'll ask you the same thing for your next one, now with draft and expansion draft there are at least two interesting things going on. First of all, Green wants to sit out any of the 10 existing teams to end up in one of the expansion teams. Then we have the question of the expansion draft where at least Ace has said he's building for the long term, i.e. trying to find active players that maybe still have quite few TPE, instead of going for an unprotected S61 player - which poses interesting questions to the other GM's on whom to protect. What's your take one those two drafts?
  8. Elmebeck

    KnightTime #1017

    My big question is whether there has been a player named Lynyrd Skynyrd, and secondary how cheesy it would be to make one.
  9. Elmebeck

    Retention Review

    I've only spent about a week in Manchester, but I really like that city. The history just oozes and I love all the brick too --- and of course very nice people to boot.
  10. Elmebeck

    Retention Review

    Prove you're a Manc by saying "fook off, mate!", yer daft apeth! (enjoyed the podcast too (and I have dear friends in Manchester (Didsbury)), but the system says I am out of likes)
  11. Should do one in Crimea and call it a part of Europe instead of Russia. 😮 (Yes, I know, Urals)