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    @McWolf thanks I look forward to playing for London!
  2. 1. I didn't play as good as I was hoping for. Maybe next season will be more fruitful. 2. I think my season could have been worse. I can always get better. 3. I'm going to go on some trips and spend time with family and friends. 4. I really am not good at predicting these things. 5. I predict Seattle and Warsaw will face each other. 6. Seabastard has been a great line-mate and friend!
  3. 1. I like to sit in the hot tub or cool off in a ice bath. 2. I would say the guy thats out there blocking shots every night. 3. I would be a goalie and I just always liked that position. 4. I get to play on same line as one of my buddies. 5. I love the Longest Yard and Dazed and Confused. 6. I want to be an efficient scorer and try to score as much as I can. I want to lead the team in scoring someday.
  4. 1/ So far Duncan Idaho has been a beast and leading in scoring. 2/ Not bad I am tied for 7th on team for scoring. 3/ I think it might be a good idea. Either way we are over crowded and need to space all these players out. 4/ I want to be in charge of the entire government for a day and I would make it so we pay less taxes and eradicate federal cannabis laws. Plus I would give you another stimulus check!! 5/ Im sure Helsinki and Warsaw will big rivals! 6/ I love chocolate or strawberry ice cream.
  5. 1. I have been training hard and relaxing one day of the weekend. 2. I am fully confident in The Seabastard @Seabass he is a very hard worker and comes to play every night a full 60 minutes! 3. I am cheering for the St.Louis Blues of course...lol 4. No, I have not had a chance to do much exploring yet. 5. I figured USA would do a little better but looks like Europe was the champs. 6. I think it's a long season and we will see by mid-year what happens.
  6. 1. I don't know I was in the minor league. 2. I would probably say 2nd pick. 3. You can do what you want when it comes to decisions like that. 4. I will train 3-4 days a week and take on some endurance training with skating and running. 5. I am still new on the team so I would have to get to know everyone first. 6. I would post prank videos most likely.
  7. 1/ I would learn the Spanish language. 2/ I would suggest some really good Chili Pie with sweet cornbread! 3/ We can definitely win the cup if we can get some good net front presence. 4/ I would just pay good money and hire a professional PI. 5/ I say 10 duck sized Rory's for sure.lol 6/ I am not sure what's going on there.
  8. 1. We just need to stay out of the penalty box . 2.I know a lot about hockey so I guess hockey.lol 3. I never reject beans unless I'm full already. Throw in a grilled cheese too! 4.I am happy to be leading team in points! I am also showing my versatility by also having 148 hits. 5. I just hope we stay out of the penalty box cant win if we are chasing all night. 6. We always need to improve in order to be the best.
  9. 1. Lets raise money for kids with cancer. 2. I would just be fair to everyone and we would all have a job to do to work as a team. 3. I have never really thought about it. Maybe Yukon . 4. I already got drafted so that take cares of that. 5. I do love beans but no way can I only eat that. 6. I enjoy being on this team. I love to have fun out on the ice with my teammates.
  10. 1. We are playing really well as a team. Its been because all players are doing a good job. 2. Not really at the moment we are finding chemistry finally. 3. I don't have any rituals besides taping my stick a certain way. 4. We would go to the coast somewhere in the states. 5. Yes I am leading the team in points and assists! 6. We might as well go for the Cup. That's what were here for anyways!
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