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  1. Last season wasn't spectacular for the then rookie defensman Guy Sasakamoose, but he's been able to turn things around for his sophomore season in the VHL. Guy only managed 16 points in 72 games last season. This season he's already picked up almost half of that in just 10 games. Currently Sasakamoose is sitting at 1 goal and 6 assists for a total of 7 points. However the defensive side of his game has struggled a little. Guy's plus/minus for this season is currently at a negative 8. Previously, Sasakamoose led Riga in plus/minus with a positive 38. It's also clear the Sasakamoose is using his body a bit and size a bit more this season. He's already picked up 14 hits in 10 games compared to just 31 hits all last season. Hopefully Sasakamoose, along with Riga, can start to pick up the pace a little. Guy started out super strong gaining 5 points in just the first 3 games, but since then he's slowed down. If Sasakamoose can pick up his game I think Riga can start pulling in the wins.
  2. Well played LVA. Looks like you just outplayed us.
  3. Shoot outs don't count. This should be 2 points for us.
  4. @Victor Is 12 goals in a game a new record?
  5. Holly fucking goals. Freaking 12 goals and you don't even pull your goalie. @Berocka you need to fire your coach.
  6. It took more forever to get anything last season.
  7. @efiug with the assist. And our vets @SDCore and @Harpskii putting in work.
  8. Close game. Fomba is playing like a madman right now. It's great to see a bunch of young players putting up points.
  9. I love how every GM so far would pick the Hounds.
  10. Oh my god, was there a backyard hockey game? I use to play the crap out of backyard baseball.
  11. @efiug with the first star!!! That's crazy impressive considering we have 0 D.