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  1. 1. The season is over for us! How does your player plan to spend the offseason? Going to the gym and talking to gms about the upcoming draft 2. What are your plans for next season? Where do you hope to be drafted in the VHL? If you're being drafted in the VHLM, where do you hope to go there? i have no idea where I hope to be drafted at all. As for the VHLM all I can say is I hope to win. 3. Who do you want to win the cup now that we're out of it? i have no idea, I did not really follow the standings this year 4. Who do you think will win the cup? ottawa lynx 5. What are your thoughts on a few Hounds alumni invading our press conference last week? Is this Bana's attempt at flattery, a takeover, or both? clearly a takeover, I don’t mind it, it shows spirit. 6. What are your opinions on the newly-announced VHL expansion? How would you feel about playing for one of the two new teams? i would not mind it at all but we shall see where I am drafted.
  2. Vancouver riga moscow calgary
  3. +2 uncapped tpe for theme week as I have already done a media spot
  4. Ideally as a new draftee I would be taken by an expansion team and this is why. When you are joining a established franchise you arrive with very little expectation. They already have their star players, established lines and you will need to wait your turn before you can get a proper slot in their lineup. With a expansion team you will need to push yourself and fight for a spot in a lineup, and while the team might not succeed in the first couple seasons it creates a team dynamic and every team will envy and leads to success in the future. Hockey is not a single player sport like Baseball or Basketball. Instead it puts a ton more emphasis on team play and teamwork. As a result having a incredibly tight nit group of guys who play their hearts out every game provides infinitely more value than a city with perhaps a worse hockey culture. In conclusion while I will be thrilled to be taken by any team I feel that perhaps being taken by a expansion team might provide myself with more opportunities than I would have otherwise gotten.
  5. +6 for Theme week if they like this post enough
  6. As we are on the cusp of an expansion of the league to 12 teams I have decided to follow suit with everyone else in the league and create my own speculations on where a team could be placed. As a disclaimer these are my own suggestions for expansion locations and names and should be taken with a grain of salt as I am far from what anyone would call a creative. NA The Quebec Seigneur: One of the current shocks is that the province of hockey in Canada does not currently have a VHL team. This is a travesty that must clearly be rectified as soon as possible. Creating a name for any Quebec team however is not small task. I landed on the Quebec Seigneurs referencing the pre Canadian system that Quebec used to have in place. I feel that for any Quebecois team it needs to be unique and have roots in French culture. Florida Crocs: Florida in my opinion is not large enough to support two teams, as a result it should support a singular team that would provide VHL with another low tax rate team to steal away all the free agents. Hockey in Florida has been growing in the past number of years and while it may not be as popular as some of the other places in Canada and the US it should not be dismissed out of hand. When developing the name of the team I could not think of a better one than the Florida Crocs. This is due in part to the abundance of crocodiles in Florida but also due to the ferocity of the animals and the strong imagery that could be created. Boston Minutemen / Bullies : As much as I hate Boston, their hockey culture is undeniable and would fuel many rivalries for decades to come. As such they unfortunately deserve a team, where else would all the goons go? I was torn on what to call them so I came up with two names for them. Due to their history in the war of independence, I feel like the Boston minutemen would be a very solid name. It has historical significance and would represent the city well. The second one that I came up with, the Boston Bullies, is however my favorite. I feel like it rolls off the tongue better and frankly would pump up the fanbase. EU Berlin Blitz: If you were planning to add a franchise to Berlin how could you not call them the Blitz. While perhaps not the best choice on this list Berlin would be an interesting one. Situated in the north of Europe it would draw support from the Scandinavian countries that don’t have a team and provide the Riga Reign and Moscow Menace a worthwhile rival. Istanbul Sultans: While Istanbul might at first glance seem like a bit of an odd choice for a franchise, it is a very populous city of 15 million and could be a good stepping stone to bringing the game into Asia. Rome Centurions: The name says it all, being in central Europe Rome has the advantage of being easily accessible by more than half the European continent. As an added competitive edge, they likely have the best pregame spaghetti in the world. Paris Old Guard: Referencing Napoleons historic elite infantry would be a good starting point for a team name. While France currently does not have a large hockey culture that would slowly start to change with the addition of a major franchise to their largest city and capital. London BullDogs: Like most of Europe, England does not play very much ice hockey due to climate related issues. However it has developed a very robust field hockey culture that would be strait forward to tap into to create a fanbase from. There is also the potential that any team in the UK would get support from the hockey leagues in Scotland and could potentially rally the country around the team to distract itself from other world issues.
  7. 1. Some noteworthy names have recreated (or even reappeared) this season after the deadline--Beaviss, omgitshim, and STZ, to name a few. All three went to Philadelphia, a team with a good shot at the cup. Do they, in your opinion, have the time that they need to develop into significant players for their team, or are they simply too far behind as far as this season is concerned? as far as this season is concerned they have arrived too late, despite them being helped by carry over tpe they are still to far short to be of any real impact. 2. If you've seen the "unban boubabi" discussion around the site, do you have an opinion? If so, what is it and why? I have not been around long enough to have much of a say on the matter. 3. What's your favorite band that I've never heard of? Marrilion but only the Script for a jesters tear album 4. What's your favorite sport that isn't hockey? Football 5. If you were a GM, what kind of strategy would you go for? Anything that would make the way you would run a team unique? I would build my team around goalscoring wingers who can put up points and a really solid goalie. I am not sure if this would make the team unique but perhaps it might. 6. All of you are (or at least have been, at some point) free agents. What advice would you give to someone who enters the league after the draft and has to sign with someone? Have fun and sign with whoever you think can help you succeed.
  8. I never claimed to be good at spelling haha. I legitimately thought it was Victory hockey Minor Leagues
  9. To the Gm and AGM of the VHML With the upcoming VHML draft on everyones mind I think it is time to start to sell myself to the gms of the different teams. I believe I should go early in the draft as I am a constant grower, have focused on the right stats and most importantly won't be going up the the big league next season so there is no worry about losing me after the draft. I want to aim to win a cup this year in the VHML to cap my minor league carer and give me some high pressure playoff experience. If you are a GM and are looking for a star C for next season hit me up and we can discuss how to build a team that can win a cup. As always the draft will be a fun experience, while this post is directed primarily at the VHML if you value a active and future star C on your VHL team send me a message and perhaps I will be the dark horse pick.