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  1. 1. You recreate and get drafted into the VHLM! Some idiot GM like @Sonnet or @McWolf drags out the same "what's your pregame ritual" question that you see at least once every season. What do you do to get back at them? Being the worst goalie in the VHL isn't enough? 2. Last season, we played New York seven times, going 5-2-0. What's our record against New York this season? Considering we own them, why are we playing them? 0-0-0 3. Going off of that, a trade I made last season which was probably not the greatest one will end up very much in our favor if New York misses the playoffs. Is it likely, in your opinion, that they will? yeah, it is New York 4. Also speaking of New York, last week I traded @Esso2264's Joel Ylonen, before he played a game for us. What happened in the locker room that made management hate him? What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room. (thank god) 5. What's your pregame ritual? Get dressed 6. You own the naming rights to any OTHER league member's recreate. Who do you pick and what do you make them name their player? Anthony Matthews - Player name Might E. Weenie
  2. 1. The draft is over! We've got one player who will be joining us in Davos this season, and that's defenseman Roque Davis. How does the team welcome him in on his first day? Probably with a handshake 2. With the departure of Tony Bolonee, one assistant captain spot will open up this season. Who do you nominate? Ahma 3. Do we improve much this season? Should we be trying to improve, or do we try to capitalize on our lotto chances? That's tough because no one wants to be a constant loser, but if we're not good enough to make noise in the playoffs then shouldn't we be trying to get a lottery pick? 4. The team starts spending huge amounts of money on pregame hype. What's your personalized entrance? The Sanford and Son theme 5. What do you want the league to know about you this season? Are you coming in with a different goal from last season? Different style? Trying to be more of a team leader. 6. How should the VHL deal with coronavirus? Does our season get wiped out? Why would it be wiped out? You know everyone on VHL is super hygenic
  3. After his first season in the vhl things looked up for Samuel Ross. Davos not only made the playoffs, but made a deep run and put some pressure on the upper echelon of the VHL. It is true that the Dynamo were a veteran heavy team and that Ross was backing up the greatest goaltender in history, but I doubt he could see the next year coming. Ross wasn’t sure if the lights were too bright, the pressure too immense or if it was just the environment. Season 2 wasn’t the same. Ross didn’t feel the same. Everyday his mind sped from thought to thought, as if it were some concord jet trying to break a world record. A lot of professional goalies have “butterflies” “jitters” or “nerves”, some even throwing up before games. This wasn’t Ross, though. He had always remembered being cool. He was always remembered as being a well liked, relatively quiet guy, but I don’t think anyone knew what that meant. Behind the quiet demeanor and child like wonder, a sinister feeling crept into Samuel Ross. He began to hate himself, his team, even the league. Most of the team mates from the previous year left, but they didn’t acknowledge him anyway. It had even been months since upper management had talked to him. Ross figured that demanding a trade wouldn’t do him much good. No one really needs a backup. He wasn’t the type of guy to be toxic, so he just walked away. One night, in a lonely apartment in the Alps, Ross stared at snowflakes falling on yet another Swiss night. Not really connected with this world or anything out of this world Ross felt trapped “It was a weird feeling, I felt like I was split in two. There was this voice inside of me telling me something wasn‘t right. I didn‘t feel well. I had some idea that something was wrong and it got so bad I didn’t want to leave my apartment“. After a few doctor’s visits, he decided to check himself into a mental rehab facility not far from the South Carolina home where he was raised. Samuel Ross ran through test after test at the Charles C. Picken’s Medical Center. The staff put him through everything ranging from the very mundane ink blot test to some weird test for schizophrenia that Ross wasn’t sure any of his personalities would understand. After being poked and prodded it was determined he had an extreme case of social anxiety. Ross saw several therapists and got some medication for his disorder. He had no knowledge of what was happening to Davos. At the same time for Davos, things were bleak. The team had traded away most of their stars for what VHL vets called “yet another rebuild”. Finn Davison was just about the only vet left on the team from the Dynamo’s playoff run the year prior. Finn was having another stellar year, but was not getting a lot of help from a young Dynamo team. As a benefit to both Finn and Davos, the net minder was shipped out. Davos plummeted in the standings. No one on the team seemed to care much not even VHL ownership. Samuel Ross was granted his release from the medical center and was immediately thrust into the starter position. Ross put up rather bad numbers for a starter, but considering all that happened, that was not a surprise. His first taste a starter left Samuel wanting more. After a 27 game stretch that saw him go 6-20-1 with a GAA just over 3, he knew he had to get back to work. As he hit the gym the next morning, he was greeted by his gym partner Fernando Jokinen and GM Shawn Glade. What he overheard sent shockwaves through the Dynamo.
  4. We might beat someone besides New York this season.
  5. 1. The Grand Poobah has decided what we're doing with the 2nd overall pick. Any guesses? Hopefully a goalie worth a crap 2. What's your opinion of season 1 of the Gustav era? BE HONEST and don't sugarcoat any negatives. You tried. It wasn't as bad as our record seemed. I had fun 3. We'll be losing @Tbeez99 in free agency. I know where he's going, but do you have any guesses or speculations? Seattle 4. Are you close with any players in the S71 draft class? If so, who? I guess Landry? We played on the WJC team together 5. The team goes on a mission to track down any inactive member and bring them back. Who do we go for? BrrbisBrr 6. With @FrostBeard moving up to take over Malmo, the Houston GM job is opening up. Do you have any interest in applying for the position, and if you don't, do you know of anyone who would have a good shot at it if they applied? I wouldn't mind taking it, but I'd much rather have a AGM job first.
  6. Yeah you're right, but when we do get starts we usually beat new York
  7. I sure don't want to go to new York. I see enough disappointment around here.
  8. even in the lottery we beat NY. At least we were the favorites this time.
  9. 1. Another year, another last-place finish. What do we do to come out of the bottom of the league? We have a lot of young players. We just have to keep building with the right guys 2. @Anthony Matthews will come up with a super salty answer to this one. Respond to this by trying to out-salt him. Maybe if his IQ was half of what his shooting percentage was, he wouldn't be so salty. Just sayin' 3. The last individual award won by a Davos player came in S68, when Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen won the Labatte and Finn Davison took home both the Clegane and the Shaw. Who's the next Davos player to win an individual award, and what do they win? I did lead the league in losses, that's something right? 4. What would make you want to play for Davos, if you were a prospect entering the draft? What should we do to look as appealing as possible to the new guys? A good locker room, lots of playing time 5. @Proto needs to be punished for insubordination. What do I do to him? Get creative. Make him sing showtunes while wearing only a speedo and feather boa 6. Let's say the league were to bring back the old VHLM affiliate system--they won't, and we'd all hate it, but let's say they do. Which VHLM team should we pick as our affiliate, and why? Ottawa, because I loved playing for them.
  10. It’s no secret that my best bud in the league is Raymond Bernard. We came into the league about the same time, played on the same vhlm team, had an amazing vhlm title run and competed in the WJC tournament together. That’s a lot of time to form a bond. It’s only natural that I analyze him for my bonus week on future hall of famers. First I’m going to start with the man behind the mask, Raymond Bernard is one of the most genuine guys you will meet. He was always a positive force in the Ottawa locker room and I don’t imagine that has changed. When I was backing him up, I was never looked at in the stereotypical backup way. It was more of a co-starter. He was great before, after and during the game. Enough of this mushy stuff, let’s get down to his game and why he is a future hall of famer. You will struggle to find someone who has come into the league and put in work as quickly as Bernard has. In his short career he has been the backbone of a vhlm title winning team and helped propel Moscow to the top of the VHL. Raymond had a career year for Moscow, leading the league in wins and holding 6 opponents scoreless this season. He finished with a save percentage of .915 while facing an average of 28 shots per game. Bernard takes up a lot of space in net. He plays a lot bigger than his 6’2” frame suggests. He maintains a good stance that makes it hard to beat low. When opposing scorers do try to score low, his flexibility and long legs help him stop pucks. When he is planted on the post, he is almost impossible to beat. Pucks just do not find holes in his positioning often. Raymond’s glove hand is becoming legendary. He doesn’t make saves any more difficult than they have to be. His glove saves a lot of times aren’t very flashy, but they are effective. Often times, the oohs and aahs that fans would give would come much later because Bernard makes the saves look pedestrian. He does a good job of keeping his glove high, but when he gets caught with it low, he has enough hand speed to make the save. Rebound control is what he excels at. The puck gets sucked in and just doesn’t come out. If you shoot high, he snatches it, shoot low and he kicks into the corner away from traffic. As I said earlier, pucks just don’t find holes in him. If there is one place where he can be beaten, it’s with a quick pass. Bernard’s weak point, which is still very strong, is his agility. However, he is long and disciplined enough to not have to rely on it. I’m not sure if you can say Raymond Bernard is a rising star. I think he has already risen. He played on a great team, had a great season and is even a big part of the VHL news scene. I almost forgot to mention he’s also an assistant GM in the VHLM. That’s a lot on the plate for a relatively new player, but so far he has handled it flawlessly. If he can keep this up, I see him going in to the HOF for not only his goalie play, but his contribution to the league as a whole.