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  1. don't feel too bad, you've beaten us once out of the last 3. 1 for 3 gets you in the hall of fame in some sports.
  2. 1. It's good but I like our current logo. 2. Moscow 3. It's my best year yet but I'm still behind on my save percentage. Pretty happy though 4. @Mr_Hatter he's one of my best buds in the league and a great young goalie 5. France or Germany 6. Gustav, I think he does this before trades anyway
  3. I'm going to be honest here, I didn't know I was even eligible for the world juniors. I know I am still relatively young and the workhorse for a VHL team, but I never imagined I would get another shot at gold. Last time, team USA (or honestly team Ottawa) were underdogs. We played well, gave it our all, but fell short. This time we are one of the top teams. Wolski and I make an elite tandem for the world juniors. Everyone on this team can hit, pass and score. USA is getting a lot of press, but will it hold up? In my first few games it has been rather rough. I have had plenty of work with multiple games of 40 plus saves. It’s taking this team a little longer to gel than I had hoped, but we’re still winning. I’m also getting some good press. We’re heading into the next round in 3rd place. Fine with me, less pressure on us. Hopefully some of the other guys will take us lightly. I sure wouldn’t.
  4. so there's a few thousand LtDan if I didn't pick the right one just send me a friend request. There can't be that many sizemore82 names.
  5. I'll add you, be on the lookout for Sizemore82. We can suck together
  6. I'll apply. I have no shot but I will apply.