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  1. player: RJ Jubis. Id: 3061-8048-2915-2702 rewards: doubles week used, 5 tpe uncapped used 5 tpe uncapped used , $1 million player cash. still available
  2. RJ JUBIS Age:18 Height: 6'4 Weight: 215 Lbs Birthplace: Yarmouth, Nova-Scotia RJ Jubis at a very early age knew he wanted to play hockey for a living. He stepped onto the ice at the young age of 5. The location was University Sainte Anne's hockey arena in Church point, Nova-Scotia. Mixed with the 19 other skaters RJ Jubis did not stand out. Considered a late bloomer, things stayed this way for a long time. Fast forward through many road trips, old icy cold arenas and Tim Horton's pit stops. Tournaments where you may play 5 games in 2 days. Mini sticks in hotel hallways and team dinners at Swiss Challet. Now in his final Bantam year at age 14. He was playing in SEDMHA, a international minor hockey tournament played in Halifax, Nova-Scotia. He scored an outstanding 23 goals and had 6 assists in 6 games played. Leading his team to an Odyssey Championship with a 6-0-0 record. He was then contacted shortly after by the South shore Mustangs with the hopes of him joining their team. They play in the Nova Scotia Major Midget Hockey League or NSMMHL. The same league that has rostered the likes of NHL superstars Sidney Crosby and Brad Marchand. RJ Jubis played two outstanding years for the Mustang and played 141 games scored 186 goals 112 assists for 298 points. He was then drafted by the Halifax Mooseheads of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League or QMJHL. His first season with the mooseheads was in 2017-2018. He struggled to find his speed and seemed to be a step slower. He dressed for 56 games mostly on the 2nd line and scored 27 goals and had 14 assists for 41 points. The following summer he immediately changed up his off season routine. He stopped attending Bbq's and parties and began training daily. He leaned out and added a lot of muscle to his frame. Once out of shape at 205 Lbs RJ Jubis was now walking around at a much stronger faster weight of 215 Lbs. He entered training camp a man on a mission. He earned a spot on the top line out of training camp and never looked back. He played in 65 games and scored 69 goals. This was just 2 goals shy of Mooseheads record of 71 goals held by Ladislav Nagy back in 1998. The Mooseheads were lucky enough to host the Memorial cup that year. RJ Jubis was not able to finish the season on a high note tho as Halifax lost in the final to Rouyn-Noranda. He now Hope's to land a spot on a VHLM team. Draw some attention and maybe get drafted by a VHL. One can only wish. junior review RJ JUBIS.pdf
  3. 1. Solid improvents have taken place. We should win a lot more games next season. 2. I am confident with our current roster. No one stands out to me at the moment. 3. After looking at stats i believe @PotatoKing has got it. Either one of these players could be playoff mvp"s. 4. I pick Las Vegas 5. Moscow 6. Las Vegas now that I said they'll win. 7. I struggled to get my production going. 5 goals in my first 42 games played. I have now turned it up and have scored 12 goals in my last 15 games played. Really hoping to finish this season strong. Next season you'll see me in the 40+ goal range. 8. Playoffs. I want to make the playoffs. 9. Yes!!! They are a rival of ours. 10. I think a lottery would be a bad idea.
  4. 1. In my opinion it was both. A few games we were outplayed heavily but other games it was a bounce the wrong way or no puck luck on our side resulting in a loss. 2. Beef Jerky! It's high protein low fat. Saskatoon has some of the best. 3. I like the changes. The tasks are broken up which makes it seem less overwhelming. 4. I am happy with my ice time. Especially with my production picking up. Lucky to have 3 goals 1 assists in our last 2 games. 5. Not yet but i am searching for one on a nightly basis hehe. 6. I think the VHL will have a few blockbuster trades.