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  1. We appreciate your defensive contributions also!
  2. Review: Great job. I can tell you put a lot of work into it. It had all the highs and lows that a good story should. I hate to repeat myself, but you put a lot more effort into these tpe points than a lot of people do writing articles for a living.
  3. Review: Great job. I enjoyed the backstory, it put a personality to your character. He's a guy you really want to cheer for. I like the writing style also, there's enough description to paint the picture but not to the point that it is overbearing. I also like that your player is very much a grind it out/defensive specialist/enforcer. Once again, great job! Keep us updated!
  4. Found a picture of Raymond Bernard from the game!
  5. Samuel Ross 5'10" 183 pounds G Strengths 1. Solid stats in a small league. Was a building block in his youth league in South Carolina. Won multiple championships and best goalie awards. Size of the league kept other pro leagues from looking at him 2. Great positioning- Stays where he should be, uses angles to his advantage. Challenges shooters without being too aggressive. 3. Good glove- Grew up playing baseball, uses the glove to his advantage. Shows no weakness either high or low. 4. Agility - Slides well from post to post. In smaller leagues, doesn't get beat on one timers often. Has shown good quickness in shutting down wraps and post to post passes. Weaknesses 1. Skating - Does not have a lot of experience with skating, seems afraid to play the puck thus putting more pressure on his defense. Starting hockey a little later in his youth is to blame. 2. Size - A shorter goalie in an era of tall goalies. Adjusts by standing more upright, leaves holes on his blocker side, however. 3. Rebound Control - Has improved since signing with the Ottawa Lynx, but still has a way to go. He doesn't give up many rebounds but the ones he does give away land in trouble spots. Being 18, Samuel has lots of time to improve. Right now, he is where he should be, a backup in the minors. In order to be a high draft pick he needs to skate better and work on his blocker side skills. Needs improvement on rebounds and skating. Not worth much more than a late round pick for a backup or project. Doesn't have the skills to be an elite goaltender yet. We do hear he is a good teammate and will stay positive. Stays cool and collected in scrambles.
  6. 1. We've had a few games so far this season, do you like how things are going? Great job. Good record, good teammates. A rookie couldn't ask for more 2. How do you feel about the team in general, anything you would change? We're doing well, if it ain't broke, don't fix it 3. If you were drafted by Ottawa do you like that? And if you signed with Ottawa why? Just felt like a good fit. Being a starter wasn't a big deal to me since I'm learning this game. It just felt right 4. Anything me or Acyd could do to make the team better, either lines or anything in discord/forums. Spiderman Gifs and more dogs 5. Do you have a favourite VHL team or one you would like to be drafted by? Or do you still need time to learn them? More time. I know no one in this league, so I will probably just see what the vets of the league have to say when it's my time 6. How has your entire VHL experience been? I've enjoyed it. It's given me a creative outlet. The users are nice ( a little too nice sometimes) The tpe system makes sense and it evens out things more.
  7. 1. If you're new to the league, are you enjoying it? What do you like and what don't you like? I love it. It gives me a creative outlet and the current TPE system lets you accumulate points and is pretty fair to everyone. I don't really like these microwaveable chimis I bought for breakfast. 2. Tell us one thing about your team that other players may not know. We give out deer lawn ornaments to recent signees. There's also cookies. 3. Tell us one thing about your player that other players may not know. Despite being from South Carolina Samuel doesn't like Chewing Tobacco, Mountain Dew, lifted trucks, football or cousins. 4. Take a look at some other teams' rosters--does your team have a shot to win it all? It's early and lots of players have time to train, but I like our roster. I think we can go toe to toe with any VHLM team. 5. If you were being traded to any other VHLM team, but you were able to pick which one, where would you go? I'm happy with where I am and don't really care where I go. 6. If you could be drafted by any VHL team next season, where would you go? I really like Acyd as a GM and trust his opinions. He's been fair and honest with bringing me in and telling me how things are with the team and his expectations for my player. I would probably lean on him and my teammates for advice.
  8. This game snuck up on me. I didn't have time for my neighbors to get the moped division of the Hell's Angels to welcome Philadelphia.