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  1. Went up against my former linemate from Yukon and neither of us got any points. Kinda poetic really.
  2. Glad to finally get the chance to wear the ol' red white and blue
  3. Wright is now available to the media after his recent trade to the Mississauga Hounds
  4. Nate Wright now sits in an unfamiliar locker room surrounded by unfamiliar people wearing an unfamiliar jersey as the news breaks that the Yukon Rush's number one center is going to the Mississauga Hounds. As he prepared for his first game in the black and blue, Wright was asked to comment on the trade and the circumstances leading up to it. "I will always be thankful to the Rush for everything they did for me. They made me feel like a star, but I knew it was time for a change and the GMs agreed. The talks were very smooth and the Hounds have been doing a great job of making me feel at home. I'm going to continue working on my game just as I did in Yukon and hopefully have a ring to show for it when I move up to Malmo." Only time will tell if Wright will be able to make the same magic as a Hound that he had become known for as a Rusher. (170 words)
  5. This was our revenge game from the finals
  6. 1. A cup win. We were so close last time, now we need to bring it home. 2. I've already been drafted to Malmo, so probably there. 3. I want to be a playmaker just like I am down here. 4. I'd say great passer/puck mover but not very physical and sometimes takes dumb penalties. 5. I would have to say Alyksander Hunter. He's been here just as long as I have but he has the stats to back it up. 6. Definitely biased here, but I'd love to see a team in my home state of North Carolina.
  7. While some of his teammates were indulging in golf and parties or celebrating the draft with their new teams, Yukon Rush centerman and Malmo Nighthawks prospect Nate Wright has been hard at work both in the gym and the practice ice. The young skater has already seen one Founder's Cup slip through his fingers and is determined not to allow that to happen again. "Yeah, I did good last season, but good isn't good enough. We're not gonna have Buster's star power in net anymore, so it's time I learn to make some [expletive] happen instead of relying too much on the goalie." Wright is entering his third season as a member of the Rush, having been traded there from Mexico City. During that time he had been drafted 41st overall the S68 VHL draft by the Nighthawks before being chosen 23rd overall by the Rush in the VHLM draft. Although he has enjoyed his time in Yukon, Wright is ready to make the next step. "I want to get Malmo's attention. I'm gonna keep grinding as hard as I can this season and hopefully by the end they'll see enough potential in me to call me up." Wright declined to comment any further, giving a small salute before skating onto the practice ice once more. (216 words)
  8. 1. I had a great season, but at this time I think it would be in the best interest of all parties involved if I stay in Yukon for more conditioning 2. I don't want to go into too much detail about that. All I'm gonna say is that it's a dumb, dumb thing that could've been easily avoided 3. Yeah, I think I played a lot better than I did last season. Scoring the lone goal to eliminate the Hounds was a pretty good confidence builder [laughs] 4. I always think I can perform better. That's the thing about this sport. "Good enough" isn't good enough anymore. I want to be great 5. The dude's tough to score on. We were lucky that Buster is equally difficult to score on or else we would've been in big trouble 6. I want to work on my discipline. I can be a bit careless and a bit of a hothead at times. You'd think I'd keep a sleeping bag in the box at this point. I want to avoid that going into next season 7. I don't live there yet since I'm still playing in Yukon but I go there for camp and it's a really nice place 8. Northern Europe, right between Norway and Finland. I've taken enough geography classes in school to know that. 9. I haven't really spent time in Malmo's locker room yet so I can't fairly answer that. 10. This season it'd have to be Buster. Dude's a brick wall with a heart of gold.
  9. Wright is now taking questions in the offseason following his team's finals loss
  10. As others have said, it would've been far better to take it to DMs rather than flooding a game thread with useless crap. Just shut up and move on.