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  1. 1. Where was your first sim experience - here in the VHL or elsewhere? 2. Have you ever lived in San Franisco? 3. Have you ever followed the Grateful Dead as a Dead Head? 4. Does either the player or the GM play the guitar? 5. How much longer do you expect Jerry the player to play? 6. Does Jerry the GM favor offense, defense or a blend? 7. Would Jerry the GM prefer a known quantity who earns about half the possible TPE in a season or a second round draft pick? 8. Apart from entering the Hall of Fame, what would Jerry the player's ultimate goal be? 9. Is there a favorite VHL player that Jerry would like to play with on his line that he has not already? 10. How does each (player and GM) feel about the shoot out rules for deciding the winner of a tied game?
  2. Guy Lesieur is enjoying his new team, city, GM and teammates, but is not as happy about how the move has affected his output. Maybe it’s just that the chemistry is off. After all, it takes some time to learn the moves and preferences of your line mates. But it certainly seems like a real issue and Lesieur hopes to solve the riddle soon, because he knows what he can do and he also knows that he was brought over in a trade to give the Aces that little extra jolt of offense in an already strong attack in hopes that it would put them over the top for a deep run in the playoffs. Lesieur plays on a line with Washington, a pass first center and Wallace on the other wing. It seems best to compare the two wings. Even after a dry spell, Lesieur has nearly twice as many goals as Wallace (28 to 15), but not in Las Vegas. Regardless of the fact that Lesieur’s scoring percentage is almost double that of Wallace’s (14.14% to 7.61%), over the last 5 games, which is typical of Lesieur’s time in Las Vegas, Wallace has 15 shots vs. only 9 for Lesieur. Wallace has just the one goal vs. Lesieur’s goose egg, along with 3 assists. One has to believe that if Lesieur tee’d up at least as much as Wallace, the line would be more productive. Lesieur is working on his SC to make that happen.
  3. The strangest thing happened to me just recently. It’s something that has happened to countless sim leaguers before me and will happen to countless sim leaguers after me, but had never happened to me. My GM, @nykonax came to me and informed me that he had a trade offer from the Las Vegas Aces for me. They were willing to give up a 1st rounder and a 4th rounder in the next draft for me and my player, Guy Lesieur. Las Vegas is a strong team. They currently have 63 points and are only sitting behind the 1st place Houston Bulls by 4 points. It is clear what is being contemplated – the Aces are giving up some future picks in hopes of capturing a Cup now. It is funny in a way. When I began my time in sim leagues, I completely understood that trades were a reality and were often a good thing – in fact the best trades always are a good thing – for both teams and for the player as well. But up to this point, I had played for 5 seasons going into six as both player and GM in the PBE and had never been traded and had never traded an active player for another. And yet here it was – my player, Guy Lesieur, as the center piece in a trade. I was approached by my GM with the question of how this sat with me? Was I ok with the trade or would I prefer to stay on the Mexico City Kings? I do believe that I could have asked not to be traded and that would have been honored. And I considered it, that’s for sure. After all, I was drafted with two friends from the PBE and enjoyed playing with them. I enjoyed the interaction with my teammates in the LR. I enjoyed how I was treated by my GM @nykonax. But, trades are part and parcel of the world of sports and so I decided to let things run however the two GMs worked it out. And so I landed in Las Vegas – a Cup contender. I went from a middle of the pack team to a team on the cusp of greatness. Second line on each team, but what a difference. Yet, I didn’t know anyone on the team. Guy walks into the LR and immediately starts getting crap from one of the player before he even opened his mouth. Couldn’t have made an enemy yet! Others in the LR room lept to Guy’s defense a bit bewildered by the early treatment of the trade acquisition, but it turns out it was all in fun. The first guy is just one of the edgy guys and decided to let that out a little too soon. But other than to note that it happened, Guy isn’t one to let it bother him or hold on to any negative feelings. Instead, he’s too busy trying to improve his game so he can validate the confidence that the GM and coaching staff placed in him to help put an already great team over the top. So, Guy Lesieur wishes his erstwhile teammates in Mexico City a fond farewell, but is eager to embrace his new teammates and make a run for the Cup! Even if he isn’t completely comfortable yet.
  4. That was a fun read. Don't know how long I can remain at number one though, but every TPE whenever earned counts, right? lol
  5. 1. How was your time in Mexico City? Loved it! Great GM, teammates and fans. Who would have thought they loved hockey that much south of the border?! 2. What were you thinking when you were asked about possibly playing in Vegas? I think I felt like kids back in grade school do when they go to a new school, "Will the other kids like me? Will I make any friends?" lol 3. How has your experience been so far with Vegas? Kind of a rough start with a bit of hazing, but others stood up for me and I soon realized the first response was just playful. 4. What kind of player would you like to make? Guy is a sniping winger, but at heart he just wants to help the team win. If he needs to go back more on defense, he's no prima donna. 5. Any VHL teams that you would prefer to go to in the upcoming draft? I've been so focused on learning the site and getting used to the rhythm of weekly TPE earning that I really haven't looked into the VHL teams. 6. Who is your Favorite VHL member Probably has to be Matt_O who had enough confidence in me to pay a pretty decent price in a first rounder + to get Guy on the team. : )
  6. Guy Lesieur has just been traded from the Mexico City Kings and there will be more to be said about that from a different angle, but this is more of a goodbye to the fans. When I was drafted by the Mexico City GM, I had two emotions. The dominant one was joy over being drafted to my very first team in the VHML, but my second was surprise. There was hockey being played south of the Rio Grande? How do they keep the ice from melting? Must be some great refrigeration systems down there! It’s amazing enough that Houston has a team, but Mexico City? So, I wondered what you all would be like? How many Mexicans would come out to see what is, afterall, primarily a North American and European game? I wondered if many of you would even understand the game or if it was just some curiosity. And you certainly set me straight. Mexico City knows its hockey and supports its team as well as any fans in the hockey world. And so loyal. We have played our hardest and yet we’ve been middle of the pack in the standings all year. Some fans would drift off to other sports or entertainment options, but not our Kings fans! Thank you for waking me up to how wonderfully knowledgable and supportive you are. And thank you for a great half season amongst you. I may have been moved to Las Vegas in a trade, but a piece of my heart will never be able to be moved. It will remain in the capital city. Go Kings!
  7. Hello League, Never done one of these before. New to the league this season. Drafted by Mexico City - just traded to Los Vegas.
  8. Guy Lesieur, RW Las Vegas Aces +2 TPE
  9. Switching to claiming an idea for an article next week in favor of doing an EFL article for double media this week and claiming Welfare from it here this week.
  10. Kris Rice Biography Review - 2 pts Saskatoon AGM Turned Team Europe GM Review - 1 pt Calgary Team Building Review - 1 pt 4 pts = 1 TPE [all for this week]
  11. Review: Nice rivalry between the goalies, but the real gem of the piece is the duck hunting. Finally something to get Fang's attention!
  12. Review: Love the beginning with PM down on his knees in desperation - to find out it's about needing a scorer rather than some fatal disease he fighting. And his wife leaving him for all things - a chimney sweeper - is a gem.
  13. Review: Really interesting read. Love the progression through the various sports and then through the different levels of hockey (which I don't know so well). Sad, but important, piece about his father's accident and Rice's selflessness. All this overcomes the fact that it seems he would have been too young to cycle through all those sports by the age of 5. Suspension of disbelief is worth it in this case!
  14. In his first year in the VHML RW Guy Lesieur is off to a flying start. He has worked hard on his game all through his childhood in hockey, but did not expect to be doing this well in the VHML this soon. He hasn’t quite cracked the top 10 on the leaderboards, but he is getting closer in a couple of categories: #10 Forward in Pts has 46 – Guy has 40 #10 in Goals has 23 – Guy has 20 Guy’s star shines even brighter on his own team, the Mexico City Kings. Lesieur has 20 goals which is tops among all Kings. His +/- of +9 is also tops on the team. His overall points total of 40 puts him 2nd on the team and his assist total of 20 ranks him 3rd on the team. So, in 4 important statistics (Goals, Assists, Points, and +/-) Guy has 2 1sts, 1 2nd and 1 3rd. Not bad for a third round draft choice!