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  1. MattyIce


    Review Time! Siiick stuff from steezy! That background and those textures are smooth and flowy and stuff. Mirror image slightly scaled up is a nice touch, and the cool glowy thing between the two is a nice detail idea. The font is pretty cool but looks a bit too big I find. Solid 9.5
  2. Review Time! I know your style and you like the weird effects haha. Points for the logo swap even though its a bit crooked. Not crazy about the font choice but the background effect is pretty cool. The logos are way too big on the sides, it's quite distracting. All in all not bad! 7/10
  3. Six games in a row vs Philadelphia, CHECK
  4. LONDON UNITED PRESS CONFERENCE Week ending August 1st 1 tpe for 3 responses. 2 tpe for all six! 1. London has only two wins in seven games so far. What could we do to improve? 2. Who do you think has stood out and carried the load so far in this young season? 3. With the VHLE starting up next season, draftees will most likely play there a season or two before coming to London. Do you think this hurts roster turnover in the short term? 4. What crazy trade would you want to see to help us improve our position? 5. Which would you prefer to h
  5. G Doug Dimmadome @dlamb you're next
  6. It has been a real pleasure having you in London my man. One last season!
  7. F Luke Thornton @dlamb you're up