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  1. that's my username, irl my name is Ezekiel and ppl call me zeke in sba and irl and efl
  2. Killy Foilen signs with the Minnesota The 19 year old Right Wing from Alabama has decided to sign with the Minnesota VHML team after missing out on the draft. In the NCAA, Foilen was an amazing player, he always got to the puck and played hard every single play of the game. He made an impact on his teammates and was expected to go high in the draft. However, it turned out that his family had a tragic accident and he was forced to miss the draft. Luckily for him, his old friend @DangerGolding was able to contact the GM of Minnesota and they heavily recruited Killy. Now although Killy had many offers, he decided to sign with Minnesota as that was where most of his family was from as well as the team having a great locker room visit for him. They were very welcoming and showed that they believed he had potential and that he was the last piece to build their championship contender team. Finally, the last reason he decided to go here was that he thought that in Minnesota, he would be able to progress himself properly and learn from the best of the best. Now all you have to do is wonder, what can he do in this league? Word Count: 208 words
  3. 1) You were just drafted/signed by the Minnesota Storm for S67. What do you think about joining the Storm? In fact I was, I love the community there and as a rookie they are very helpful. 2) What are your expectations for the team this year? I expect that we get to the playoffs and try and contend for the chip. 3) What are your expectations for yourself this year? I expect myself to have a below average season as this is my first season, however if I can just learn enough from the Vet's then perhaps I could do better than expected. 4) Looking at the rest of the teams in the VHLM, who do you think will be Minnesota’s biggest rival? Why? Well I don't really know yet, I just joined this team today so I'll have to take a look. 5) What do you think about the Storm’s facilities? Any recommendations to management for improving the locker room (i.e. Discord LR)? I love the facilities, easy to get into, great equipment. 6) Minnesota is a beautiful state, known as the land of 10,000 lakes. Have you been able to spend any time in Minnesota since you were drafted? What do you think? Not yet, I will have to make sure to get to that.
  4. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/39460-official-mock-draft-edition-2/
  5. I think I would like to wait for all the offer's to come in then decide