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  1. I’m not even talking about me this season, I played like ass lmfao
  2. Hahaha not surprised by this bullshit league. Same shit, different season? But of course!! I feel like a broken record saying the same thing again and again after every season, so I’m done. The bias in this community will never end but honestly I couldn’t care less about the VHL anymore. The joy in this league was torn away many seasons ago when I realized how this community works and that there was little place for me in it. I’m sick of this and oh yeah fuuuuuuuck Moscow.
  3. Hey everyone! It’s me again and I’m back with another edition to the Game Breakers hockey card collection! This time I added some “foiling” effects to make the card appear holographic, and I will try to do so for all “Legacy Edition” cards in the future. (Quick side note: I am still catching up with my own player cards hence this one being S75 but once I make it into the current season I will be making cards for others again.) In order to better gauge the Potential and Gradings for players, I have discussed with a few people (who I will keep nameless so that all heat for d
  4. OTTAWA LYNX PRESS CONFERENCE **Answer any 3 questions below for 1 capped TPE, or answer 6 questions for 2 capped TPE** 1. If you had the opportunity to learn on-ice skills from any player in the world for a single day, who would you pick and to help you with what skill? 2. Who has been the closest teammate to you this season in the Locker Room? 3. Which team do you personally love to play against? 4. Which team do you hate to play against the most? 5. We have some very talented members on our club. Do you think anyone could
  5. Lmfao you guys are all killing me rn hahahaha
  6. Player Information Username: DarkSpyro Player Name: Drakon Zabastovka Recruited From: Returning Age: 27 Position: D Height: 71 in. Weight: 173 lbs. Birthplace: Russia Player Page @VHLM GM
  7. Thank you to the Vancouver Wolves organization for having me on the team for my entire career, and for having me as their Captain for my final 3 seasons. I already know that the team will be in good hands with our future goalies coming through the system. I also believe that whoever takes over as Captain will have no problems leading our squad into the new era without me, as we have so many fitting candidates for captaincy that it’s hard to predict who it could be next. Regardless I want nothing but the best for my team so let’s make this season count and bring the cup back home to Vancouver w
  9. Right from S69 when you played for the Wild and I played for the Hounds, the sparks were always in the air when we both hit the ice to face off. The storyline that forged our rivalry is legendary and so rare that it became clear to me very early on that we were both destined for greatness in the VHL. Toss in the rivalry that sparked between you and Hexx the season after (and then Hexx and me not longer after because of it) we not only created a new era with us on top for many seasons, but a legacy that has been cemented in the history books for many years to come!
  10. Much love you guys! It’s been a great career and a long rivalry for us all but I wouldn’t have changed a second if it. LaFo you should be in the HoF no problem and it has been a blast since day 1 in the M to have you as my rival. @SlapshotDragon Give em hell for one last season bro!! We will see you on the other side of retirement but until then we are rooting for you next season! @ROOKIE745
  11. I’m with LaFo bro! We will help cover some costs and make some killer memories!
  12. Cool thanks dude! You forgot the “C” on my chest but otherwise I like it Very nice
  13. I have been blessed to be the Wolves Captain for a 3rd time in a row as well as for my final season before retirement. It is an honour to represent our Wolf pack and I hope to make our team proud.. One. Last. Time.