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  1. 1. Awards SZN!!! How do you all feel about the awards handed out and who deserved one that didn’t get one specifically? I dont always agree with the big VHL awards but i think Miami did a good job. 2. Is there any accomplishment you thinks should be gifted with a award that we don’t already have? I honestly wish i could think of something. 3. It was a tough way to go out on a unbelievable season!! Where is your player playing next season and how excited are you about it? the VHL but for what team? Nobody knows yet. Exciting times 4. How do you
  2. Even banking in M till 300 tpe would make a difference. Houston, How Do We Fix This? 1.Return the Cap from 40 to 45 Million. Beketov will love this. ^ this would rattle me if cap goes up the second I step down lol
  3. they can. But we can pray otherwise right ?
  4. Yeah playing for a country is cool but playing for the freaking world
  5. Looks like I'm cheering for a EU champion
  6. @Ricer13 going to do big things in Calgary ! Congrats
  7. This was a fun team to be a part of . I hope everyone has success wherever their vhl or vhlm paths lead them.
  8. After last season I was rooting for Seattle. But this is amazing !!
  9. Zeedayno Chara Prospect Scouting Report 6'3'' 241 LBS DEFENSE THE VHLM Zeedayno Chara joined the VHLM exactly midway through the S76 season. As a free agent, Chara was approached by over a handful of teams. After some deliberation, Big Z decided to sign with the Miami Marauders. He was excited to have the opportunity to be playing in sunny Florida. Miami was a team destined to make the playoffs. They had an abundance of forwards but no true number 1 defenseman. Chara joined the team wanting to be that player for the team. He had a decent rookie season potting
  10. Potential Dustin Funk award winner For Most Improved
  11. A name etched in Calgary Wranglers history. What a career Jacques Lafontaine @SlapshotDragon I salute you
  12. We put up a good fight . Just couldn't force game 5. Good series Seattle
  13. Ah yes the name i can easily pronounce