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  1. 1. Who wins Gold? World 2. Who wins Silver? Europe 3. Who wins Bronze? USA 4. What player will be named tournament MVP? Roadkill Steve
  2. We have a damn good roster lets see what we can do with though, glad to be apart of this team.
  3. I am down, I am the only clown willing to do this everyday on a exactly schedule and able to because I got nothing else to do.
  4. Yeah and then there is another 4 way battle for the 6-10 drafts spots between Iangenere R, Lewis Dawson, Chad Magnum and Jimothy Frost.
  5. 1. I think about 10 more games & then their season will start falling apart with more & more losing coming there way. 2. I think its just great players having confidence in themselves to do great. 3. No we don’t we just beat Mexico City by Straight scoring so I think we won’t need it. 4. Roadkill Steve I have a suspicion for I see the guy play he is insane when he plays and might be on steroids or something. 5. I prefer assists but I like goals for myself but if I hand someone a assist I feel like I help them and me 6. Hits, its amazing when you hit someone but terrible when you get hit but its a trade off.
  6. Stats: After, 31 games here are some of the Lynx’s stats as a team and as player, the results are actually very surprising let's start out with the good stats. Joakim Sakic is what of the league's top scorers, Shawn Glade Jr. has the most shots blocked and the team has 4 players that have a positive plus/minus the two I just named Iangenere Risteneen and Owen Kaitanaq. Now it is time for the bad stats that Ottawa suffers from, Sakic is the most hit player in the league with 143 taken to his name, the Lynx have 9 wins and 22 losts which is second to last in the league and lastly Aleksandr Aleksandrov is towards the bottom in save percentage. Reality: The reality of this is that need depth to improve the team and for them to get better as a team because they have 4 cornerstones holds the team on there back the second line and third have to do more to make it to the playoffs and make a championship run. If that happens it will be the day they actually winning games. 187 words
  7. Whats up Matt just want to say welcome and have a great time here!
  8. Even though it doesn’t say I am on Norway I am carrying it on my back and Haiti and I will take it to the promise land and never comeback.