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  1. @dlamb you can make your final pick
  2. @Emi 12hrs is up. Get your pick in when you can. @dlamb select away
  3. @fishy do you want to make lefty's picks. @Emi you may make your pick
  4. CALGARY WRANGLERS 3 STARS OF THE WEEK 1ST WILLIE DREDGE @Speed GP11 G7 A5 PTS 12 +6 0 PIM Since almost game 1 of the season, Willie Dredge has lead the Wranglers in points. He has had a great week and is hoping keep the momentum going. 2ND JACQUES LAFONTAINE @SlapshotDragon 11GP 6-5-0 2.18GAA .926SV% 1 SO Lafontaine started the season with a 1-3-0 record. Which was unfortunately not due to poor goaltending. His strong play is paying off as he has gone 5-2-0 since. He just recently picked up his first shutout of t
  5. @Lefty_S 12hrs is up. You may still select anytime. we continue. I select : D- Vladimir Pavlov @Josh
  6. @AW13 first 12hrs has passed. 6 ish more hours. 2x picks
  7. You make fair points but Let me have my moment