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  1. No bother at all! Loving the interest! Should I tag the draft class?
  2. You guys fought each other
  3. Always next season bro, and welcome back!


    You've been summoned...



  5. Hello Everyone! It's been a little while but yes we are back! We've been brainstorming ideas for a new series that would surely spice up DRAFT HYPE, so we came up with something that could get some players some time in the spotlight before they hit the VHL Draft. @Patrik Tallinder, @Spartan, @RedSus and myself came up with the idea of the Draft Combine Interviews. What we want to do is bring to you, the readers, some sweet knowledge about the VHLM's draft eligible players. The S78 class is complete and S79 draftees are already flocking to the waiver wire i
  6. Aha, thought it could've meant Dumb Twat
  7. How would you break this meta?
  8. Donkey raping shit eater.. THAT'S MINE!!!
  9. Review time! This is dope. So clean and detailed and blurry but not, I'm drawn to the details. Background is sick, kind of ominous looking, but the player taking up more room than usual with the opposite color clash, everything looks sharp. Sweet touch with the font, so damn classy and perfectly placed and detailed. Yeah this is a solid 10.
  10. Review time! This looks real sharp, simple and sweet! All the horizontal lines along with the color palette give it a professional look, and the layout of the content is very nicely placed and sized. That logo swap is bonus points! Solid 9 for the card type format!
  11. This pops into my head from time to time, and who knows how James Rose's career could've played out had London NOT selected Rose during the S73 expansion draft. The whole plan was for Rose to spend a third season in the VHLM with the Houston Bulls. Rose was a member with the Halifax 21st along with Timothy Brown and Viktor Mjers and we had hoped to make a playoff run. GM Dil decided to move the trio onto other teams and collect alot of picks to be competitive for S74. Sonnet, the Bulls GM at the time, chose to trade for Rose under the impression that he would stay with the Bulls