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  1. LONDON UNITED Press Conference for the week ending on Sunday January 24th. 1 tpe for three questions, 2 tpe for all six! 1. Hello, I'm MattyIce, London United's new AGM. Most of you know me, so that's a good thing. What are your thoughts on the new AGM? 2. Do you think our competitive window is opening wide enough to make a legitimate Cup run??? 3. We made some moves to bolster our prospect depth and keep some salary cap room handy, how do you think we handled the team during the offseason? 4. What are three things you could buy at a grocery store to make the cashier give
  2. How many red lights could Red Lite light when Red Lite should light how many lights?
  3. Welcome back and claim your rightful place then
  4. VSN PRESENTS: THE SEASON 76 MOCK DRAFT Hey there everyone, MattyIce here, and I hope you're having a great day and thanks for dropping in to read our stuff! It's draft day soon and this is the time when moves are made, players get drafted and VHL franchises get ready for the upcoming season while planning ahead for their futures. I mentioned in my preview article that this draft is the first in many seasons that the GM player rule had been dropped, meaning no GM player may reserve a first-round pick to claim their player to their team. This draft has a top
  5. Sweet! Congrats to all the winners! Hope to see you in the big leagues!
  6. HOUSTON BULLS PRESS CONFERENCE - WEEK ENDING JANUARY 17th 1 tpe for three questions, full 2 tpe for all six questions So I had some difficulty coming up with press conference questions this week, so let's go nuts... 1. Off-season schedule has been released! Which events are you most looking forward to? 2. VHLM Awards ceremony is on Thursday the 14th. Do you think you'll be nominated for an award? 3. What have you been up to this offseason? Have you been planning your training? 4. Name me your top three vacation spots! 5. If a Smur
  7. Review time! Classic card style graphic, sending off Titans star Erik Summers. Color design in the back is great, sweet logo swap (as always by Jubo) complete with season stats and everything. Classy as heck, although maybe I do feel it's missing something, but I can't put my finger on it though. 8/10
  8. Review time! Simple and clean, very nice jersey swap. I like the logo positioning in the center but the font on the bottom is a bit bland. Extra points for trying to add a logo on that fan on the left side. This would have looked cool with some layered effects like a burst or something. Looks pretty good! 7.5/10
  9. SEASON 76 Draft Preview FOREWORD For the first time in quite awhile, the ‘GM player’ has been removed for this draft. That means no GM has the right to reserve his player with his pick in the first round. This was decided after the season 75 draft. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this draft is about Red Lite going first overall to the New York Americans. This team has gone through a serious drought, and Red Lite sure accelerates New York’s rebuilding plan going forward. Prodigy defensemen Battre Sandstrom and Hulk Hogan Jr. could go
  10. One heck of an interesting and devoted career my pupil. See you in the VHL, keep your head up, rookie