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  1. I almost thought you forgot about me, thanks for the shout out!! ^^
  2. 1. Me keeping the legion close to .500 2. Switching line would be the obvious choice, maybe adjust the pp unit? 3. I think the cup is the ultimate victory in an expansion race, who gets it first is what people will remember the most. 4. Not sustainable at all imo, even if he keeps playing amazingly well I would still say he drops down into the .930% range. 5. I think it's good, knowing that you can get scoring from every line, shows the team has depth. 6. Not making the playoffs last season?
  3. THE ROOKIE Jaxx Hextall Goalie | 6'7" | 192 pounds Drafted 9th overall by Davos in season 70 Expectations Being a true gen 1 player I have no real idea what to expect, like any goalie I just hope to just steal a few games and do my best to lead my team to victory. Of course I'm joining a team that's going through a rebuild and thus cannot expect to win 35 plus games this year but we've been playing .500 hockey so far so I think I have a chance at 30. I got a shutout in game 5 which is pretty crazy, would've thought it'd take me longer but I haven't been able to get another one since, I think if I could hit 5 I'd be very happy with that. In terms of stats I just hope to finish the season above a .910 save percentage and less than 3.00 goals against, having numbers like those on a team that's currently building up is all I can really ask for. I, like many other Rookie's of course hope to have a chance at winning best rookie of the year but as a goalie I believe that may be a little hard playing on struggling team. I have high hope's for my career in the following seasons and I hope it's all with the Legion. I would love to become the face of the team so to speak but with players like Chad Magnum and Erik Killinger in the line up it's gonna be hard, maybe we can all be the face of the franchise, but ya I expect and hope to be one of the leading players on this team, one that is look to in tough times. Reservations Like any reasonable person my biggest reservation is living up to being that goalie a team needs, I worry that I could just hit a wall in my development or fall off a cliff. It may sound weird but I'm gonna miss the VHLM to, even though I only spent a season and a half there I made a lot of friends and good memories, I got to lead the Storm to the cup and part of me will always wish I could have stayed, but the Legion need me. I just don't wanna let me team down, I've worked hard to get this far and the Legion gave up a lot to get me, and some other players of course, but I can't say just how important it is to me to succeed for this team. (word count 430)
  4. With the Legion 20 games in so far this season we thought now would be a good time to look at rookie goaltender Jaxx Hextall, he's not the most talked about for rookie players this season but he his still mentioned here and there and he shouldn't be forgotten. He's been able to keep the Legion close to 500. The team has 9 wins, 9 loses and 9 over time loses, Jaxx has played 18 of those games and currently sits with 9 wins, a .913 save percentage, 2.88 goals against and 1 shutout. Thorvald Gunnarsson is the back up after Owen May was traded out and he's started 2 games, Toronto isn't exactly eager to put him back in net after he post a goals against of 6.00 and a .833 save percentage. Extra notes worth mentioning is that in game 1 at the start of the season Hextall got an assist from a goal scored by Boone Jenton, and his one shutout came in game 5 against the Wolves in a faceoff against Greg Eagles before he was traded to Riga, Hextall saved all 25 shots he faced and Eagles saved 31 of 32 shots, Hextall and Eagles were stars 1 and 2 respectfully of the game. (word count 209)
  5. 1. goof offense and good goaltending. 2. Killigner, McDagg, Magnum. 3. I would say lesser defense but I'm not really sure, our more offense game may have given up more high danger chances maybe? 4. Hard to say, I think we just have a style of play they have a hard time dealing against. 5. Yes I do, but what about me? DX 6. can I say myself? (probably Miniti though)
  6. Damn love the updated look!! (I missed week 1 oops DX)
  7. I'm just doing my job, protecting the net.
  8. The Legion have played their first 10 games of the season and they have won and loss the same amount of games, they sit five-five and zero. While there's no doubt that the team has some offensive power they lack defense and it can make for a shooting gallery on net. Thankfully the offensive power the team has provides a defense in another matter, keeping the puck out of their own zone. However without good goaltending to make saves against high danger chances it wouldn't matter but Hextall so far has proven to be what the team needs. The back up Gunnarsson has yet to win a game and it looks like it will be the Hextall show for the Legion. We've mentioned before that Hextall had a heavy workload in the VHLM and it won't be getting any easier in the VHL, a lot of goalies that move up to the VHL usually have a season of playing backup but Hextall won't get that luxury, the team needs him now to show signs of improvement and maybe even a chance at a playoff spot for some experience. Before the season started in a press conference GM Peace said this about Hextall. reporter: Peace how are you feeling about Hextall's development the awards he won in the VHLM? "I'm absolutely thrilled with Hextall and his development as a goaltender, I think he's one of the most impressive prospects I've seen. He joined the M late, and he's already soaring. If he had joined just a little later, he would have been a S71 prospect instead of a S70 prospect. He's constantly looking for ways to improve himself, always working on his skills, and that -- as a GM -- is a huge relief, honestly. That position... yeah, it's secured." "Winning a team award is pretty amazing whenever it happens, it feels pretty good and I can tell you that from my own experience, but winning two individual awards on top of it is -- I imagine -- an emotional rollercoaster. It's my job now to make sure he continues his winning ways on the Legion by building a competitive team in front of him, so I'm hoping he wins us a few championships and himself a couple of individual awards in the VHL!" (word count 218, not including the wonderful quotes provided to me by Piece)
  9. Claiming for 2nd time April 5th 2020 Claiming my 2nd set of doubles from donation.
  10. Claiming for first time March 29th 2020 also claiming for my first set of doubles from donation
  11. Good to see ya being the starter bud, and I see I won our first battle against each other, both faced over 40 shots.I look forward to a rematch!