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  1. 1) 4-1 in our favor 2) I'm confident our D corp can shut him down. 3) They have a couple guys that can light it up, but its nothing we can't handle. 4) Rivalries are always fun. Those games are more exciting for me. 6) I think home ice still matters. You get used to spots where the puck bounces and that can be important. 7) I think we have a good chance.
  2. 1) Boston. I've been a fan since they first signed Chara. I've grown up watching that main core and I'm sad it's starting to come to an end with those guys. But the Bruins have some great younger players in place for a new core; guys like McAvoy and Pasta will be around for a while. 2) Golf is my main sport but hockey is a very close second. 3) Maybe soccer? 4) Not necessarily a rule, but offsides challenges suck, especially after a play has been in the zone for over 30 seconds. 5) I don't mind them but it will be nice to get to see the Bruins play every team again. I alw
  3. 1) Chocolate maybe? 2) Just relaxing and watching hockey. 3) Blocking a shot. 4) Hippos seem like they chill most of the day, I'll say a hippo. 6) I don't think any team worries me. That's not a dig at anyone, but any team can be beat on any day. We as a group just need to stay on top of our games and remain focused. We've proven to be successful this season and to me it's best to stay focused on one game at a time. 7) Either a turnover to lose us the Cup or getting a skate to my body.
  4. 1) Jankowski and Telker. 2) Logan Moore. 3) Yes. 4) Thomas King. 5) 2. 6) Hoist the cup first for sure. 7) Some sort of dog named Zeus, Jupiter, or Thor.
  5. 1) I'm not really sure, a few guys could take that crown. 2) Almonds or tortilla chips. 3) Really proud of this team so far. We're only getting better. 4) Like I said, we're only getting better. We've come out guns blazing and it's only up from here on out. 5) From my first handful of games here I think our captains have been great. Couldn't be happier for them. 6) Prague.
  6. 1) I’m curious to see how a hockey-based battle royale would work. 2) Light blue. 3) 8. 4) Not any shows that inspired me, but I do like watching Letterkenny #FERDA 5) I have a German short-haired pointer. 6) Sure, why not. 7) Maybe The Bergeron, since Patrice Bergeron is my favorite player.
  7. Much love to you man. Glad we got to raise a Cup in Saskatoon and play in the Show together.
  8. Player Information Username: Garrett Player Name: Gary Tarantino II Recruited From: Returning Age: 23 Position: RW Height: 73 in. Weight: 190 lbs. Birthplace: United States of America Player Page @VHLM GM
  9. 1) The best one that has happened to me is the classic tape on the skate 2) I feel like I could pull off Ferris Bueller 3) I would love to see that 4) Alert security A$AP Rocky 5) Yes, I always give a portion to St. Jude 6) Coffee, strawberries and blueberries and pancakes my girlfriend makes
  10. 1) Can’t change much, we’re playing great. 2) Super happy to finally be waking up out there. Rust lasted longer than I would have liked but glad to see some production lately. 3) Yes. 4) Yes! 5) Fall golf. 6) I like both.
  11. 1) Warsaw 2) Glad I finally scored. Was starting to get frustrating. 3) Ondrej. 4) Hoping for Dallas. 5) Khudobin or Point. 6) Hiking, but I also love playing golf in the fall.
  12. 1) Ready to prove a lot of people wrong this season. 2) All of our new young guys. 3) Spent the off-season trying to get a little stronger for puck battles. 4) I drove. 5) I would say defense is just as important as offense. Developing a wicked shot is nice, but being a great backchecker can be more important. 6) Great to have him back!
  13. 1) Super excited to have them. 2) I will second Palazzo. 3) Red and blue Sour Patch Kids 4) Me ? 5) Tanzania would be insane. 6) 100%
  14. 1) Probably Dr. Pepper 2) Ben McGirr 3) Islanders. I wanna see my guy Boychuk get another Cup. 4) Helsinki. 5) Sheesh, I have no clue...maybe the rookies? ? 6) A Moment Apart by ODESZA.