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  1. 1) The best one that has happened to me is the classic tape on the skate 2) I feel like I could pull off Ferris Bueller 3) I would love to see that 4) Alert security A$AP Rocky 5) Yes, I always give a portion to St. Jude 6) Coffee, strawberries and blueberries and pancakes my girlfriend makes
  2. 1) Can’t change much, we’re playing great. 2) Super happy to finally be waking up out there. Rust lasted longer than I would have liked but glad to see some production lately. 3) Yes. 4) Yes! 5) Fall golf. 6) I like both.
  3. 1) Warsaw 2) Glad I finally scored. Was starting to get frustrating. 3) Ondrej. 4) Hoping for Dallas. 5) Khudobin or Point. 6) Hiking, but I also love playing golf in the fall.
  4. 1) Ready to prove a lot of people wrong this season. 2) All of our new young guys. 3) Spent the off-season trying to get a little stronger for puck battles. 4) I drove. 5) I would say defense is just as important as offense. Developing a wicked shot is nice, but being a great backchecker can be more important. 6) Great to have him back!
  5. 1) Super excited to have them. 2) I will second Palazzo. 3) Red and blue Sour Patch Kids 4) Me ? 5) Tanzania would be insane. 6) 100%
  6. 1) Probably Dr. Pepper 2) Ben McGirr 3) Islanders. I wanna see my guy Boychuk get another Cup. 4) Helsinki. 5) Sheesh, I have no clue...maybe the rookies? ? 6) A Moment Apart by ODESZA.
  7. 1) I'll say the same, 7-3. 2) Definitely me. 3) I don't think anyone has one that is particularly bad. 4) Buffalo. 5) Anything management sees fit. 6) I grew up going to my local AHL team's games. First NHL game was Boston vs Detroit 2014 playoffs Game 2.
  8. 1) Definitely his confidence. Once he gets hot you're not getting much by him. 2) I call my mom before every game. 3) Within the next 20 games on a shot from the point. 4) Definitely LA. 5) Yes, yes I will. 6) Been really pleased with how I've been playing. Regardless I'm happy with the boys for how well we've been doing, we have a good group and we're planning to make some more noise.
  9. 1) I think we finally shook off the off-season rust. We've been cruising lately. 2) It's helpful to us if we struggled so much last year. 3) I honestly think those guys need to just give it time. Happy our line in particular is playing so well, but I won't put it past our first line to finally get things going. 4) I'm coming for him ? 5) I'm pretty confident in the two of them. 6) Really excited to see Riley with us next year. He's leading the M in points, and I hope he brings that fire to Prague with him.
  10. Journeyman Tarantino Enjoying Early Season Success Oh, The Places You’ll Go Since the inception of his VHL career, Gary Tarantino has been the definition of a journeyman. Joining the VHLM in Season 68, Tarantino signed with Mississauga as a free agent. However, he saw himself traded to San Diego towards the end of the regular season. After the season, Tarantino entered the Draft, where he was drafted by VHL club Helsinki and the Season 69 VHLM powerhouse Saskatoon. Tarantino played a role in Saskatoon’s obliteration of the league that season, winning his first Foun
  11. 1) I think the two close losses were just a case of early-season rust. Our guys won't let games like that slip as we progress through the year. 2) I'm really pleased to be getting some recognition and see things start to click. I worked really hard during the off-season and plan to keep producing for us. 3) Hits are not overrated. I'd rather we ware down our opponents the whole game. We want you to leave Prague sore. 4) I don't think so as it's only my second year here. 5) I honestly don't think anyone does anything unusual. 6) I'm really excited for our fans to see hi
  12. When I was 13 I damaged nerves in my feet by jumping 10 feet off of a rock wall.
  13. 1) Usually a few minutes 2) I don't hate any team. 3) Either any Asian food or fried food. 4) A few months. 5) That's a lot of butts. 6) Fluffy dogs are epic.