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  1. 97 HC Davos Dynamo @ Prague Phantoms 98 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 99 Moscow Menace @ Calgary Wranglers 100 Riga Reign @ Helsinki Titans
  2. Oh you have to many forwards. You should fix that.
  3. Correct. It looks like we are finished and since Dil is running it I thought I'd tag him.
  4. We are back with week 2. Here's more questions for more TPE. Answer 6 and claim your prize! 1. How has your first week as a King been? 2. Who's your favorite locker room teammate? 3. The kings have been off to a great start going 9-1-0 in our first 10, how do you think the rest of the season is going to go? 4. We recently made some moves to bring in more talent to the team. Who do you think is going to make the most impact: Markus Nygren, Milos Slavik, Erik Summers, or Jaxon Walker? 5. Who do you think is the best person to show the new guys around Mexico City? 6. How is the season going for you as an individual? 7. Now that we are a little bit into the season, how have your goals for the season changed? 8. Do you have any predictions on who is going to win the cup in the VHL? 9. What video games have you been playing recently? 10. Who's your favorite VHL player? (If you don't have one now is a good time to look into the VHL) Again you only have to answer 6 for your 2 TPE, but feel free to answer all of them if you want.
  5. But the release makes it feel more real.
  6. This legend will never be forgotten.