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  1. VHL.com has caught up with rookie centerman Nate Wright who was drafted 41st overall to the Malmo Nighthawks on Sunday and 23rd overall to the Yukon Rush on Monday. Do you have any comments on your draft position or the team that picked you? "I'm honestly surprised I even got picked in the VHL draft. I felt like my performance last season was lackluster, but nonetheless I'm eternally grateful to the Nighthawks for giving me a chance. They will not regret this, and I will make sure of that." How do you feel about remaining with Yukon next season for more conditioning? "I'm glad that Josh saw enough potential in me to want to keep me around. I've been busting my [expletive] in the gym to make sure I'm the best I can be. Our playoff run was, to be frank, embarrassing, but we're going to make up for that this year. Mark my words. How have you been spending your time during the offseason? "Other than waiting for the draft, I've been grinding day in and day out to make sure I'm still in good shape for next season. My focus has mainly been on my faceoffs and playmaking skills. If I'm not creating chances for my wingers and defensemen, then what good am I as a center?"
  2. How do you predict the series going against Halifax? No mercy will be shown, no quarter given. What players from each team do you think will have the biggest rivalry in the series? I don't know enough about Halifax to answer that A Red Guy vs Gunnarsson, who has the better performance? Is that a question? Red Guy, obviously. Prediction for the winners of first round and why? I would say us (of course), Ottawa, Philly, and Houston. All four of those teams have been dominant throughout the season and I don't expect that to change. Who is your prediction for MVP of the playoffs? I'm gonna say Eller. Dude has had a phenomenal season and I know he can continue that in the playoffs Any takeaways from the season before we hit the playoffs? We're going to hit hard and fast, just like we've been doing.
  3. How have you dealt with the pressure to keep up this recent strong run of results? Take it one game at a time. I know that sounds cliche, but people wouldn't be saying it if it wasn't true. Which unit on the team do you think would be the reason the team wins the cup, and why? Everyone gives it their all every single night. It would be unfair to pick out one unit as the sole reason we win the cup.Who has stepped up as a real leader in the locker room down the stretch for Yukon? Eller 100%. I feel like I've learned a thing or two from him myself, and I'm sure most of my teammates have too.If you could add any player currently on another VHLM roster to the Rush, who would it be and why? Vladimir Pol, my former teammate when I was in Mexico City. He and I worked magic on that ice and I'd love to recreate that.How important is the team's impending 4-game stretch against Philadelphia and Ottawa to our playoff momentum? It's vital. Philly and Ottawa are the biggest threats to us getting a good seed, so we need to stay focused and get them out of our way.Which team would you want to face in the Cup Finals the most and why? Again, probably sounds cliche, but I'd love to face my old team, Mexico City. Whether or not that will happen, I don't know, but it would be fun.
  4. Gold - Canada Silver - Europe Bronze - USA MVP - Ambrose Stark
  5. 1) Does your player have a pre-game ritual? What is it? Usually chugging a Monster or two and reading the stats for our opponent 2) What is your favorite goal song? Nothing beats Brass Bonanza, but if I had to pick one for myself it'd be Imagine Dragons' Natural 3) What kind of mascot would you like to see for the Rush? I think some form of dog or wolf would make the most sense given the location 4) Who is your favorite player in the VHL? I'm still relatively new to the scene, so I don't have one at this moment 5) What number do you wear and why? 14. It's been my favorite/lucky number since middle school. 6) We're a couple weeks in, who would you vote for the C and A's? (1C, 2A) I'm gonna echo my teammates here and say Eller for C, Flowers and Draven for A
  6. 231 Moscow Menace @ Seattle Bears 232 HC Davos Dynamo @ Riga Reign 233 Calgary Wranglers @ New York Americans 234 Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans