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  1. Congrats to Mexico and Verlander! What a fun series!
  2. 1. I will improve my cardio, and endurance so I can take longer shifts and try to focus on beinga two way player. 2. We are playing better and starting to find some chemistry. 3. I'm not big on boats so I might just visit. 4. If we lose I'm eating cookies that's all there is to it...lol 5. I think things will work out for the best and we will start winning more consistently. 6. I would love to meet Ryan OReilly.
  3. 1. I would dye my hair color blue color. 2. I am just used to doing it every Monday now. 3. My player is just focused and relaxed. 4. Everything in the locker room has been good besides the smell of the hockey gear. 5. I just use the fairy to get there. 6. All you can do is stay focused on the game plan. Eventually things will come together.
  4. What's your new player name ?
  5. 1. Honestly I'm not sure, even after I looked this up and only could find something about a sea creature sighting. 2. I would play guitar and sing. 3. I like to listen any Mayan Factor song while training. 4.I am excited for moving into the big leagues someday and trying to score as much as possible in hopes of winning a Cup. 5. I like to go for a morning run and have a quick bite to eat, then workout with some light weights. 6. I would rather be very strong cuz I already skate very well.
  6. 1. I would say every team cuz just about every team is above us in the standings! 2. I would speak with TJ Oshie and have him give me advise on training and being a smaller player but yet playing big. 3. I usually get in shower then sit in hot tub for a bit & watch TV. 4. I have some brothers and father & mother. They are really good people. 5. I drive a big lifted Chevy truck . 6. I prefer pumpkin pie with whip cream.
  7. 1. I have never really thought about it! (Boats n Hoes Gang? lol) 2. I would teach them about teamwork and bein hard on the forecheck. 3. He is a cat and dog person. But he has a cat. 4. I am not asking any of them out. lol 5. I just want to provide scoring and play a good team game. 6. I like beef jerky a lot, so that is my guilty pleasure.
  8. 1- I would name the boat The Glass Majesty. 2- Wow I'm the wrong person to ask for creative ideas for jersey's. 3- I just love playing the game of hockey and my teammates and city. 4- I would tell them about all the attraction's of the city and about my teammates and coaches. 5- No I don't have any superstitions. 6- Will you help me get a Cup winner is the question I would ask.
  9. 1- I usually just introduce myself and shake his hand. 2- I am fine with the way the team is going. 3- I like to ride motorcycles or dirt-bikes for fun. We go out in the fields and ride sometimes. 4- I generally like making graphics for tpe. 5- I could do without writing long articles. 6- I don't have any other favorites at the moment.
  10. 1-Well I'm new here and don't know anyone yet. But "Dill" the GM is pretty great! 2- I will score some goals and contribute all depending on what my playing time is. 3- I would change the icing rule and let players have to skate harder. 4- Kyle just ate to much food and got stuffed! 5- I would say Gengar, Charmander, & Scizor would be on it. 6- I will say the Pick Of Destiny will be my good luck charm. lol
  11. 1- I play best in the playoffs I believe. 2- I am hoping to dish out some assists. 3- I will pick our goalie Zamboni. 4- We owe you so much pain and you will feel it good. 5- We will win the series 4-1. 6- I think DC upsets Vancouver this year.
  12. Thad makes shitting your pants feel good!! lol
  13. 1- I will definitely be relaxing with family. 2- I'm handing out art supplies for the children. 3- Not really joining in on the festivities until December 24th & 25th. 4- I'm thankful for Dil our GM and the entire team. 5- I can build a snowman if we had snow here. 6- They are huge Christmas dick pics.(aka: guitar pics)