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  1. The Menace were handed a sweep by Riga in the EU finals to swiftly end Moscow's run, but up until then it was a great performance against Helsinki to get to that point. None of the games against Riga were blowout games, with the underdogs finding the net at least a couple times per game. Nate Telker smashed his post season record with 14 points in 10 games. Telker is happy with the performance of the team with next to no expectations heading into the post season. "it was a great effort by the boys, but we can't be the best every year. We do try though. Kiak and Calia played well, they showed they can play an important secondary role and shine." said Telker. Both Calia and Kiak finished the post season with 6 points each, which is not bad at all for 2 young players in their first ever VHL playoffs. @VinCal @Grant
  2. 1. I wasn't surprised, we played decent against them all year. 2. It was close to being as tight as on paper. I think lots of us were expecting 7 games as well. 3. I think it was, but not by much haha, we might have been slightly unlucky to not snag a game, but oh well. 4. I would have liked to see myself with more blocked shots, but I think I did well as a 2 way center. 5. I was very satisfied, I broke my season and playoff records for points. 6. I plan to work on anything thats been decreased. and then get as many stats to 90 as possible for next season.
  3. Yo Moscow lads if you see any wood when your out and about tomorrow KNOCK ON IT!
  4. Moscow now hold a 3-1 series lead thanks to a pair of 3-2 wins. Nate Telker leads the Menace in scoring with 1 goal and 5 assists through the first 4 games. If the Menace can hold on, they will face a lightning hot Riga team who just swept HC Davos. Yamazuki ll has been another big producer for Moscow with 3 goals and 2 assists through the first 4 games, which is not the first time he has shined in the post season. When Yamazuki ll played for New York, he had a clutch post season with 4 goals and 6 assists through 7 games. Bernard is holding the fort down well with a .932sv% in the post season, as well as a 2.25 GAA. If the Menace were to go through, it would be another showdown between 2 great goalers. Eagles would be on the other side of that battle for Riga, with his post season numbers being filthy. He is rocking a .952sv% with a 1.75GAA, Bernard will have his work cut out for him. players mentioned @Greg_Di @Donno100 @Mr_Hatter
  5. Helsinki Vs Moscow Big thanks to @GrittyIsKing09 for the graphic! Game 1 & 2 Recap Game 1 went Titans way with a tight score of 3-2 to kick off the series. Perry opened the scoring for the Menace less than a minute into the game, giving him his first ever playoff goal in the VHL! The bell was answered not too long after with a goal from the Titans midway through the first by Hafkey. Eriksson returned the favor just 2 minutes later, with yet another first VHL playoff goal for Derek! I guess that’s some perks for being on a “rebuilding” team, there’s gonna be lots of firsts for the young guns, so it’s always nice to celebrate that. Before I get too carried away, Helsinki scored 2 times in a minute later in the first period from Rodriguez and Okada, and that pretty much wrapped up the game with no goals in the 2nd or 3rd period. Moscow managed to get quick revenge to even the series at 1 a piece. This game was quite interesting, because it was the exact order that the teams scored in as game 1, just with the roles reversed. Anderson started off the scoring for Helsinki in the 1st, which is also Kyle’s first ever VHL goal! Eriksson responded with just 14 seconds left in the 1st to leave it tied 1-1 heading into the 2nd. Draven opened the scoring in the 2nd period for the Titans to make it a 2-1 game, I was shocked to see that this was Draven’s first ever VHL playoff goal, as he is a well equipped vet who hasn’t had the best playoff luck in his career, but well deserved, congrats! Moscow took over the rest of the game with Eriksson’s 2nd goal of the night, as well as Perry’s OT winner for Moscow to end game 2. Rest of Series Preview After 2 games, there’s nothing to split between the 2 sides so far. Helsinki would have been seen as a favourite heading into the series based on the roster and regular season stats. Moscow came in knowing they were an underdog, but not a big one by any means. The Menace had a few things going for them coming into the series, with one of the best defenses in the league. While Moscow's scoring lacks, defense will probably be what ends up winning the series for the Menace if it goes that way. Helsinki is a good, well rounded team that was smack dab in the middle of the pack in terms of goals for and against. We should expect close, low scoring games for the remainder of the series, with both teams goalie’s some of the best in the league. Nate Telker gave his view on the first 2 games. “They were really tight games, we may not be the best teams in the league, but we are 2 solid groups that will give anyone a run for their money. Hopefully we can find a way to break the net a bit going forward, I don’t necessarily love our odds of winning the series if we score only 2-3 a game, but hey, crazier things have happened that's for sure”. All players mentioned @Jbeezy76 @Jtv123 @McLovin @enigmatic @DirtyDerek @Liberty_Cabbage @GrittyIsKing09
  6. 1. Yes I did then, but I wasn't expecting it after the Jet trade. 2. There's always a chance, if we did that would be crazy! 3. Definitely in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. 4. More active for sure. 5. Sigard Gunnar from the Wranglers. 6. Not ice, but I was really big into street hockey.
  7. Woah maybe the best game of my career so far
  8. It looks like a much more clearer picture for the Menace team now, as it looks very likely that they will make it into round one. despite the flurry of "selling" trades by Victor, Moscow has climbed their way up to a 3rd place tie in the EU with Davos. Combine that with the lottery teams drafting, and all the sudden a mid round first isn't quite as valuable as it once was. Does Moscow need a couple more high end prospects? Or does the current pool have what it takes in the future with some filler prospects for this draft? It's a tough line to judge, but everyone knows how important it is to get these picks right. Whether their first pick is 6th overall, or 12 overall, can you get a player that outperforms his position? With Victor steering the ship, it seems like every pick has a chance to outperform, especially when you analysed if he's earning more or less TPE compared to the past. Activity will be key for the prospects this year, so player interviews will be all the more important as well.
  9. 1. I think it's very exciting, but everyone has to remember that this active member count has to be maintained, so there is still lots of work to keep up. 2. Definitely London United, I'm half British so. 3. Lagesson will be an important person on the D line for the next couple years. 4. Tie game lol 5. I do! A Lab Retriever cross, I guess she's too cute for ya'll? 6. I would really enjoy the job I think, one day I hope I can get into it!
  10. Moscow are currently sitting in a playoff spot, which probably gets some mixed emotions around the team. The positive side is that the rookies could get a taste of the post season early on in their careers. The not so great news would be Moscow sacrificing higher picks in the draft if they were to make a post season appearance. The Menace have had a rocky ride this season, with lots of small and medium winning and losing streaks. But that's landed them the final playoff spot in the EU with a record of 23-22-4. With the trade deadline tomorrow, it seems unlikely a blockbuster move could happen, especially with the heavy selling in the mid season. Nate Telker gave his thoughts on the season so far. "It's not going as bad as we imagined so far, it would be cool to see the rookies in the playoffs and how they would do, I guess time will tell".
  11. 1. I think its okay and somewhat expected, nice to see all the new faces though! 2. Gotta be zoids still for me so far, I set em up for a sweet hatty today 3. I'm liking the activity on the team lately so im liking the enthusiasm! 4. It is a really tough one, but I'd have to say @Victor 5. I like the constant support we give each other! 6. I don't mind it based on what people have told me, but I think I like others more!
  12. This theme week I decided to pick a player that was a draft year younger then me. I figured it could be someone on my team, as long as we hadn't spent a ton of seasons together. So far he has outplayed his draft position. So say hello to Lagesson! The VHLM With the legendary S68 draft finished, Lagesson joined San Diego shortly after the season kicked off. He had a better then expected rookie season through his first 56 games with 32 points before entering the post season. Despite his team going out after the first round, he had still put up 5 points in the series that lasted 6 games. As per usual with rookie VHLM players, Lagesson had a whirlwind off-season with 2 drafts to go before what would be his final VHLM season. In the VHLM expansion draft, he ended up in Mexico City after they selected him with their 6th overall pick. The VHL draft saw Lagesson going late in the 2nd round to Moscow at 21st overall. Lagesson's final VHLM season saw him tear off with a whopping 89 points in 72 games from the back-end. Mexico City went out of the playoffs in round 2 that season, where he added 9 more playoff points in 11 post season games. The next off-season saw Lagesson impress Moscow enough to get the nod for S70, and that's where we move to the VHL part of his career. The VHL With rookie seasons being ever so tough on the average VHLer, Lagessons situation was very similar, but it has a different ending. He had a pretty standard freshman year with 10 points in his first full 72 game VHL season. Moscow was on a role that year and Lagesson continued to help out wherever possible in the post season. Moscow ended up winning the continental cup in S70. Despite just 3 points in 15 playoff games, it was a worthy effort by the inexperienced rookie to help push Moscow to victory. S71 saw the young blue-liner take a more active role within the Menace squad. He put up an almost eyebrow rising season with 41 points in his 2nd full season. This was also Moscow's final "Hurraaaaaa" before they shifted into rebuild mode. Lagesson showed that he could soon be a top pairing defenseman, putting up 11 points in 15 games his 2nd VHL post season, but that year wasn't enough for Moscow to defend the cup, as they lost in the finals. The Future Lagesson will take on a core role as he and a few others will help guide this Menace team through the tunnel. So far this season Laggy has put up 24 points in 49 games. While it's unclear if he will be around when Moscow are out of the rebuild, one thing is for sure. He has and will continue to be an important part of the Menace team. Despite being drafted 21st overall, he is actually ranked 15th in his draft class after the recent update. I know @Victor gets this way too much from me ever sinced I joined the team, but something tells me this is like nicotine for him. Yet another great draft choice that helped out the Menace immensely, and will continue to do so! @fever95