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  1. For left wing Ziarie Anigbogu of the Toronto Legion, playing professional hockey is still a fairly new experience. Anigbogu recently completed his 3rd year of playing in the VHL, which in most cases would signify a long and bright career ahead. The unfortunate reality, however, is that he's quickly getting old and close to entering the twilight of his career. Slow development and lack of training in the VHLM held Anigbogu back for years while his peers advanced, taking a toll on his physical condition and longevity even without being called up. With time running out on Anigbogu's career, the n
  2. The Toronto Legion's recent 2-3 loss against Moscow might appear as just another blip on the radar for an unspectacular 26-34-8 team. In reality, the loss cemented a moment that most team personnel feared was coming: an end to the previous era of Legion hockey. With the defeat, Toronto has been eliminated from playoff contention once again, and now await the upcoming offseason. With several players reaching the twilight of their careers, the Legion will have big decisions to make in order to solidify their future path. One such player who's nearing his final few seasons is S72 draftee Ziarie A
  3. Purchase has been made on player store!
  4. 1. I wouldn't say I expected it, but it certainly wasn't too much of a surprise. Even as more of an observer I could tell that the early season group was a bit too far apart. More recently, it's also been clear the team has been buying, and we've definitely bought some incredible pieces. 2. Like I always admit - I'm not exactly the most active LR guy for Toronto. But BOOM has come in and made such a massive impact I can't help but take notice even in my limited visits. Incredible addition, made the team better and stronger even before playing a single game. 3. I think the team will b
  5. The Toronto Legion have been fairly stagnant in the standings thus far, but that hasn't stopped the team from making huge decisions to improve the team. The trades to ship Merrick and Strauss out of town are old news by now, but the move to bring Gunnar Odinsson into town occurred just over a week ago. Odinsson's arrival hasn't yet sparked any major turnaround (although the team has won 5 of 6 and appears to be trending in the right direction), but the energy and excitement in the atmosphere nowadays is tremendous. Defenseman Ziarie Anigbogu gave his thoughts on the transaction: "I
  6. Toronto Legion defenseman Ziarie Anigbogu is now in his 3rd year with the team. Coming off a sophomore campaign in which he was named to an All-League team, Anigbogu's performance hasn't been quite as strong to open Season 76. He's currently on pace for 72 points, down from 81 last year. The Legion have had a rocky start to the season, between play inside the rink and the drama surrounding certain departing players, and Anigbogu's decline has not helped. In a recent interview, he addressed some of these concerns: "Man, honestly I don't really care. Those numbers, yeah, they're down
  7. Even as someone not hugely invested into the hockey world, it's been impossible to miss the big news circulating the Toronto Legion over the past week. Several big name players were shipped out, prompting a small back and forth argument during a team press conference. With so many eyes on the team, it's always important to hear the perspective of players living within the situation. Ziarie Anigbogu, now in his 3rd season as a defenseman for the Legion, isn't the most vocal team member, but in a recent media session we were able to hear his thoughts on what went down: "I personally
  8. 1. We recently made pair of trades that sent out John Merrick and Leo Strauss, what are your thoughts on those particular trades and do you think we got back fair value? I don't feel confident enough in my VHL knowledge to judge the trade value. However, I definitely trust the GM's direction and prefer a lower drama environment, which this move seems to have effectively created. 2. Toronto released a podcast! Have you listened to it yet? Any suggestions on how to improve it? I have not yet listened to it. I might give it a listen later tonight. 3. Since the trade Toronto is 2-2
  9. Ziarie Anigbogu, defenseman for the Toronto Legion, isn't quite a household name in the hockey world yet. At the same time, despite a relatively slow development and uninspiring work ethic, he has begun establishing his place in the league. Anigbogu was recently named to the VHL's 2nd team, a honor that come as a shock. On the award: "Man, I had no clue anything like that was coming. I wasn't even watching the award show. A couple of my buds messaged me and let me know that I had been picked to the all-league team. And if I'm being honest - I'm not fully sure I deserved it. The on
  10. 1. I thought we absolutely nailed it, brought in a fantastic group of guys. 2. For sure. We weren't far off last season, and we've only gotten better. 3. Once you're there, anything can happen. No reason we can't go all the way, it'll just require us playing at our highest potential. 4. I'm pretty new to the league myself, but I will encourage them to trust coaches and management. 5. Just to help the team anyway I can. 6. Just to stay committed to the team!
  11. The Toronto Legion failed to qualify for a playoff spot this most recent season, but the talent of their young core shined brightly. A more surprise member of that group was Ziarie Anigbogu, who exploded into the Toronto rotation and put up solid numbers. Although a low round pick and a slow developing prospect, Anigbogu finally hit his stride in the hockey world. While of course, the numbers could very likely (and with my limited knowledge, I assume to be) the product of an overall young and developing roster, they show tons of promise for a team lacking on the defensive end. If Anigbogu's se
  12. 1. It was great! Enjoyed the time off with family. 2. Nothing really - just time to get back onto the rink and get back to work. 3. Not much really, but the time off and experience was awesome itself. 4. The new season, and new opportunities. 5. I thought it was great. Not quite enough to make the playoffs, but we showed what we can do. 6. A 5. Put up some strong numbers, but I need to impact the game more in winning than on the stat sheet!
  13. 1. The Equal Justice Initiative is one I've contributed to a lot in the past. Mostly social justice organizations. 2. Man. All of them - just getting the chance to do this for a living is a blessing. 3. Might just be the SBA in me, but I wouldn't mind sim attendances as a TPE option. Increase activity/interest in sim threads, while giving another TPE option? But I understand it's a bit more difficult here with the way threads are posted one per box. 4. I have not played it. 5. If I'm being honest - never been much of a gamer. Not much for me to answer here. 6. That's a