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  1. 1. What do you think about this logo concept made by @Motzaburger? Better? Worse? About the same? What's your opinion about our current logo? It's pretty good and I still like our current logo. 2. With Davos out of the running, which team would you like to see win the Cup the most this season? I like Helsinki, but Vancouver and Moscow look tough to beat. 3. How do you feel about your performance as an individual player this season? I could be doing a lot better for sure. But my shots blocked are in the VHL TOP 10 this year. 4. You can take any one member of the league who doesn't currently play for Davos and bring them to our team. Who do you choose? I would say any player that has a lot of TPE and a good statistical record. 5. Though we very likely are not expanding anytime soon, @Corco wrote an article about possible expansion team locations. If you could put a team anywhere, where would it be? I would love to see one in St.Louis. 6. The team goes out for a night on the town. Who gets the most hammered? I'm picking Gustav Mattias to get wasted! lol
  2. 268 D.C. Dragons @ Riga Reign 269 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 270 Malmo Nighthawks @ Seattle Bears 271 Helsinki Titans @ Calgary Wranglers
  3. 240 Prague Phantoms @ Seattle Bears 241 Helsinki Titans @ Moscow Menace 242 Riga Reign @ D.C. Dragons 243 Vancouver Wolves @ Calgary Wranglers
  4. 1. It was announced yesterday that Elmebeck, former GM of Saskatoon, left this world by causes that remain unannounced out of respect for his family's privacy. Did you know him, and whether or not you did, should the league be doing anything official to remember his presence? I did not know him persosnally but heard he was a good guy, and yes it would be great to see the league honor him in some way. 2. I'm 2 for 2 on not winning trades. How many will it take before I successfully fleece someone? Throw out a number and we'll see who comes closest ifwhen it happens. 3rd time is a charm maybe! I say 3 will work this time. 3. We're finding a good deal less success as of late. Any thoughts on why? 4. Regardless of why we're not doing as well lately, what the hell happened in that game we beat DC 6-0? We just played a solid game defensively and shut them out. 5. What do you think our final record will be this season? I hope we will be able to get close to .500 but not sure if that will happen or not. 6. Two teams are but 7 points ahead of us in the standings: Toronto and Malmo (who actually have a decent roster--check it out here and question the meaning of sim life). Do we have a shot at catching either of them by season's end? I say yes because this sim engine is wacky and ya never know what's happening.
  5. 85 Prague Phantoms @ Helsinki Titans 86 Calgary Wranglers @ HC Davos Dynamo 87 Riga Reign @ New York Americans 88 Malmo Nighthawks @ D.C. Dragons
  6. 1. We're doing a bit better than expected so far, beating three teams and taking it to overtime four times. Some teams have been playing their backups against us, though. Would this be different if we faced starting goalies? Im sure yes it would have been slightly different. But we still got the wins that we were supposed to get against lower level goalies. 2. What are we doing right so far? What are we doing wrong? We have been blocking shots well. But we definitely need to score more goals once we start playing better goalies. 3. Are there any players in the coming draft class that you're excited to see out there and who you'd like to see us pick up? Im not sure at the time but I would say any good defensemen would help and maybe a nother goalie as a back up. 4. What are your opinions of AGMs? Should they exist? Should we hire one? If we were to hire someone, who would you like to see take it? I think it's a good thing to have one for emergencies for the GM and if he quits it provides the team with a familar face.Iw ould vote for someone I like. 5. With the first week of the season done, how do you think you'll end up stat-wise for the season as a whole? I have 8 points in 10 games so its been a btter start than last year. I will have better numbers this year 6. What are your long-term plans here? Stick around, test out free agency, recreate if it's the end of your career? I will see how the season plays out and there's a possibility to test free agency but Im not sure yet.
  7. Thanks for selecting me as a Assistant Captain! very honored!