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  1. 1. We have a decent shot, but I think more L’s would be needed. 2. I think that I am, hopefully I’m close to a ppg next season! 3. I’ll say Vancouver falls out of qualifying, but who knows. 4. Very important! Backups are required to play a certain amount of games so they are needed. 5. Tons of value, especially leading us youngsters on the ice. 6. Fifa 21, but not anymore since I’m against the super league they just created lmao.
  2. https://imgur.com/gallery/wWuI6eU
  3. With the TDL coming tomorrow, Malmo have already shipped off two of their superstars in Frostbeard and Hylands. While the returns are probably seen to fans as ‘great value back’, Malmo have only the future to look forward to. It makes sense in that regard to sell as much as they can for an even brighter future. Malmo better not get too carried away. While there’s a couple more names that could move, Malmo now have value in young players and prospects. So selling off a guy that can last several more years in the league may not be the smartest move. While you’d think Malmo could now hand pick a
  4. https://imgur.com/gallery/L5O6kSM Telker gets drafted to Moscow to follow his brothers footsteps in the VHL! #themeweek
  5. 1. While we didn’t even play a full season together, I wish you the best of luck on the cup run! 2. Glad to see you again! (Nate played with Gino for a season). I think he can with enough ice time. 3. 5, the pain is worth the leaderboard lol. 4. Maybe one or two more trades, but the future core seems locked and loaded for the most part. 5. 6 vhl and 5 vhlm, very proud of my travels to date. I’m taking a break this year and staying within southern Alberta and BC for camping only. It’s not worth doing much else with covid/restrictions/hassle. 6. Strawberry!
  6. https://imgur.com/gallery/IcZl24k
  7. Malmo is just one win back from the final playoff spot in the EU. Despite being 4 games under 500, with a record of 18-22-1. Based on the teams currently in the hunt, it could turn to a competition of who finishes lower. All 4 bottom teams in the EU have decent draft picks this year and next year, so playoffs may not be ideal for these teams who are still mostly in rebuilds. Moscow, Riga, HC, and Malmo are within 5 points from each other. One thing that could help these teams achieve this goal could be more sell offs. Hylands Is probably the biggest name that Malmo could move, but the question
  8. 1. It’ll be tight, I personally think we shouldn’t just for the sake of the future haha. 2. I’m sure he will within the next few games! 3. Moscow, there going into a rebuild phase too, so they’ll be the other big boys to beat in the future! 4. 102 points! 5. I hope us lol. 6. Cutting the grass! It is my job, but sit down lawnmowers are fun to use haha.
  9. https://imgur.com/gallery/hbsUsak
  10. Earlier this week, Malmo moved D-man Marshall James Frostbeard and a 3rd to Seattle. In exchange they got back D-man Randy Marsh, and Seattle’s 1st in S79. This is a good deal for both teams in my eyes. Malmo gets another 1st for 6 picks over 2 years in the first 2 rounds (3 1sts, 3 2nds). Seattle is a team on the rise, so that S79 1st should be a later round pick. This deal gives Malmo a slightly older defenseman in Marsh, who could probably be flipped again for picks, or may stay to help lead this young team. The feeling in the air is that Malmo probably isn’t done selling, and while that me
  11. 1. It’s a good start for the team we have, but I think we’ll drop based on my opinion that we’ll be sellers at the deadline. 2. First time hearing about it. I think it’s a great deal. It really solidifies the future! 3. Slightly under expectations for me production wise but I’m not worried, I have a long way to go! 4. Hylands is our MVP! 5. We both need to work more on our games. We’ve had a good start, now we just have to keep growing from here. 6. A center and a defencemen. But since we have 6 picks in the first two rounds in the next two years, I think this will be
  12. Yes I’m Canadian, so you can hate the way I say colours all you want. Anywho, without further ado! https://imgur.com/gallery/34750JW
  13. Malmo won their first game 3-1, before losing a high scoring 2nd game 5-4. The players you’d expect lead the way in scoring, with the likes of Hylands and Dayne leading the way for the forwards, while Kamenov lead the way on defense. “It was a good couple of games, there were some jitters on the ice, including me too. There’s lots of positives to focus on moving forward.” Telker said. While Telker went pointless in his first 2 games, he says that it may take a few games to get into the swing of things. “I’m getting flashes of brilliance, but I know the points will start to come if I keep on wo
  14. 1. 10/10 excited! Already rolling which is nice. 2. Try and grab some tpe early on if I can! 3. Motivated and trying to improve. I have lots of peers in my draft class to try and keep up with! 4. Accepted the fate for now. Any big point nights will be a bonus. 5. Quietly existing doing my job for sure haha. 6. I am somewhat! Fifa is big for me. Also like shooter and first person games