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  1. We ended FIRST in the conference, and secured the FIRST seed on our side of the playoff bracket. Who do you attribute this success to? Our overall team play. How important is home-ice advantage when it comes to the playoffs? Quite important in my opinion, fans do a lot. It's just been reported that Christian Mingle and Kyl Oferson have both signed contract extensions! Was this the right move for Chicago? For sure, locking up our future. On that note, what does your DREAM dinner look like? They may or may not be buying. Steak, RIbs, Burger, Dessert, goo
  2. 1. We're poised to top the North American standings if we can stay hot, do you think we'll be able to end the season as the 1 seed? Of course, we are the best team in the league hands down. 2. How much of a trivia buff are you? Do you think you could hold your own on Jeopardy!? I would have no chance knowing me. 3. Word has spread that a new VHL newspaper might be in production, what do you hope they cover in some of their articles? Me of course, or just my team in general. 4. Gotta ask the tough question- who's your FAVORITE teammate and why? Gorlab becau
  3. 1. Earned more, have a better work ethic. 2. Gorlab for sure. 3. Nah, they are doing a fine job. 4. Best guy available, a team person. 5. Nah not really. 6. Chick Fil A haha
  4. 1. It was fun, went to a party with friends. 2. Binge watching Naruto Shippuden. 3. Earning well, and keeping up the hard work. 4. Probably my passing abilities. 5. Nobody really, doing my own thing. 6. Moscow, for sure.
  5. Ah yes, that time of the year. Today is December 20th, and it's only 5 days away from Christmas! Which is my birthday by the way. To sum up the year, despite COVID, I'd say it's been good for me. I'm glad for this summer especially, as that was extremely beneficial for me. I'm thankful for a lot of things this year. Including the VHL, this has always been a fun place for me to come hang out. and Tate has been a huge success in my mind so far. Getting selected to Chicago was a great thing for me as well, I truly believe I can make a strong impact on that team in the future. Being traded to Las
  6. 1. I think they are good, it shows we are in it to win it. 2. The gifts and gatherings for sure! 3. Oh well I am a child, in 9th grade, so, so far I've gotten into 2 fights and been suspended 6 days haha. 4. I believe so, we are a much better team then that. 5. Doing well, glad for this much needed break. 6. Fruit snacks if I had to choose.
  7. With more then half the season over, I have been traded from the Hounds to Las Vegas. One of the original VHLM teams I was on with Foilen. I was quite surprised when I was traded, as I thought I was doing quite well, with my player, earning, and my LR activity. Nevertheless, I believe it is truly for the better. Although I have a smaller role on the team, I would say we are much more competitive. And GM @Spartan has been making move after move, to make sure our team stays that way. If we keep earning, we have a serious chance at winning it all, and I can't wait to be a part of that!
  8. 1. Gonna have to go Victor here, my OG VHL GM, I owe him a lot. 2. London, I like their Logo. 3. Fishy I'm guessing. 4. Depends on how busy I am, just relax, take a few days off. 5. I would be the villian for sure, and I would too act too confident. 6. Maybe a Golden Retriever, and Jove!
  9. And we are back! We are about 44 games into the season, and I have 50+ points, 56 in total. And I have to say, that's not bad, even though the Hounds aren't as good as we were last year, I still feel like I have been playing my game, and doing what I can to help my team. I've been earning 12 a week, although I need to do one of my career point tasks, but either way, I have been improving as the season goes on, and that's all anyone can ask for. I'm hoping that I'm doing enough to at least be in contention for some awards, as throughout my time here in VHL, I'm not sure I have won a award. So h
  10. 1. Playing C is fun, gives a balanced amount of goals and points. 2. More things to work on, meaning you have to be beastly at earning TPE. 3. Nothing really, I love it. 4. Hawaii! 5. Oh yea for sure, I'd love that. 6. Gorlab of course, without question!
  11. Despite the Hounds not being at their best in this moment, I have been balling this year in my opinion. I believe I have 30+ total points on the year, and that's a great start to this season, better then last year when I was on 2nd line. I'm excited for this opportunity, and I seriously hope that we can pick our shit up before the season ends. We really need to go on a run and show that the type of team we are, the one right now is down in the dumps, and I know we can be doing better. It's up to us to make the chance, and become better teammates, which in turn, will turn us to a better team!
  12. 1. My Friends 2. Hanging out with family is all. 3. PS5 games for sure, gift cards and whatnot. 4. No, we are fine. 5. Just provided another outlet for fun. 6. Probs Gorlab, a diamond ring.
  13. Well, I'm in the VHLM for one more season, my team the Hounds isn't doing as well as I thought we would. I see a bunch of losses and am seriously wondering what's going on, however, it is what it is. I feel I have been playing at a solid level, 12 points in 9 games isn't too shabby, however, I can obviously improve, and that's what I plan on doing. We just need some time to really get our chemistry together, overall Chicago looks great in the VHL. I can tell we have a bright future, and I know I need to prove my value to the GM. Look forward to the rest of the year!
  14. 1. Haven't been paying attention to the race much. 2. Haven't payed attention to that either, however, we are up there. 3. Yep, in the VHLM i have 12 points in 9 games, not bad. 4. PS5 for sure. 5. Listen to music, pretend im in Naruto 6. Phone, Headphones, practice gear, food, drinks.
  15. Ah yes, we finally made it, drafted to Chicago! That's what I like, I'm grateful to be here, and I know we have a bright future, especially with me @gorlab on the squad. There's a lot of good VHL Community members on that team, and I'm proud to be there with them. GM @JeffD has done an excellent job, and I feel that it's going to be a good year. I'm gonna stay down in the VHLM for one more season, and I'm passing 200 TPE this week, I can sense it's going to be a great year! Back to 12 a week of course, my favorite part of being in Chicago is for sure the LR, it's active, and welcoming to prosp