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    In a way @NickSunderbruch, we did select you ❤️. Have fun in Calgary!
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    D - Reylynn Reinhart
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    wait really? that's so cool
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    we all can manage the group and get 1 tpe 🤑
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    Review: umm okay so apparently we have a new graphics wizard in Calgary! This is beautiful and simple. I always try to overcomplicate my graphics because I’m never happy with them. The green colour flows through this graphic so seamlessly. The positioning of the player and wording are perfect. Your font choices are quite nice and I love the extra detail you went with them. The shadowing under “Omi” is a good example of that detail. The effect used on Oberg and the slight grain to the whole graphic is excellent. 10/10.
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    Ricer13 reacted to Telkster in S77 class, 3 years in.   
        The draft class of season 77 was a pretty crazy day if I remember it correctly. Top 10 picks got moved, and a couple players here and there fell more then some were expecting. I’ll be going over many of the top players from this draft, and see who leads what categories. This week I’ll just be going over points, goals, and assists. Next week I’ll go over plus/minus, shots, shots blocked, and hits will be all the stats I’ll be going over. It’ll be top 5 per category, as well as an honourable mention or 2. Keep in mind these are all just regular season stats, so no playoff games.

    1. Telker, 263 
    2. Atreides, 220
    3. Idaho, 201
    4. R. Reinhart, 176
    5. Chara, 169
    HM- A. Reinhart, 159
    Moreau, 155
        Telker tops the list after a couple back to back stellar seasons for Malmo. He’s won 1 award so far and has at least one more lined up for this season. Atreides and Idaho both had some good production seasons for Moscow, and look to pull them into a playoff picture next season. Reylynn had a good year with back to back 64 point seasons, she’ll certainly want a bigger point year next season. Chara was drafted quite high at the time, but it looks New York found themselves a number 1 caliber d man. Asher dropped in the draft, but makes a rebound with a big 89 point season to make the honourable mentions, as well as Moreau from the blue line too.
    1. Telker, 125
    2. Atreides, 102
    3. Idaho, 100
    4. A. Reinhart, 71
    5. R. Reinhart, 60
    HM- Deathwalker, 58
    Dude, 51
          Telker tops the goal chart as well with 125 over his first 3 seasons. Atreides and Idaho look to be in a tight race in the goal department. Asher has really made a comeback in the points department as he’s starting to show he’s a player that perhaps shouldn’t have dropped. Reylynn hits number 5 on goals which is impressive from a defender. Deathwalker gets an honourable mention playing alongside Telker in Malmo with 58 goals, while Dude has 51 goals and beats out a few guys drafted higher then him. 
    1. R. Reinhart, 176
    2. Telker, 138
    3. Chara, 134
    4. Moreau, 128
    5. Atreides, 118
    HM. Idaho, 101
    Deathwalker, 93
        Reylynn really shows off why she was selected at 2nd overall, by crushing the assist category with a whopping 176 assists, which is close to an assist per game right now. Telker slips in at 2 where he’s surrounded by d man. Chara and Moreau crack the list as top 10 defensive selections. Atreides gets number 5, which is pretty good considering he’s been on a struggling Moscow so far. Plus, higher end defenders usually have an advantage when it comes to assists. Idaho makes the HM list, while Deathwalker is starting to show he isn’t just about hitting and racking up penalties. 
    As of now, that’s 500 words on the dot. I’ll continue next week where we look at some more secondary stats, and I expect to see some new names on that media spot as well. Cheers everyone!
    players mentioned @OrbitingDeath  @Mr_Hatter @Ricer13 @rjfryman @Frank @Jubis @animal74 @Cornholio
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    Ricer13 got a reaction from MattyIce in VSN Scouting Presents the S80 VHL Mock Draft (Now in Podcast Form!)   
    Some interesting takes on here 👀
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    Ricer13 got a reaction from Rayzor_7 in VSN Scouting Presents the S80 VHL Mock Draft (Now in Podcast Form!)   
    Some interesting takes on here 👀
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    Ricer13 got a reaction from Spartan in VSN Scouting Presents the S80 VHL Mock Draft (Now in Podcast Form!)   
    Some interesting takes on here 👀
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    I love hockey. Watching my kids play hockey. Winter time is lots of hockey and some snowboarding.
    Summer time is lots of camping and road trips.
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    Ricer13 reacted to Spartan in VSN Scouting Presents the S80 VHL Mock Draft (Now in Podcast Form!)   
    (thanks @Zetterberg)
    What is up folks! It's that time of season, and I'm pleased to have been joined by @MattyIce to turn this season's iteration of the mock draft into an ASMR podcast. Without the ASMR portion of course.
    But we did do a full hour of chatting about recent VHL moves, and team needs for every team with a pick in the first round. Plenty of banter over the course of an hour, and plenty of confusion as well! That's what happens when you don't prepare well in advance, but I think it came out pretty nicely.
    Below in the spoilers will be the results of our mock draft, since we understand not everyone has the time or patience to listen to an hour long podcast. Please keep in mind that we used the current draft order on the portal, and that neither of us have inside information about any of the picks or moves that we predict may occur. 
    Hope you all enjoy!
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    Congratulations everyone! 🎉 
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    Ricer13 reacted to Brewins15 in Sam talks about vhlm locker rooms for way too long   
    it was a really nice welcome to leauge 😛
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    Ricer13 got a reaction from Brewins15 in Sam talks about vhlm locker rooms for way too long   
    Lmao, Yukon’s paragraph all about ricer and his Canucks rage 🤣🤣🤣
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    Ricer13 reacted to Brewins15 in Sam talks about vhlm locker rooms for way too long   
    Ricer gave me the idea to talk about every locker room I am in. So here is me just talking a lot of nonsense for the next 2000 words. I promise it is a lot of fun. You will really enjoy reading it I promise.
    Yukon Rush:
    The first-ever locker room I was in. I was very scared of everyone to be completely honest. Cow was Gm at the time and Ricer was his AGM. I will not lie to you Ricer was so aggressive for literally no reason and I love to make fun of him for it. We were talking about the NHL and I was sharing my opinion of jack Hughes but Mr. Ricer over here thought I was trash-talking Quinn Hughes and was NOT happy. He was getting so mad. I had been in the league for like an hour and this dude is over here getting angered about something that was so dumb. I learned very quickly: do not trash talk to anyone with the same last name as a player on the canucks or you will get yelled at. Recently Yukon has added a trivia bot and it has taught me three things: 1 I’m really bad at trivia, 2 Diamond Ace is good at trivia, 3 Jb is an answer thief. Besides that Yukon will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first team.
    Mexico city kings:
    To be completely honest I don’t remember. I was traded there at the deadline my first season but didn’t really talk or anything there. I just continued to be annoying in Yukon instead. I have no memory of the actual first time I was in there. At that time I was nervous talking to people.. Who am I kidding I still am but I don’t think I said more than like 5 words in there because I didn’t know anyone and I was too nervous to talk to anyone. I left the server for a while and came back when Loser became Gm. He gave me a sam role and a chicken nugget emoji so I’m a happy sam. I haven’t talked a lot in there so still don’t have an opinion.
    Las Vegas Aces:
    My first time in there spartan was still the gm of the Aces. This is another team I don’t remember much about being in there. I honestly couldn’t even tell you why I was invited in there. I never played there or anything so it is a mystery. I don’t even know that I really talked in there ever. I think I was just there to be there. I left the LR when I went on my break and then forced Jiggs to let me back in and give me a Sam role as I do with most gms. I enjoyed the fact that they have a shut the fuck up channel it may be the best channel out there. I remember confusing Jiggs on the first day I joined cause it was the like 3rd to last locker room I needed to be in all VHLM ones and he was confused as to why I was so excited. I would be confused too if I was him
    Ottawa Lynx:
    I remember when I joined it was fairly quiet. I also remember 16z kicked me out like a day after he invited me… thanks for that… I didn't have a huge first impression 16z scared me for a bit there. They now have a chicken nugget emoji and gave me a Sam role so I think I won him over, to be honest. All I do is spam nuggets in their general chat because what else am I supposed to do? Have conversations? Who does that when you can just talk in chicken nuggets. I liked when JB was AGM so I could talk about how he stole so many things from me. Cool locker room who deals with me so I guess that’s a win. Side note I like their logo for no real reason I just like animals and it’s cute.
    Mississauga Hounds:
    The team that I can never spell. Not even joking I have to think like I’m writing Mississippi to write Mississauga or else I can’t do it. I think I joined when I started playing there. That was a fun experience. Z was the gm. I got out one of my favorite articles I have ever written called the lying gm. Maybe the best article I ever wrote?? That’s up for interpretation. Anytime I think of the hound’s locker I usually just think of me being muted or kicked because that happened a lot. It was a daily thing, to be honest. It might just be my favorite team to make fun of, to be honest. Losing to Miami 3 times in the finals is quite laughable you have to admit. I have two standout memories, one of Z trying to fool us on April fools day saying half of our team was traded when we were like second in the league… okay totally Z. The other one is when I said I didn't like cheese. People were not happy that I didn't like cheese. I’m sorry? It’s not good. Your poor tastebuds.
    Philadelphia Reapers:
    I was added here purely for sam role at first. Although I do like hanging out in there occasionally. I more just enjoyed annoying Kaleeb when he was Gm but now it’s Alex so I annoy him instead. I’m not active in there so I don’t have a ton to say about it but from the experiences, I do have it is a good locker room to be in and I enjoy it. This was also the first team I ever made a trade with when I became gm. Was it a good trade on my part looking back? Not at all but it is what it is.
    Miami Marauders:
    That name took me a good 3 minutes to figure out how to spell as writing this not going to lie. I was invited to Miami when Ricer became the Gm of it. By the way, isn't the name Krice so much better like wtf dude? Anyways I remember I was fairly active in there and then I went IA for a while. I can back and hell had been created with a stupid counting bot. Man, that bot is torture. We use to not be able to get past 20 without messing up. It was also very stressful when we did get fairly high. This is also when I first became a parent. I adopted my first child 100. He’s since moved on to live and thrive by himself. He’s very happy now. I like to think it’s all because of me. I remember the days he was kidnapped like it was yesterday. The saddest days of my life…. But he is safe and happy now so I am too.
    Saskatoon Wild: 
    This locker room I was invited to after my first plea to let me into locker rooms and give me a sam role. Saskatoon was one of the first teams who were just like sure why not and sent me an invite. I didn’t mind, less work for me. I’m not super active in there but there always seems to be people around talking when I’m in there. I have to admit I’m a little sad Halifax lost to them this season but what can you do. We will get them next time. Also, what is their logo? A genuine question is it a wolf or what I can’t tell please inform me.
    San Diego Marlins:
    Another locker room that just let me in after my plea for sam roles. I appreciate that they didn't make me do work unlike other people cough cough Calgary. They are so chill there. I enjoy hanging around when I can. Although I must admit Thad was a much cooler gm than JB. JB is just going to steal my players again smh if you know you know. I’ll be so sad if he does. JB if you see this I’m so glad you got a gm job but please don't steal from me anymore steal from like Alex or someone instead. I promise it will be more fun. I’m realizing as I’m writing this that I don’t know what a marlin is I’m going to assume it’s a fish considering the logo but yeah. What we are learning today kids is that sam doesn’t know animals.
    Minnesota Storm:
    Another team that has a really special place in my heart. It was somewhere that I enjoyed playing and being in. I use to just talk about bagged milk and how weird it was or other differences between the united states and Canada. It was also one of like three locker rooms I checked while I was IA in the league. I would just complain about school and update Ray and Hatter on how the college process was going. Ray from what I remember was the first person to ever put the thought of me becoming a gm into my head. Some of my favorite times were in that LR. I remember the day I found out that Laine was taking over. We had both applied and were talking a lot about who we think would get it. He didn’t believe me when I said him. I just remember being so excited for him though because it was something I knew he wanted and honestly I may have been more excited when he got this job than when I got the Halifax job.
    Houston Bulls:
    I just joined Houstons Locker room recently when Matty became GM. So far so good. As I do with most teams I forcefully get myself into the locker room and then make friends so they are more willing to abide by my needs of a Sam role. Honestly, haven’t talked much in there as I just joined a few days ago but it seems like a fun place. I’m sure it will be better when Houston has players. ALSO, Houston was the last team I needed to get into and get a sam role in to be able to finish off the Sam role quest in the vhlm. So thank you a lot matty for that I really appreciate it.
    Halifax 21st:
    This was the first team I joined when I came back from my break. Rory was GM. All I remember was I was put in the josh zone a lot and I mean a lot. I also remember the locker room was very chaotic but fun to be in. I got kicked when I was son Mississauga and we played Halifax in playoffs but it is what it is. Now here we are. I am the gm of the team. It’s a work in progress but honestly, I had a great time last season with the active players we had. Dan is the goat and deals with my nonsense and makes sure I don’t do stupid things which honestly what else could I ask for in an AGM. Although he has a terrible pizza order and also tried to leave me so I can’t be too nice to him. He has no rights so I must be mean. Halifax is another team that will now have a special place in my heart. I was given a chance with them and I’m going to run with it and do everything I can to bring home a cup to Halifax. 

    So uh that’s all the vhlm ones. This was supposed to be all teams I’m in but I’m at 2000 words now so vhle and vhl will come at a different time. I talk too much to fit them all in under 2000 words. But to all the gms who let me in for dumb reasons thank you I appreciate it so much.

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    Ricer13 reacted to 16z in Sam talks about vhlm locker rooms for way too long   
    You won me over or did I win you over 🤔
    Also.. Glad you were very honest throughout the whole article
    Props to Rice for giving you an amazing idea and amazing work with the execution. Refreshing!
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    Ricer13 reacted to Quik in Official Resignation   
    Hey Everyone!
    So, this will probably come as a shock to most of you, but I haven't really been around much lately. I touched a bit on this when we announced Al as the newest Commissioner, which was 2 months ago, that I was going through some changes in my personal life that meant less time for the league. Initially, this was meant to be temporary, as I settled into a new phase in my career, hoping to return to full activity as a part of the Commissioner team in this great community that I've devoted thousands of hours to over the past decade and a half. However, after a couple of months, it's become clear that I will no longer be able to put in the time necessary to be a contributing member of the Commish team.
    It's been a wild ride, and I'll be forever grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the leadership in the VHL. Thank you to everyone I've interacted with for being part of the journey, and if I haven't interacted with you, thank you, as well, if for nothing other than being part of the league.

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    Congratulations Malmo! Hell of a season. 
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    Ricer13 reacted to Prout in NYA/CGY; S80   
    @Ricer13 thank you for everything coach ❤️ I told you from day one I’d do anything to help. I wish you nothing but the best and you know my hearts there ❤️❤️❤️ Take care of them boss
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    Ricer13 got a reaction from Prout in NYA/CGY; S80   
    @Jtv123Thank you for all your dedication to Calgary! I wish you the best of luck in New York as they look to become a contender. 
    @Prout We’ve spoken already but this one hits the heart strings! ❤️❤️❤️ Until we meet again. 
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    Ricer13 got a reaction from Greg_Di in NYA/CGY; S80   
    @Jtv123Thank you for all your dedication to Calgary! I wish you the best of luck in New York as they look to become a contender. 
    @Prout We’ve spoken already but this one hits the heart strings! ❤️❤️❤️ Until we meet again. 
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    Ricer13 got a reaction from tinafrombobsburgers in Continental Cup Finals Game: 6   
    Congratulations Malmo! Hell of a season. 
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