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  1. https://imgur.com/a/dm5fDoK
  2. Brendan has been a key part of Malmo after being drafted 5th overall in S77. As the Nighthawks enter their S80 campaign after coming off a victory and continental cup. This season has been a bit tougher on the hawks as they haven’t been able to really run through the league as they did last year. Telker is off to a bit of a slower pace that closer resembles his 2nd season with Malmo. He is on pace for around 95 points this year which would still be a good season for him none the less. 50 goals would be an unlikely, but major achievement to say he went back to back seasons with 50 goals. Telker was asked on how he feels about the season so far. “I think we’re doing well, but haven’t been able to mesh quite as well as last year. We know we’re still a good team, so I think if we can find the chemistry we could win the continental cup again.”
  3. 1. I think we stack up okay, but they would cause issues, and could go either way, but maybe they have a slight advantage even. 2. Warsaw for me. 3. It’s gotta be Vancouver, there on a tear right now. 4. thanksgiving for me, I get to spend some quality time with family! 5. I’m very excited! Calgary is my team, I think they make the playoffs, but after that is harder to judge. 6. The hitmans wife’s bodyguard is pretty good.
  4. How the hawks could look This media spot could admittedly get into some rambling, but after working 60 hours in 6 days, and with my thanksgiving festivities underway fairly soon, it’s all I really have time for. I do have a lot on my mind about Malmo next year, as I think we could be forced to shift a couple things around roster wise. This will all be under the assumption that Odinsson ends up leaving in the off-season, but we all love him. He’s of course welcome to play here for as long as he can stick around. For starters, Odinsson leaving would give back a ton of cap space. Not that’s it’s not already being used well, but Hylands will likely try to max this space out as I still see us being pretty competitive next year too. The cap space could tighten up without adding anyone, considering the roster is still fairly young. I could see one of 2 things happening. 1. The defence grows enough for Hylands to feel we can leave it for another season, and we attempt to go and add another high caliber forward. 2. Hylands feels comfortable just adding another depth piece to what would still be a good forward group without odinsson, and he addresses defence by adding a top 4 guy. It’s not like Malmo have been struggling at all to play defense this year, as they hold the second best defensive record in the league as of now. Hylands could likely come out and do a completely different option as well. I think free agency in the off-season will be explored before going after a trade to save Malmo some draft picks. I think Malmo is an attractive option for plenty of free agents this coming offseason. Malmo also has a couple players on “call up” watch this off-season who are currently playing in the VHLE this season. 1. Nathaniel Minion- this center is killing it with Cologne with 53 points in just 36 games. 2. Zeljko Ranogajec- He actually played last season with Malmo before taking a step down to develop a bit more, and already has 24 assists in 36 games. I think both of these players will have to work hard for a roster spot next season. I think it also depends on where hylands adds. If he adds a forward, then Rano has a better chance I think. If a defender is added, then I think Minion gets the advantage. If there ends up being enough cap space, we could end up seeing both players make the team for next season. As for goaltending, I don’t think anything is gonna change. I see both goalers resigning in the off-season. If you take a look at malmos finances, they have a few UFA’s to take care of. I think they can get all these deals done for the most part. Malmo has hit a couple bumps in the road this season, but there still one of the top teams and have to be seen as a contender again this year. That’s it for this media spot as I just got over 500 words. @Minion @ColeMrtz
  5. This is a very clear and typical picture of what happens in the VHLM most of the time lol. I like how you numbered the different steps and added a small twist by adding section a and b and having to go back to step 1. The font is a little wonky and almost looks as if every word is 50% bolded. I would maybe add a title and add some boldness to really highlight the numbers on the steps. Great read overall! 8/10
  6. Really interesting and unique idea which I like. You gave every player a nice little profile and description. The picture for tpe is a nice addition. I would have a clear title that’s bigger. Maybe add a couple of colours or boldness to the player names, other then that great job. 8.5/10
  7. I think for my third player I will do a defensemen or goaler. I plan to name them Aaron Telker after my brother. I hope I can get Brendan Telker into the hall of fame, and this transition into doing some gming as positions are always opening with the amount of teams around. Planning to utilize the vhle for my next player will be my strategy to getting the most out of him longevity wise. Malmo is doing pretty good this year which has me pretty happy, and hoping to surpass 1000 tpe before depreciation which I think I’m on track for. We have a really great group in Malmo and I certainly couldn’t have won any awards without my teammates help. It’s exciting to see both Odinsson and Kaberle really popping off this year. It looks like it could be a very dominant awards show again for Malmo. Off to review a couple media spots. Cheerio!
  8. 1. I think he’s doing pretty well. It’d be nice to see Telker push over 100 points again. 2. It’s been great. Hopefully there’s more wins to come for Karlsson! 3. I think he does, he’s a great number 1 d man and is really stepping it up this year. 4. Depending on team needs I may add to penalty shot or checking, but I’ll have to get other opinions probably around the off-season. 5. Calgary. So nice next to the Rocky Mountains. 6. Make myself captain for a day, then give back the title after hahaha.
  9. Intro It's been a really good first 1/3 or so of the season for Malmo. They sit tied for 1st in the EU with Moscow, and tied for 2nd in the league behind Vancouver. The Wolves have been the storyline of the season. I guess a bang average team combined with an analytical GM tandem will get them to overperform massively. I still think Vancouver makes the playoffs with ease and has a decent run in the playoffs too, even with the current team now. Malmo has the best GAA as a team in the whole league which is a sign the defense is holding strong. I honestly thought Malmo needed one more add on the back end, but it seems defense is no problem so far. I'll go over each position today and see who's firing on all cylinders for the Nighthawks. Forwards Odinsson continues to be a massive storyline in the league. I can't believe my eyes when I see he's on pace for 140 points, which would effectively beat his personal record. I think with this trajectory he could be in line for several more awards this year. I think that forces Gunnar to think about sticking around yet another year, because by that point the HOF could be well within reach for him. Sosa is off to a hot start from center with 32 points through 23 games. Jakob has already convinced the Malmo faithful that the Nighthawks won the trade for him, with well over 100 points and a cup for just a late 1st round pick. Muffbeav leads the team in scoring with 18 goals and 31 points. Telker is off just a bit points wise in comparison to last season, but is still set for a great season with 29 points so far. Deathwalker is on pace for about 60 points, which would be a small decrease from his season high last year, but his role on the team is more primary physical, secondary scoring. His offensive peak should be next year and the season after, where I expect his offensive stats to be even higher. Mourning will be very happy with his season so far. Like Druss, he is also on pace for right around 60 points. That would be a big upgrade from his 29 points during his rookie season. Defense/Goaler Kaberle has been on a tear this year with 36 points, and now I'm looking at him enviously as I probably should have grabbed him for my fantasy team. Sova is on track for a breakout point per game year with 22 points so far. JaredN Jr has nearly passed his rookie season in points with 16 so far. Wu is having a slower start, but I think that's due to his role shifting over the years in the backend, especially with Sova and Kaberle there now. Tretiak is having a great year so far with a .928 SV% which is 2nd best in the league. He has a 13-6-1 record, as well as the best GAA with a 2.64. Malmo's new backup Karlsson has a perfect 3-0 record as the backup this year, with a .913 SV% and a 2.95 GAA. That's it for today, we got lots of season left so lets keep rolling NIGHTHAWKS!!!!!! @animal74 @BOOM @TMGSosa @.sniffuM @scoop @fromtheinside @jared @kevinscix @v.2 @Molholt @Erik
  10. Transaction ID: 20776717790467378 5 Uncapped TPE Doubles Week
  11. https://imgur.com/a/MQJJoJx
  12. Malmo is off to a hot 9-2 start to the year. Odinsson leads the way with a whopping 25 points in just 11 games. I could go down and down the list, but it would get repetitive. There are 7 players firing for Malmo at a point per game pace or more. Even Mourning already has about 1/3 of his last seasons points in just 11 games so far. Tretiak leads the league for goalies in shutouts, save %, GAA, and wins. If he keeps up this pace he will be the goalie to beat for any awards up for grabs. Malmo took a 4-2 loss to Moscow today, who is one of the other EU contenders this year, but Telker thinks it’s just a one off. “It’s just one game. I think it could’ve gone either way so I don’t think it worries me long term right now. They have a great team though, so we have to respect that.”
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