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  1. After 12 games, Moscow have a less desirable record of 6-4-2. Individual numbers look great across the whole board offensively. Dean Clarke has the least amount of points, yet he's still put up 7 points in the first 12 games! It really is hard to find the culprit of what the problem has been for Moscow, Bernard has solid numbers with a 920 sv%. Moscow's powerplay is 19.6%, not too bad right? Could be better for sure. An 86% penalty kill is more then fine. Here is a couple of my theories. Moscow has the 2nd most penalty minutes in the league with 161, so even with an 86% PK, goals are still gonna come through. My second hunch is just some bad luck in the penalty shootout. No one in the VHL really upgrades that stat all too much, so we can call that a wash. Moscow will look to change this current trend, and hopefully start to come out on the other side of those close games.
  2. 1. It’s gotta be Lagesson, he’s been a beast so far! 2. I don’t really like it, but what can ya do. 3. I did not know that but I’ll start to vote for him! 4. Maybe my own I just did? It’s about Sigard Gunnar in media spots! 5. I think 3 would be nice? But that means quicker season and adjustments to tpe to even put the quicker pace 6. I played in Saskatoon and that was a cool arena!
  3. My first ever media spot wow here we go! It took a bit of research to find the perfect type of player I was looking for. Finding a player that may be a bit lesser-known. Someone with at least 3 full seasons, but someone under the radar. Someone who was a late bloomer but still has a high ceiling. And that player for my first ever week is left winger @Big MacSigard Gunnar! Gunnar has seemingly sprung out of nowhere early on this season, with 7 goals and 5 assists through the first 10 games. Gunnar is quickly shaping up to become a reliable goal scorer. Drafted 20th overall in the deep draft of S68, it’s no surprise that another late bloomer is coming into shape. Shrouded in the midst of a ton of too young talent on the wranglers, He came right into the VHL for his first full season right after the draft, and his numbers showed. With 9 points in 72 games in S68. Season 2 was when he started to get his legs going. He put up 30 points in S69, more than tripling his rookie numbers. He put up double the shots from his rookie season with 134 in S69. Season 70 was a small but solid step up in production. Gunnar got 37 points in 72 games in S70. And the playoffs saw him take another step up, where he scored his first-ever VHL playoff goal and helped push Calgary to the finals before losing out to Moscow. Gunnar was just waiting to bounce and so far it seems like it might not just be temporary. With Gunnar making some noise this season. that big boost could be the help Calgary's LW is needing to raise the team up a bar. He is no doubt on the right track to help push Calgary to another final. He is tied for 1st on Calgary in points. His early stats show he has the potential to smash old season bests in the VHL, not only this season but in many others to come. Gunnar is on pace for averaging 6 shots per game this season, with 62 shots in just his first 10 games. Gunnar has the potential to be a no questions asked 1st line LW, and probably is deservedly getting some 1st line time with Calgary now. Gunnar is on a front-heavy contract that is paying him 4 million in S71 and S72. Then it takes a drop to 3 million in S73, and then another drop to 2.5 million in S74. This is a very team-friendly contract in the later stages of his career. Gunnar should be set up to get some nice downward free growth for the rest of S71, before the 1st rounds of stat depreciation come this summer for him. But with the right amount of dedication, he should be able to weather the storm and turn into a consistent goal scorer for the Wranglers. I look forward to hopefully meeting Gunnar in the final again!
  4. Moscow dropped their home opener to Vancouver 4-2. Jet Jaguar tried to push Moscow along with a 2 point night, but it wasn't enough to stop the flurry of 36 shots that came Raymond Bernard's game. "We should have come out with more energy at the start". Nate Telker told reporters. Moscow Remained at home to host the Legion in their second game. It was exactly the kind of result you want after a not so pretty loss. It was a point friendly night for lots of Menace players, who beat the Legion 6-1. Oscar Lagesson somehow didn't get any of the 3 stars despite having 3 assists as well as most points in that game for any player, what a standout performance from him coming into his second season in the VHL. Moscow play Helsinki in their first away game tomorrow. The Titans are off to a hot 2-0 start to the season, beating Riga and HC Davos so far.
  5. 1. Riga could have a chance to be a surprise team this year, so possibly them. 2. I think it'll be Calgary again. 3. They are, there doing workouts at home and staying there as much as possible. 4. 35 points is my goal, hopefully I can achieve it! 5. Killy could have a breakout year if he plays with the right line. 6. i caught gritty stealing the hotel shampoo mini containers in calgary during the plofs👀
  6. It's been a somewhat slower but steady improvement for Moscow's Nate Telker, coming off a cup win and a decent playoff performance by the youngster. Telker finished the playoffs with 2 goals and 5 assists in 15 games. he was a plus 6 and had 22 shots throughout the post season. What does he hope to bring to next season? "I've been working on my powering skating a lot. I've been practicing turning on a dime and quickly changing direction. It should help with my back-checking game." Telker also hopes to ramp up the points this season. "The playoffs was a real nice boost for me, and I hope that I can bring that play into next season as well." Telker took some time to relax in the off-season with his girlfriend, Dad, and younger brother Brandon Telker, who currently played in his first year of Peewee for the Tier 1 Lethbridge Golden Hawks. He finished this years season of peewee with 17 goals and 11 assists in 20 games. Brandon's team made it all the way to the provincial finals before losing there in the playoffs.
  7. 1. No I didn’t at all really, but we stepped up to the plate big time! 2. I’m taking it to Lethbridge my home town✌️ 3. We have a chance. Gotta bolster up on tpe in the offseason as best as we can! 4. Hats, hoodies, and 🕶 5. Oh wow sick we’ll probably have the whole park to ourselves!! I love rollercoasters 6. The whole friggin Harry Potter book series