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  1. I think it was more special teams CALGARY 2 Powerplays SEATTLE 10 Powerplays Damn ref lol
  2. BIGGEST 1ST ROUND BUSTS I will try to pick the worst 1st round draft picks from s67 to s70. Who has become the biggest busts from each draft. Let's see..... SEASON 70 S70: Iangenere Risteneen drafted 6th by the New York Americans TPE earned since draft = 27 VHL stats: N/A 0 games played A Gorlab: BUST If the player names isn't enough. He has been completely inactive since January. A big miss by New York considering the way the following picks turned out. An honorable mention for 2nd worst pick is Justin Graves drafted 10th by Toronto. He's also been a complete bust. Earning only 22 tpe since being drafted and has gone fully innactive. SEASON 69 S69: Ben Storm Drafted 7th by the Riga Reign TPE earned since draft = 43 VHL stats: N/A 0 games played A Gorlab : BUST Swing and a miss on this one. He showed promise but has been innactive since the first week of December 2019. This one has got to sting a little for Riga. The following pick was Roty winner Erik Summers. Followed by 4 more players who currently have between 600-800 TPE. SEASON 68 S68: Frans Eller Drafted 6th by the New York Americans TPE earned since Draft = 4 VHL Stats: 234 GP 15G 25A 40 PTS Innactive since Fall 2019. Ok sorry New york. Another miss but this one feels more unlucky. A member who has been around for over 5 years, goes innactive almost instantly after being drafted. Tough break. At least you had a lot of picks this draft and did well on others. SEASON 67 S67: Bjorn Scoringsonn Drafted 9th by HC Davos TPE earned since Draft : unknown VHL Stats: 367GP 83G 106A 189PTS Only S67 1st round draft pick to not eclipse 500 TPE in his career. The amount of superstars that were selected after Scoringsonn is utterly suprising. If Davos had selected one of these players. It may have made all the difference in the world.
  3. 1. Ok its here ! The season is currently underway. Week 1 saw Calgary go (5-2-1 ). Are you happy with the results ? 2. After 8 games, Which Wrangler has had the most impressive start ? Charlie Paddywaggon : 1 goal 8 assists 9 points, 20 hits, 11 SB Mikko Lahtinen: 5 goals 4 assists 9 points, 21 hits , +6 Jacques Lafontaine: 5-2-1 , .940 sv% , 1.86 GAA , 1 SO 3. Could anyone have predicted Davos 1 point behind us with a game in hand, clawing at us for 1st place in the league ? 4. Which active VHL player has the best name ? 5. What is going on with D.C 3-5-0 ? They are 2nd last in the league, after finishing 3rd overall last season. 6. There is a mandatory 14 day worldwide lockdown. You have $200 and can only buy 3 different items. What you buying ? Members @Bushito @Jubis @Ricer13 @Big Mac @Beketov @Speed @Tagger @DMaximus @dasboot @Matt_O @SlapshotDragon