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  1. https://vhlportal.com/players/playerfocus/2125 hit 200tpe +10tpe bonus
  2. 1. Today alone, the Hounds made FOUR waiver signings, including our very own league commissioner @Beketov as our second center. Does this put us up in the league's top tier? Why or why not? We are definitely a contender. 2. Which of our new signings will have the largest impact: Lahtinen, Kachur, Aleksandrov, or Olsen? Why? I think Lahtinen will have the largest impact as it will allow me to take some shifts off 3. If you've been here a while, explain the Hounds experience in 10 words or less. If you haven't, what would you like to know about the Hounds experience? Good squad 4. Mikko Lahtinen needs a place to stay while he's looking for an apartment in Mississauga. Whose house should he stay at, and whose do you recommend he doesn't? He should definitely stay with our capt. Louth 5. Will your stat line be better or worse for the rest of the season? Why? If you're new, predict your stat line for the rest of the season. I hopefully should only get better. 6. What's your favorite NHL team and how do you think they'll do this season? Habs, clearly they will win the cup
  3. 260 Vancouver Wolves @ Helsinki Titans 261 Moscow Menace @ New York Americans 262 Prague Phantoms @ Seattle Bears 263 Calgary Wranglers @ Toronto Legion
  4. 1. The Hounds committed themselves to buying this week, spending two picks in S70 for defenseman Finnegan MacBurn. Is this a good move? Do we have what it takes to win it all? This is a fantastic move, while I would say we are still a little short perhaps by the time everyone grows we will have a shot. 2. Speculation about team management has escalated this week, with @GlowyGoat making his nickname "berocka is a racist" and "gustav is a stalinist" on a couple separate occasions. Who's a bigger concern, myself or @berocka? Who gets overthrown first? berocka is the bigger concern, he is clearly most of the way done his coup. 3. Which team would the Hounds beat easily in the playoffs? Halifax 4. Which team would you least want us to face in the playoffs? Vegas 5. You have to describe hockey to someone unfamiliar with the sport in 10 words or fewer. What do you say? Fast and Furious 6. Pick any VHL player whose build you'd like to emulate and tell me who it is and why (if you don't know your VHL players, now is the time to do some research!). I would have to say its @Enorama's player. He brought me into this league and has shown me the ropes ontop of drafting me. I feel like it is only fair to have him as my role model for all things VHL