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  1. A quick graphic I made just minutes after being drafted by the storm!
  2. As the offseason advances, we are now just a single day away from the VHLM draft. Brendan says he is more focused on what team will draft him, rather then how high up in the draft he will go. Due to Brendan wanting to leave the M after just a year, this will affect how high up he's drafted. "I know where I stand so far in the S77 VHL draft, so my plan is to spend just a year in the M before pursuing the big leagues." Playoff hockey is another item he wants to order on the menu, and that probably isn't such a tough goal for him to achieve. If he's drafted by a team that makes the playoffs, the
  3. Transaction ID: 20498343884711606 S76 donation, as my last week's donation was for S75. 5 uncapped TPE Doubles week
  4. I’ll admit it, I saw @Jubis’s graphic and loved the idea, so I tried it on a smaller scale stats/info wise, in order to only highlight the main ones for Nate, so here it is!
  5. 1. Since Nate is retiring, Brendan is working on improving almost everything for next season! 2. Consistency from the forwards, too many 2-1 and 2-0 games where we didn’t show up. 3. A 5$ discount coupon to referee refresher school. 4. Malmo, always cheer the team on that you lost to. 5. Ive been seeing Abe Roque’s name around quite a bit, maybe check him out? 6. Vegas, always a good time.
  6. Transaction ID: 20488630425827172 5 Uncapped TPE Doubles Week
  7. I guess I wasn't very direct there haha. There's been tons of other online leagues I've been in for hockey and soccer. Nothing had stuck so I never lasted more then a few months in them, but the VHL is and will continue to be a different story.
  8. I got over halfway through writing this article in a cheesy third person way before thinking to myself, f*** it. Telker deserves to go out in first person. Once joining the league, I never thought I would get this far. I guess in the back of my head, I always saw it like a video game. Play it a couple months, then eventually it gets old. Boy was I wrong. I would like to thank @Victorfor believing me, and seeing my potential in what was a late draft pick when the league had just 12 teams. I would also like to congratulate @Mr_Hatter For the incredible career he had as the #1 goaler in Moscow. M
  9. 1. I just spent Christmas and New Years with immediate family and the girlfriend! 2. I would’ve thought there is no chance, but never count out Lahtinen. 3. Pour water over him after the game in the dressing room, we’ll save the keg for the cup. 4. I’ll miss Bernard for his insane goaltending! 5. There’s definitely a couple candidates I think, Letang would probably be 1 on my list due to skill and length of time combined here, but there’s more who could do the job too! 6. It’s kinda scary to think about, with enough development I’m sure he’ll be up to a high caliber
  10. Last little bit of time for Telker in Minnesota!
  11. The Menace did very well in their play in series against London, Winning the best of 5 series by 3 games to 1. Goaler Raymond Bernard had a great start to his post season, posting a 2.35 GAA with a .931 SV%. The skaters on the other hand, ran into some inconsistent lapses in the defensive zone. The young guns lead in scoring the entire series, which in turn caused a double take scenario on the team scoring page for Moscow. Davis lead the scoring through 4 games with 8 points. Letang, Brandt, Palloon, and Newhook all finished top 5 in scoring for the Menace, and all finished over a PPG. The def
  12. 1. My Christmas went well, I was able to spend it with limited family and my girlfriend. I also got 4 days off which is a bonus too! 3. Generally more with friends now more then family, but rarely alone. 4. Hashbrowns baked with cheese in the oven, with some toast and scrambled eggs. 5. Definitely a bird, but still with my human intelligence. Fly around and travel the world! 7. So far its Brendan Telker's great start to the season, but that would change if Moscow won the cup! 8. My least favorite part is knowing its Nate's final year, but it's all for the better cause
  13. We shall see indeed. It would have to lineup pretty nicely in a draft.
  14. Questions for the week ending the 27th! Thank you all for welcoming me into the team! 1. What’s your favourite “Christmas baking” snack for this time of year? 2. How messed up is your Christmas plans because of the rona on a scale of 1-10? 1 being they are totally messed up, to 10 being no effect. 3. How many vhlm teams have you been on (Including past players)? 4. Most memorable player in the vhl/vhlm for you (other then your own player) 5. What is your favourite stat to upgrade on your player? 6. Do you prefer or despise white christmases? (Personally I do snow r