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  1. It's been a great start to the season for Guy Sasakamoose. He currently has 6 goals and 26 assists for 32 points in just 21 games. Offensively he's having his best season of his career. Even more impressively he's topping the league in plus/minus along with being top 10 in overall points, defensemen points, and assists. Many are surprised at the resurgence of Sasakamoose. At the beginning of the season it looked like he might have lost a step on the ice, but it's clear that's not the case. Guy's great start to the season has helped his team, Riga, top the entire league after 21 games. It seems
  2. 1. The season has begun! What are your goals on this season? I want to build on the season I had last season. I'm shooting for another point per game season. 2. As of now we're 5-0-1. Can we keep this up? I think we can keep up the momentum. It might have been a little too perfect of a start but that's exactly what we need. 3. Do you think we can reach 40 wins once again? I'd be disappointed if we didn't 4. Is this the time Tallinder reaches 100 points or more? I think it's the year of the Talli. He's got this. 5. It appears t
  3. 1. Are you satisfied with our drafting in last draft? I think we got some great people. Our GM has always had a good eye for promising prospects. 2. How did you spend a time this offseason? I spent a lot of it sim racing. It's my new addiction. 3. Are we gonna do any hazing this season? I'm never a big fan of hazing but I'm sure we'll have some good hearted fun with the newbies. 4. Who is gonna be our MVP next season? I think Talli @Patrik Tallinder will step up big time 5. Try to predict our performance next season.
  4. D - Lincoln Tate @STZ Also @Zyrok feel free to pick whenever
  5. I, for one, am anti-voting cow because he's devaluing the updaters work. Updaters are people too
  6. It was a stand out year for Guy Sasakamoose. We sat down with the Riga D-man to ask him about his plans for the off-season. It seems to have been a great year for Riga having made the playoffs once again. So Guy, how do you feel about this season? I had my best year yet, but I don't feel like I've grown as a player. It's great to really turn into a top line defense player for Riga. I just hope I can keep this up. I have a feeling next season is going to be a struggle for me. Speaking of next season, do you have any predictions for how Riga will do?
  7. 1. I think Helstinki was just the better team. We gave it our all and just couldn't make it. 2. I think with the cap these days there wasn't much we could do. I think overall we have a great team. 3. Glad we could get @Kylrad one last cup. He had a great career. 4. Sadly Seattle won another one 5. Helstinki 6. I think we all missed a step this season and couldn't keep up with the growing teams. 7. Elvis Nostoppins 8. Hedgehogs. Penguins are sometimes cuter but overall hedgehogs are consistently cute.