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    London is great, but also good to be back in D.C. Hope I can end my career here.
  2. (1) 26 games in, we are 6 points behind an even record, and 6 points behind the Malmo Nighthawks. Can we pass them and finish 3rd out of 4 in our division? Of course we can! As a very young team, we get proportionately better with each update. (2) How's the ambiance in the arena on game nights? Are fans pleased with our performances? Any sighting of hooligans? I think the fans are having fun. They know we come to play every night and the Londoners appreciate that. (3) Hypothetical situation: Our top player Guy Lesieur is blindsided, a real cheap shot. Who steps up and defends him? The whole team. That's who we are. (4) What food would you not recommend from everything that's available at our home stadium? The kidney pies. As a Frenchman, cannot recommend that sort of cuisine anytime, anywhere. (5) What would you have done with your life if you didn't become a professional hockey player? Maybe some kind of photographer. I love it. But I never got to be serious about anything other than hockey. (6) Rank melons from best to worst: cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon. Easy one! Watermelon best melon of all, then honeydew, finally cantaloupe.
  3. (1) 13 games in, we are sporting a 5-8-0 record, good for 13th in the whole league. Did you think we'd manage to record 5 wins so fast? Sure, we've got a solid squad that plays with heart. That still counts in hockey. (2) Due to an anti-tanking rule, we are forced to play to play a bot goalie named β-LDN G, pronounced BLEEDING, probably. He's actually better than both Park and Jaundice, so no harm done there, but how is it playing with an actual robot? Is it weird in the locker room? Does it shower with you guys? Don't mind who or what he is as long as he keeps making saves. (3) Who's your favourite S74 Draft prospect and why should we pick him or her? All my focus is on the ice with my current teammates, sorry. (4) The points leaderboard is currently led by a pair of Los Angeles Stars veteran, Sigard Gunnar and Tyler Barabash Jr. Do you think they'll hold on to it? If not, who passes them and wins the scoring race? With such solid linemates, maybe Lesieur. (5) How are we doing better than D.C., what's wrong with them? They gave up Lesieur in expansion. (6) Not really a question. Recommend me a song I have probably not heard before. Doolin-Dalton - The Eagles (very early)
  4. Dang, I just upvoted and then saw this. Put it in my claim thread so y'all do what you need to do.
  5. Man, 13 was a LONG time ago! That may have been the year I went on a road rally with my older brother as his navigator. You know, you get clues to go to the next stop on the route and best time wins.
  6. (1) Regular season starts tomorrow, predict the score of our first game. I feel like we come out swinging for our first game and take it 5-1. (2) What song should play when we enter the ice for our home opener? London Calling - The Clash (3) What is your objective for this season? Score at least 30 goals and get as close to .500 as we can get. (4) If we could have selected an extra player in the S73 Entry Draft, literally anyone, who would you suggest we add to our roster? Mikko Aaltonen (5) This is the expansion era, let's get crazy. Where does the league expand next? The Land Down Under - Australia (6) What was your first favourite video game? Mine was TMNT IV: Turtles in Time on the SNES. I played the heck out of it with my neighbors. Hmmm...I can't remember that long ago. Maybe Might & Magic IV
  7. As soon as Guy Lesieur got to the VHML and started paying more attention to the VHL, he wanted nothing more than to be a District of Columbia Dragon. The thought of joining a brand new club, growing with that club from a wet behind the ears, talented, but unproven scoring forward, and eventually being the face of the franchise (or at least one of the most prominent members of the team) very much appealed to the young Lesieur. It was always in his mind that he would be a lifelong Dragon. A guy who played his whole career for one team, put down roots, and became the guy that fans wanted to have as their jersey to wear at all the hometown favorite’s games. The dream had a bit of a falter right out of the gate. One pick before he was able to be drafted by the D.C. Dragons, Lesieur was snatched by another team – the Riga Reign. Guy was crestfallen, but soon good news came via his cellphone. D.C. had made a swap with Riga of their number 7 pick for Lesieur and other considerations in the deal. Lesieur was going to the American capital after all! Guy played one year in the juniors, but jumped at the chance to come up early and play for the big club in D.C. There was a little struggle at first, but Guy scored right from the beginning and that cushioned the blow. So did the leadership of team captain and clear best player on the team – Mikko Aaltonen. Mikko really took Guy under his wing and taught him how to be a forward in the VHL – and how to handle all the off ice business of the senior circuit. Guy has always credited the D.C. GM’s for making him the player he is today. The pair in charge when he started his career were @Enorama and @McWolf. There are not adequate words to describe Guy’s thankfulness for their faith in him when he was so green and inexperienced and their mentorship that made him into what most would agree is a “damn solid VHL forward”. It looked like Lesieur would live out his dream – to be a Dragon for life. But then the S73 expansion came along. D.C. had grown enough as a team that even Lesieur could not be guaranteed protection in the draft. He was left unprotected and it happened as it was bound to happen. When you are a brand new team and trying to field a decent product on the ice, you can’t go all youth and development. You have to have some veterans to help mentor the future of the team. Guy had gone from being that up and comer to veteran since his draftee days and sure enough, he was selected by one of the four expansion teams – London United. Guy wasn’t looking forward to leaving, but wait! Who was at the helm of this new team based in London? None other than his VHL co-GM when he joined the D.C. franchise @mcwolf. Hey, this didn’t turn out so bad after all! He is reunited with McWolf and can be the veteran Mikko Aaltonen was for him to the younger bucks getting drafted by London to be the future of the franchise. Not a bad way to finish off a satisfying career. United Forever!
  8. 1. Who do you think should the Dragons select with their first overall pick? To be honest, I leave that for the GMs with no kibbutzing from me. 2. Which Nation do you think will win the World Cup this offseason? Western Europe. Lesieur will be leading goal scorer. 3. Which team do you think will make the biggest off-season changes? By default, the four expansion teams. From no team to guys on the ice! 4. What are your personal goals for your player next season? At least another 30 goal season. Would be better to reach 40. 5. What are your expectations for DC as a team, can we make playoffs? Establish ourselves as a contender? Of course we can make the playoffs. No idea why we didn't this season. 6. If you could bring any member into DC, which one would you bring? McWolf
  9. PBE Affiliate PT/CW in place of VHL.com Article +2 TPE
  10. Looking forward to going deep in the tourney.
  11. 1. Which VHL team do you expect will win the Continental Cup? Riga, I suppose. 2. Do you expect any changes do you think are needed for this Dragons roster, if any? I imagine that some changes will be made as we tend to always be looking to get better, but I'm not sure what they will be. 3. If you could be any other position in the VHL other than what you currently are, what would it be and why? Center - just can't see moving off the primarily scoring lines. lol 4. What is the #1 most stressful hockey position? #1 forward, #1 defenseman, or #1 goaltender? Stress? There is stress in hockey? I'd have to say goalie. I'd hate to have to face my shots. A couple of real life stuff: 5. How is your city handling the these COVID times? Does your city have more cases, etc? Have you been out and about? I'm on Long Island. We've taken it very seriously and cases are down. Makes me shake my head at some of the "wild west - is there a problem" states and localities. 6. Do you expect the NHL will resume, and who do you think wins it all if the playoffs do come back? I know they want to, but I'm a gloomy gus and have a hunch we'll play this all very badly, the virus will make a roaring comeback in the fall and sports will be off the table again.