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  1. 1. There's been an influx of new players lately. How do you fit into the team? It's nice to not have bots, that's for sure 2. What's your favorite pizza? What toppings are your favorite? I can't really eat pizza right now, but everything is pretty good to me 3. Our GM @rjfryman is expecting a baby. Give us 2 names (boy/girl) that you name the newborn to the family! Cletus and Orenthal 4. NHL 21 has just been released recently. Are you getting the game? Nah. It's the same old crap with a little polish. 5. Another NHL question. What are your favorite
  2. @rjfryman I thought we already established you didn't have a lot of time to teach and I didn't have a lot of time to learn, making me the best candidate for the job!
  3. That's a really convoluted story to say "I'm retiring to make more rins"
  4. 1. We are 4-4-1 after 9 games at the time of writing, 2nd in the North American Conference. How do you feel about that? Solid start for a rebuilding team 2. Defenseman Hugh Jass has been incredible so far, with 16 points in 9 games. Will he eclipse his 61 points set last year? Yes! 3. Do you have any pre-game superstitions? If so, what are they? Eating a bucket of fried chicken 4. Through 8-ish games for each team, which has been the most surprising start, good or bad? Us! I don't think anyone thought we would be competitive
  5. Vladimir Mlinski 6' 215 lbs Yambol, Bulgaria Signed by: Houston Bulls Vladimir Mlinski is a tough, hard nosed winger from the small, Baltic nation of Bulgaria. He is known as a pass first, defensively responsible winger who can play center in a pinch, although that isn't his optimal position. Personal Info Mlinski is a fierce competitor who is intense and can be very quiet. His emotions are very hard to read. Growing up, he never knew his grandparents, who died because of fallout fr
  6. !. Right now we don't have the number of players to complete, so if we don't add any players it looks like we will be near the bottom 2. Minny is usually pretty goo 3. Nope, it was getting to the point that I didn't have time to put a lot of work in so with depreciation kicking in, it would just be futile 4. I wanted to play somewhere besides Ottawa and rjfryman made a good pitch 5. anyone but Calgary 6. I don't see a huge advantage in having one, most of us are recreates so we have plenty of advice for the rookies
  7. Player Information Username: Brrbisbrr Player Name: Vladimir Mlinski Recruited From: Returning Age: 22 Position: LW Height: 72 in. Weight: 215 lbs. Birthplace: Bulgaria Player Page @VHLM GM
  8. I guess when your first in the league everyone takes what moral victory they can get. Congrats on the fight win.
  9. Samuel Ross Speaks Out on Trade Former Davos goalie speaks out on old team, Gustav Mattias and experience with Helsinki In the offseason, Davos traded off starting goalie Samuel Ross to division rival Helsinki. Sources noted that Davos was afraid of losing Ross in the upcoming expansion draft and instead opted to get something in return. Everyone has been kind of mum on the trade, but I did manage to speak to Samuel Ross about this turn of events. We
  10. 1) S73 season starts on Tuesday, what is a personal goal for you this season? Just play better. 2) Training camp is open, what is an area of your game you are hoping to improve? glove hand 3) Do you enjoy the trades/free agency/drafts or do you just count down the days to get back into action? Usually just count down the days. It was more interesting this year to see some of my old teammates and I get shipped off 4) 16 teams now in the VHL, are you looking forward to traveling to the four new cities? yeah, it always nice to see new scenery 5) Who is your favori