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  1. There needs to be a yeet reaction on the forums
  2. 1. Rookie Profile 2. Rookie Profile 3. Rookie Profile 4. Rookie Profile 5. Graphic 6. Graphic 7. Graphic 8. Graphic
  3. Review: Really nice graphic. The color scheme and logo replacement add a lot to this. Due to the colors the text is getting a bit lost but I don't think it's too much of a problem. Nice work!
  4. Review: I really like the ice effect and the overall feel of the picture. For me the text should pop a bit more. Maybe a light outline or just brighten up the text. Really great for you first proper attempt.
  5. Review: I love the idea of a game poster. The branding is on point. It would have been nice to have matched the main picture jersey colors with the player render up top. Overall good stuff.
  6. Review: The render is nice and clean. I like the choice of background but I think it'd look a little better if the player could have blended in the background a bit more. Or maybe some transitioning effect to connect the player and background. Nice touch with the logo.
  7. Review: Really nice strengths and weaknesses section. Adding a conclusion maybe with some rookie goals would have been nice. Not sure about the font selection for the Strengths and Weaknesses sections. But overall I really enjoyed the writing.
  8. BALLS McZehrl is shaping up to be the next VLH commissioner. You can't go wrong with that leadership. #BALLS4Commissioner
  9. Review: Amazing rookie profile. The section headers are sooooo good. The quotes at the end are a great touch. There's nothing I would change about this post.
  10. Review: Nice content. The pros and cons list are really well done. For formatting I'd put an extra space between each pro/con for easier reading. I also think the picture would be better up top rather than at the end of the article. Overall really nice writing!
  11. Review: You really went above and beyond with this rookie profile. The formatting and theme add so much to this. I don't think there's really anything you could improve. The touch of including the writer bio is great. Amazing job!
  12. Today we are going to look at some of the top up and coming defensemen of the VHLM. These players are looking to break out and make a difference on the blue line for their respective teams. It will be interesting to watch how these players progress in their first VHLM season. Erik Summers @Erik Summers Team: Huston Bulls Drafted: 41st Erik Summers looks like he’s working on carrying the puck more and throwing hits less. His excellent puck handling and strength can really help him control the game. This has led to an impressive 8 +/- in 8 games. It’s going to be fun to watch how he grows and to see if he can become a powerhouse playmaker in the future. Guy Sasakamoose @Cxsquared Team: Mississauga Hounds Drafted: 32nd Guy Sasakamoose looks like he’s trying to build into a play making defensemen. His strong passing skills have lead to 5 assists this season. Even though he’s looking to make plays he’s not afraid to use his size. With 20 hits in 9 games it’s clear Guy isn’t afraid to play the body instead of the puck. He’s got the defense skill but seems to be lacking in the puck handling department. We’ll see if he turns into a more offensive or defensive player in the future. Sven Nyckel @Thatguy91 Team: Yukon Rush Drafted: 53rd Sven Nyckel is building up to be a great defensive defensemen. In his first 9 games he’s thrown 15 hits and blocked 10 shots. He has a strong checking skill which has lead to a few penalty minutes this year. Hopefully in the future Sven can build up his physical presence and really shut down the opponents offense.