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  1. He would be: Tom Brady's bodyguard ^ theme week
  2. Hopefully its an inspiration for players who are contemplating giving up on their players
  3. This doesn't have anything to do with anything but just a jubis thought. Mikko Lahtinen's career is like the craziest funk award turn around. From 49 points in his first 148 games. Only to persevere into a hof player. Crazy @Beketov no way you thought he'd turn out so good after those couple seasons ? I use these stats to pick up anyone who is frustrated or feeling down with their players first couple vhl seasons.
  4. I swear Morale plays a bigger factor than some think. I observed Calgary's throughout every season and it seemed like once you start losing, its like a domino effect and it is very difficult to come out of the spiral. So if you get unlucky losses for 10 games or so, you land in a rut. At which point sths will just continue to punish you in the most cruel and unfair of ways. Just imo
  5. Who was the better rookie ? Zeedayno Chara vs RJ Jubis My 1st gen player was RJ Jubis a LW. He was drafted 5th overall in s69 to the Calgary Wranglers at 212 TPE. A tough decision was made to move up to the VHL right away. Jubis passed up a chance to play for the crazy good s69 Saskatoon Wild. Once in the VHL RJ Jubis put up 11 points in 72 games played. (9 goals , 2 assists , 11 points) So if he had not played that first season up in the big leagues he would have easily had a point per game career. During his career he moved from the wing to center to Defense in his final
  6. Jubis

    CGY/NYA; S77

    @Mongoose87 is a complete beauty to have on any team. Pumped to have you with us in New York
  7. Jubis

    HSK/RIG; S77

    Yeah this trade makes sense. Two smart trades by both Gms