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  1. 1. How about a former teammate of mine? I think Welch will score it. 2. I mean Toronto because we are the worse teams currently (I'm in Helsinki) every match is the toilet bowl of the VHL!! 3. Well I'm not in DC but pizza? because pizza is awesome. 4. Music. 5. I love me some hard rock and rap, but there's a lot of video game music to that can be a great listen. 6. Well English obviously, and a tad bit of Canadian french.
  2. claiming for fourth and final time October 17th
  3. review time: Honestly what you were going for here is great, and I love this type of stories/posts it's just bogged down by plenty of spelling errors, to many to ignore (though I did see you are writing this on IOS so I understand the struggle). Still if you can next time give it a extra read through and make any corrections you can. I admire the effort and you don't see many like this, that take it from from the players point of view and what's going through his mind. I'll give it a 7/10 because I understand where your coming from with the typing and believe it wouldn't be a problem if you were on a laptop or something.
  4. review time: As a current teammate this was fun to read, I think you could have mentioned some teammates and prospect by name as I think it's always fun to see my name mentioned in a post but it's a small thing. I like that you used bold and a different text size for the guy asking the questions and you spaced it out nicely, fun to see the kind of character Nasherov is to. You didn't a good job here 8.5/10
  5. 38 games in and Ori has matched his point totals from last season, that is 23 points. The goals and assists are a little different, 6 goals this season as opposed to the 4 from last season, and 17 assists instead of 19. if Ori's game keeps improving through out the season he could get pretty close to 50 points, at very least we expect 40. He should pass 10 goals and have near 40 assists. Looking at some other stats of his he's netted both one goal on the power play and while short handed, also on the power play he has 8 assists. his defense is better to with 18 shot blocks and 50 hits. His faceoffs as ever are worth mentioning, 1037 taken which is second the team but his win percentage is number one, 53.71 which is slightly above Sharkton's 53.49 who has taken the most at 1146. The Titans still sit second overall in the standings and last in the European conference, Nasherov is their leading scorer with 40 points, 18 goals and 22 assists. Second is Sharkton with 38, 17 goals and 21 assists. Third is Verlander with 37, 17 goals and 20 assists. Ori sits sixth on the points list and fifth on the assists list. (word count 213)
  6. 1) Probably being a AGM or GM but I just don't think I'd have the time to give. 2) AGM probably, but I'm to familiar with all the jobs. 3) He's matched his points from last season already in almost half the games so pretty good. 4) It's..... what I'd expect ^^'' 5) Twice? Once? I really don't know lol 6) Pizza! 7)I'd say running drills, as much as I love the more lazy option being active and practicing is more important.
  7. I would just like to say I'm not in Minny anymore, I'm in Helsinki..... have been since the start of S79.
  8. review: Hey-o Booberry, your future teammate Ori here! This was a really cool media spot to read through and it's fun to hear from some who's been around the league for at least 24 seasons (I don't know how far back you go). I can see you put a lot of work into this, looking up the old S56 draft not just for one of your previous players but also including others and comparing that to the S80 draft, it's really cool to see. I like that you sorted it into the good, the bad and the ugly along with takeaways, makes it easy to read and follow. Very effective use of bold and underlining as well, and the picture is a complete bonus. 10/10
  9. review: Top 10 lists are always a fun read imo, and you did a fairly good job here but I do some negatives. Let's start with the positives though, I like that you give us a list of the top 10 M players first so we know before you actually delve into it. The lack of mentioning points, goals, assists for every player is refreshing if a bit odd though. I can appreciate mentioning +/- for a few players although everyone has a different opinion on that stat. My main problems are just a lack of flare and how for an analysis it lacks depth, to just make it look a bit nicer you could have put the names in bold to make them stand out more and have the team they're on next to it color coded. It also feels like you just ran out of steam near the end, the last few players didn't get much of an analysis. 6.5/10
  10. 1. Experience is always a positive thing, so I'd say yes. 2. I think they'll slow down a little but not by much. 3. Well Dood and Dear I think it goes without saying, how about Green for number 3? 4. Hmmm I'm sure there's something in the back of my head I wish I never learned about but I can't think of what. 5. Calm countryside, or to throw in my own, a small town. 6. People that feel the need to meme 24/7.
  11. With the Titans having played 18 games already they are a quarter of the way down with the season already. This season, much like last season is going to be one filled with loses, and frankly season 81 could be like that to for the Titans but one thing at a time here. The Titans can be happy with their first round pick from season 79 thankfully. His second season in the league has seen a jump in improved play. Whereas last season saw him get just 23 points in 72 games, Ori already has 11 in 18, 2 goals and 9 assists. His 11 point are 6th overall on the team. For his faceoffs he's taken exactly 500 and has won 51.60% of them which is both second most and second best on the team, behind only fellow center Joseph Sharkton. Some other notable numbers are 31 hits, already more than last season, 11 penalty minutes and five power play assists for five points on the power play. The Titans have their own first round pick as well as Calgary's and Toronto's. Toronto is looking to finish with the worst record in the league so Helsinki could end up with picks number 1 and 2 overall. Calgary sits 8th overall. We feel it's likely that Helsinki will likely go through one more season after this one of poor numbers before notable signs of improvement, as those first round picks will likely be in the VHLE for at least one season. (word count 251)
  12. claiming for first time Sept 26th also claiming doubles from donation
  13. Hello once again, yes we're still going, got two more parts to get through. In this second last media spot for the S64 & S65 Toronto Legion we'll be looking at the two defensemen unique to each season, so four total players to cover in this post, there's a lot of writing ahead for me so let's get on with it. S64 Defensemen: Lew Bronstein VHLM: Las Vegas Aces Well to start on a bit of a rough note I couldn't find Lew's VHLM draft position, but he played for the Aces in his one season in the minors, producing above a point per game he scored 74 points, 55 of them helpers and 19 in the back of the net, also worth of note is that 11 of his 19 goals were on the power play. He landed 272 hits and blocked 108 shots. In the playoffs Las Vegas went 8 games deep and Brostein found himself above a point per game once again, 9 points, 8 of them assists. VHL: Toronto Legion-Moscow Menace After his one excellent season in the M Bronstein made his way up and thankfully I could find his draft position this time, he was picked 16th overall by the Toronto Legion in season 61. In his rookie season he would have career highs in points and assists, 37 and 28 respectfully with 9 goals. 188 hits and 167 shots blocked with 2 game winners and 5 power play goals. His rookie season really was his career year as he would never quite live up to that performance again, and it's strange for sure, I would say it's a lightning in a bottle situation but 37 points is not to special, yes for a rookie and d-man no less but you would think he could achieve more in future seasons. With no playoffs in S61 we move onto S62 where he would have a career high in goals, scoring 10 which is the only time he would do so, 16 assists for 26 points. 206 hits and 146 shots blocked to go along with his point totals. I would like to note now that in S61 and S62 he had back to back -52 in the +/- stat, in fact he was never on the positive side in his whole career in the M and VHL and in both the regular season and playoffs, but back to back -52 was the worst for him. Again no playoffs so we head into S63 where his point totals would take another noticeable drop, this time just down to just 10 points, 6 goals and 4 assists, 112 hits and 118 shots blocked. Toronto did make the playoffs however, he had no points in two games and landed 6 hits and blocked 5 shots. We're halfway through his career and things don't long good, despite poor stats Toronto held onto him for S64 Bronstein is lucky they did, 19 points, 14 of them assists, not exactly bringing his career back from the dead but nice to see improvement, 144 hits and 149 shots blocked. In the post season Toronto makes the run to win the cup and Lew comes alive, 9 points in 12 games, 3 goals, 6 assists for 9 points. 28 hits and 45 shots blocked. I imagine Toronto still wasn't very happy with his perduction so they let him go. Lew would sign with Moscow, I would aslo like to note that at some point after S64 he switched to center, but he was a d-man in S64 for Toronto. in S65 he scored 14 assists and no goals, 225 hits and 175 shots blocked were both careers highs for him however. No playoffs for Moscow. In his final season in the VHL would score 14 points again but this time 11 assists and 3 goals, 148 hits and 113 shots blocked. I think Lew Bronstein never really found his game in the big leagues, and his skill just seem to fade each season, I admire him for sticking with it but his career would end two season early of the full eight. Boner VHLM: Saskatoon Wild-Oslo Storm Well once again I can't find where a player was drafted in the M, what I do know is he joined part way through season 55, playing 21 games he scored 2 goals, 6 assists for 8 points. He had 76 hits and 25 shots blocked. In the playoffs Saskatoon would actually go all the way and win the Founder's cup in S55, in 10 games Boner scored 10 points, 6 assists and 4 goals, 40 hits and 25 shots blocked. I'd say he played an important role despite joining late in the season. For next season Boner would find himself in Oslo, he scored 61 points, 47 assists and 14 goals. He put up a crazy high 253 hits and 101 shots blocked. Only 2 games in the post season but points, all assists, 4 hits and shots blocked. VHL: Stockholm Vikings-Calgary Wranglers-Riga Reign-Toronto Legion With a sold career in the M, Boner would move up, drafted third overall by the Stockholm Vikings in season 57, he would only spend one season with his draft team. In his rookie season he scored 8 goals, 17 assists for 25 points while also landing 341 hits and blocking 195 shots. The goals, the hits and the shots blocked are all career highs, like the last player we talked about. No playoffs and in fact no playoffs in the S50's at all while in the VHL. In S58 his point perduction would be very similar to his rookie season despite moving on to Calgary, 7 goals and 17 assists for 24 points. His hits and shots blocked took fairly big dips though, 273 hits and 144 shot blocked. Season three in his career would once again see 25 points, this time with 18 assists and 7 goals, 310 hits and 141 shots blocked. Entering a new decade in the VHL Boner would remain the consistent point scorer we already know him to be. 27 points, 20 of them helpers. 232 hits and 127 shots blocked. Finally getting to see the post season for the first time Calgary went 9 games far and Boner scored 3 helpers, he put up 24 hits and had 17 shots blocked. With a deep run things were looking good for the Wranglers, season 61 saw Boner's points drop but not by to much, 21 points with another 20 assists yet again, 215 hits and 114 shots blocked to back that up. Calgary won the Victory cup that season and things were looking good for the post season however Calgary would only end up playing 2 games in the post season, Boner had just 1 goals with 10 hits and 3 shots blocked. Having spent four season with Calgary maybe the team was feeling like it was time for a change, as Boner would be on the move to the Reign for season 62. This season really was lighting in a bottle for Boner, a d-man who you could count on for roughly 25 points a season plus a ton of hits suddenly puts up 52 points, 46 of the helpers 6 in the back of the net. This really came out of nowhere, as you imagine 52 points and 46 assist are both career highs for him. To go along with those 318 hits and 172 shots blocked, the highest they had been since his rookie season. The magic for him would continue to some degree in the post season scoring 3 assists in 3 games, along with 20 hits and 7 shots blocked. Despite the career year in points he wouldn't stay in Riga and would move to Toronto for his final two seasons. Season 63 saw a massive drop in his play across the board, perhaps having a hard time adjusting to their systems. His points dropped to their lowest ever at just 16, 14 of them assists which again is a career low for him. he had sub 100 hits and blocks with 97 and 57 respectfully. In two games in the playoffs he scored no points and had 4 hits and 1 shot block. Despite this rough start Toronto held onto him for his final season, his numbers would rebound slightly, 21 points, 15 assists and 6 goals. 186 hits and 106 shots blocked. Boner would get his happy ending however, in 12 games the Legion won the cup with Boner only scoring 1 goal and providing 26 hits and 24 shots blocked. It is a good feeling when a playing his able to get that cup win in his finale season, and with Boner it's kinda funny, he won the cup in the M in his first season which wasn't even a full one at that, and has to wait till his final season in the VHL to win the cup, and in the middle there is the victory cup for best regular season team. It all ties together nicely. S65 Defensemen: Johannes Vihjalmsson VHLM: Saskatoon Wild We're having a rather terrible string of bad luck with these defensemen huh? Missing draft position or in this case no VHLM stats. All I could find was that he was drafted 4th overall by Sakatoon Wild with a pick they acquired from the Las Vegas Aces. Oh and also he won the Founders cup with Saskatoon in season 60. VHL: Calgary Wranglers-Toronto Legion Also drafted 4th overall in the VHL by the Calgary wranglers from a pick they got from Riga in season 60, Johannes would play for the team next season. It is fun to note that for this one season he got to play with Boner. His rookie season was pretty good, scoring 43 points, 29 assist and 14 goals. Johannes is a more offensive d-man so we're gonna skip the hits and blocks this time. Of course as we know Calgary won the Victory cup in S61, in the playoffs he scored 7 points in 14 games, 5 assists and 2 goals. His follow up season would see him hit career highs he would never match and the only time he was above a point per game. 74 points, 56 assists and 18 goals, all of them never to be matched. Again in the playoffs he would score 10 points in 13 games, 6 assist and 4 goals. Calgary won both the Continental cup and Victory cup that season as well. In season three of his career he would continue to score at a good rate, 56 points this time, 43 assists and 13 goals. For a third time in a row they went more than 10 games deep, this time in 12 games he scored 10 points again, 9 of them assists. In his last season in Calgary Johannes managed 50 points, 42 assists and 8 goals. With Calgary missing the playoffs I guess they wanted to shake things up, Johannes was traded to Toronto, sadly missing out on a chance to reunite with Boner if he had gone there one season sooner. Johannes was able to keep up the point perduction for his first season in Toronto, scoring 54 points, 45 assist and 9 goals. Of course this was the back to back for Toronto, in 12 games Johannes scored 12 points, 10 assists and 2 goals to help Toronto win again. I do think it's worth noting that every time Johannes went into the playoffs the team he was on would make a deep run, in only 4 post seasons he played 51 games and scored 39 points, that's impressive and he only seemed to get better each time. In his final season in the league he would score 30 assists, 7 goals for 37 points. No post season this time sadly. From what I'm seeing he was traded to Seattle but would never play for the team and thus was the end of his journey in the VHL. If anything Johannes was a reliable point scorer on the blue line and a pretty big playoff performer. Robert Malenko VHLM: Saskatoon Wild-Las Vegas Aces For our final d-man we have Robert Malenko, another player part of the season 60 Founder's cup winners Sakatoon Wild. Playing in 52 regular season games for the team he would score 5 goals, 14 assists for 19 points. He helped in the playoffs by scoring 8 points, 5 assists and 3 goals in 12 games. In his VHLM draft he was picked first overall by the Las Vegas Aces. In his first full season Malenko went on to score 30 goals and 51 assists for 81 points, in the playoffs he scored 10 points in 10 games, 7 helpers and 3 goals. Needless to say Malenko was a big time player and I bet VHL GM's couldn't wait to draft him. VHL: Toronto Legion-Seattle Bears-New York Americans-Calgary Wranglers-D.C. Dragons Drafted 7th overall by the Toronto Legion in season 61, Malenko would only stay with the team for his rookie season. Above a point per game, 74 points, 50 assists and 24 goals, 9 of them on the power play,, all of that while also blocking 157 shots. The 24 goals and 157 blocked shots are career highs. While there were no playoffs for the Canadian team Toronto would move on from young superstar rather quickly, I wish I knew why but that's just how the cookie crumbles. Joining the Seattle Bears for S63 would continue to improve his play, scoring 92 points this season, with 71 assists and 21 goals, 10 on the power play, and 137 shots blocked. In 6 post season matches he scored 5 points, all of them helpers and blocked 12 shots. In just his third season Malenko would peak with his point perduction, scoring 106 points, 85 assist and 21 goals with 15 of them coming on the man advantage, as well as matching his rookie season with 157 shots blocked. Points, power play goals, assists, blocks are all career highs. In the post season Seattle would once again play 6 game and match his last season totals plus one goal for 6 points. Seattle won the Victory cup that season and Malenko walked away with the Alexander Beketov trophy as well as the Alexnder Valiq Trophy. Really the only thing missing was the Continental cup. Well Toronto would trade for him back which isn't something that happens all that often from what I've seen. In his one season return to Toronto he would score 83 points, 65 assists and 18 goals, and for a second time 10 of them on the PP, along with 116 shots blocked. In the post season 7 points in 12 games, 6 assist and 1 goal, 22 shots blocked to. Malenko would finally get his cup and it would be a bit down hill from here. I don't know if Malenko was just feeling a bit spoiled about he would begin to fall back, granted he was also entering his last 3 seasons. These last three seasons would see him jump to a different team each year. Signing with New York in S66 Malenko managed 61 points, 42 assists and 19 goals, and for third time 10 of them with a player advantage, along with blocking 143 shots. In the playoffs he scored just one goal in 6 games and had 11 shots blocked. Following that season he played for the Calgary Wranglers, again posting 61 points, this time with 44 assists and 17 goals, 4 on the power play, along with 133 shots blocked. In his final post season appearance he played 7 games and scored just 2 assists, while also blocking 12 shots. For his final go around he played for the new DC Dragons franchise, scoring 33 points, 20 assists and 13 goals, 6 of which were on the power play, along with 104 shots blocked. Hard to blame him for the points drop considering it was a new team, and like I said earlier, no playoffs. Malenko is a player who peaked early and kinda just fell afterword, he was still a great player but it felt like he didn't have anything left to prove. (word count 2710, oh my lord)
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