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  1. 20th place to 20th place is where its at
  2. Group 17 ia crazy lol id be in 4th in that group
  3. PRESS CONFERENCE 1. The chance at a post season run is on life support. If the team misses the playoffs, how will you handle it ? 2. Why has sths hated NY so much this 2nd half of the season ? 3. What would be your dream career? 4. What is your favorite color and why? 5. The owner of the Americans is willing to give each player a 5 million dollar cash bonus off the books, if the team makes the playoffs. What will you do to try to make it ? 6. The team is giving away TV's to its players. Will you install yours in the bathroom or the kitchen?
  4. NY odds of making the playoffs are....... HEYYY
  5. NEW YORK AMERICANS PRESS CONFERENCE (WEEK ENDING OCTOBER 24TH) 1. With 18 games remaining can we get the team firing on all cylinders ? 2. What NYA player has the best chance at winning an award? 3. Outside of the VHL do you follow any other sports ? 4. Share a Halloween gif and give it your own title. 5. Would you rather work 10 hrs a week doing something you hate or 40 hrs doing something you love? (Same total pay for both) 6. What is your favorite holiday of the year ? lesss go NYA!!!!!!
  6. Well Ambrose stark could be a serial killer now
  7. 2nd all time in Calgary Wranglers games played, RJ Jubis now enjoys his days on the beach.
  8. NEW YORK AMERICANS PRESS CONFERENCE 1. It's Thanksgiving in Canada, did you celebrate it ? 2. You tell your teammates about a new great diet. What is it ? 3. You are walking in a national park, you encounter a bear. What do you do ? 4. Our team has dropped in the standings, can we climb our way back up ? 5. What is your ideal cup of coffee? How do you take it? 6. What is the scariest movie you ever watched?
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