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  1. 1. Our season sadly ended earlier than we would have liked, what will your player be focusing on improving in the offseason? - Just being more than a body filling a free spot. Want to be more impactful in games. 2. Following up on that, how does your player feel about their performance, and the performance of the team, this last season? - My performance was basically non existent but I think the team did worse than expected :hfxSadge: 3. If Rory offered to allow the team to spend their training camp on a boat off the coast of Halifax, would you do it? - Ya rory prob th
  2. One of the newest hot prospects in the VHLM, defenseman Arvid Johansson, has been making many waves leading up to the coming VHLM Draft. The young blueliner out of Göteborg, Sweden is touted as one of the better young starlets of the upcoming draft, and has caught the eyes of many in his short stint playing with the Halifax 21st in the VHLM. Johansson representing his home nation of Sweden at a youth level international tournament. Coming up at youth level in Sweden, Johansson was part of his hometown team, Frölunda HC. He came up through their academy starting at
  3. 2. Is there anything that helps you to get into the routine of remembering to complete your VHL tasks each week? - I'm trying to out earn my last player as a goal for this one, so early on that's been motivating me a lot to do more for sure.3. Can you describe the way your player feels when they are on the ice during a match? - Right now, not very good because he's just starting out. Hopefully it improves 4. How would you describe the locker room environment of Halifax? - It's cool and friendly, too bad we missed the playoffs but nice to have a bunch of people I know there alre
  4. One prospect to keep an eye on for the upcoming VHL Draft is promising Swedish defenseman Arvid Johansson. The blueliner brings a lot of poise and reliability to the defense that is rare to see among defensemen his age, and he is showing very much promise as he begins his career on the biggest stage in the VHL. The youngster has joined up with the Halifax 21st after coming over to Canada from his native Sweden, and he will play out the season in Halifax before entering the VHLM Draft. Playing 3rd pair in Halifax, Johansson is not quite able to fully showcase his abilities, but the
  5. 1. Which folklore/cryptid creature do you think would make the best mascot for Halifax 21st and why? - Hmm, I'll say the Kraken cuz its the coolest ocean related mythological creature I can think of. 2. If you were forming a band with a handful of your team mates, what type of instrumment would you play? - Easy. I played the sax in high school so pass it over to me baby. 3. Is there a song that you listen to while you are training? - Stronger by Kanye West is my go-to song for getting myself hyped up for something. 4. What are you most excited for in your player'
  6. Well, now that I have recreated on VHL, I wanted to look back on how the career of my first league player, Leon Gutzwiler, went. It was not a long career, but I want to say a lot happened during it! I will make an article detailing the entirety of Leon's career, dating from the time of his creation, to his eventual retirement after being dropped by Toronto for his inactivity. It should be fun going through Leon's entire career and looking back on the stuff he did out on the ice and the things that he accomplished with the 5 different teams he played for. Let's get into it, starting with when I
  7. BOAT GANG you know the way to my heart with that phrase
  8. Player Information Username: Gwdjohnson Player Name: Arvid Johansson Recruited From: Member (Jeffie43) Age: 20 Position: D Height: 73 in. Weight: 190 lbs. Birthplace: Sweden Player Page @VHLM GM
  9. Ah yeah your player name definitely rings a bell. Halifax was fun even if short, I'm glad I could at least make a good juniors player before I vanished into the IA void after that lmao.
  10. We go agane I'm still an FA for this season if anyone wants to pick me up