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  1. 1. We swung a massive deal to bring in Chris Hylands. Where does that put this team in terms of firepower? Its interesting, cause I do think we already had enough firepower, so hopefully chemistry developing doesnt hurt us too much. But always nice to bring in some more help. 2. Which of the league’s two conferences would you say is stronger and why? European conference in my opinion, since three of the teams have more points than the North American Conference. 3. Which 3 teams would you say are the league’s top cup contenders right now? Other than us,
  2. 1. First in the league (as of writing), what’s got us to this point so far? Everyone just contributing on both sides of the game, and I would like to think that Waters step up this season, has also been a huge part towards that. 2. Currently we have 3 players in top 10 scoring (Lamb, Dear, Glass) and Uhtred just outside. How many do you think finish the season there? Realistically probably will stay with 3 in the top 10 of scoring, but having all 4 of them, would be pretty cool 4. Do you think the trade market remains active or does it die off as usual at deadline? Probably
  3. Never thought I would end up doing a vhl.com article here, but I thought I might as well get the affliate TP check, as well as get some more TP on my guy so here I am after about four seasons of Waters being in the pros, sitting at about 500 TP. So far throughout his career, he's been a pretty solid guy. Nothing too impressive, but also not as bad to be a liability to the team. Most points scored in a single season has been 55, which for a best season, is not too good, and have been hoping to manage a point per game season at least once, before my player dies and is never seen again. So far h
  4. Smh I should’ve posted, maybe had a chance at the thread team : shock:
  5. 1. As we gear up for the postseason, who do you see as our biggest competition and why? Moscow, I wanna say Menace? I believe they have two more points than us. 3. Who has been the team MVP this season and why? Latrell Mitchell 80 points and led the team by a lot in shots blocked. 4. What is your favorite fruit? bananas best fruit smh. 7. What do you think is the most underrated sport excluding hockey? I mean, I have to say soccer right? Cause its my favorite sport, but then its also pretty worldwide so ig its not underrated. 8. What do you think is the