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  1. yes also I am in school so this is how much i want to be in this.
  2. I was aiming for top 5 but 6th is fine. Thanks for mentioning me.
  3. No, thought I could get around it. Good luck in getting a new AGM for yourself and congrats.
  4. Yeah I have had fun, if you guys join just know you’ll get support, it won’t just be you.
  5. I would love to apply the only thing I would struggle with is setting the lines, currently I don’t have a PC. Still applying though.
  6. So you guys think that just Hulk would get in on the action? If so you thought wrong I am gonna make my goal to absolutely demolish this team, in the VHLM next season by whooping you in the regular season your not even gonna make the playoffs. Then, in the VHL ruining the former hound's players.