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  1. 1. Well you currently lack a goalie, and trust me when I say this you need a good goalie, don't expect to be able to nab a nearly 250 TPE goalie at 32nd overall. 2. I mean it's the Yukon Rush right? like the gold rush? about a piece of gold? a gold coin or something. 3. I don't see why not, will suck not to have my own player to choose though DX 4. Well considering what I did with Hextall I think that answer is clear but I don't want every player of mine to be like that. 5. Well how old does it need to be to be classic? cause I've only played a h
  2. Jonathan Ori position: center Age: 21 Height: 6'2" Weight: 205 lb Birthplace: Canada British Columbia Jonathan Ori was born into a family with a long history of hockey loving players that goes back 76 years, despite this though none of them have ever made it to the big leagues, not the NHL or WHA or even KHL. His family has always been passionate about it but none of them ever quite developed that elite skill. After all these years the family finally seems to have that member capable of it. Jonathan Ori first laced up the skates on his second birthday, and
  3. So Jaxx Hextall is retired now, I thought I had until next till he was forced out but that's what happens when you miss understand something. I believe I said before that I was hoping to get him to 13th overall for TPE passed Matt Thompson but ya that's not happening. Besides 1565 total TPE does sound nice after all XD and should be pretty hard to pass. It was really sad when I logged on to see it saying time to recreate and that I could no longer update him, and not seeing the name Jaxx Hextall up there anymore does feel surreal to me but that's how the cookie crumbles. For anyone that has fo
  4. Ah okay, I don't know of you noticed but Hextall finished just right under Matt Thompson in all time TPE XD
  5. Player Information Username: ROOKIE745 Player Name: Jonathan Ori Recruited From: Returning Age: 21 Position: C Height: 74 in. Weight: 205 lbs. Birthplace: Canada Player Page @VHLM GM
  6. Well you can forget about one more update XD I thought forced retirement was next week. It was a good run with Hexy ^^
  7. I will be updating Hextall for the last time this week, so I expect one more update after I do so XD
  8. 1. Not really, I've watched most of the movies but I've never really gotten that interested, as far as May 4th went I didn't do anything, was working that night. 2. Making my new player for sure! 3. Nope, not at all XD 4. Not with how Canada is no, I do have stuff planned for later in May/early June at least. 5. Coke!! 6. Mostly..... I mean I think every one wants to get a cup and that's understandable, I'm fine that I didn't with my first player, I'm happy with his overall number and win lose record. I wish he had more deep playoff r
  9. forgot to say this but yes I will be recreating for S79, I've mentioned my next player a few times in some posts. I don't think ya need to worry about me, late start, only my second player, I've mentioned not capping and being kinda worn out so I may take it slower with him. Eitherway glad to be in the same draft as you and can't wait to see where both our players go.
  10. So Seattle has made it to the finals..... idk if this makes the early exit more painful or less painful, I mean on the one hand you feel like that could have been you and your team but on the other, your thinking well at least got taken out by a team that went to the finals and maybe even won it. Regardless though I am just making a article post to pass the week, from my understanding this week or next week will be last my last time to update Hexy. In the all time TPE standings he's 14th, if I get my last two updates he'll be up to 1565, if I can update next week I could get him up to 1578 if
  11. claiming for third and final time May 9th
  12. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, I think anyone would feel the same way who has had a player with a good to great career. Now I'm not unrealistic about this, I knew a cup win was a long shot, but I was at the very least hoping for a deep playoff run, at least comparable to my S74 playoff run. Honestly when I saw he had lost I was filled with both sadness and frustration. Sad for the obvious reasons, there is no more chances for Hexy, his career s over now and I was hoping it'd go out with a bang, at the very least he had his best regular season in his career. As for the frustr
  13. Review: Good amount of content for a article post, like that this brings up the frustration one can have with the media and their stupid questions at the worst times, the player is going to focus on their game and the series, the contract talks can wait for the offseason. good pacing and good quote from Glass, the quote really does feel like someone venting their annoyance from the media. Good update to the series and production of the player to. 9/10
  14. 1. Hell yes!! I believe I'm like one of the only left over players from last time DX 2. Well I live Funk but I hope us! 3. hitting 40 wins is great, honestly a nice surprise and I had 34 of them. 4. Well maybe it was the trade at the deadline? I don't like to think so though, probably just lineup changes and such. 5. Well my own I suppose, if that's fine for my own answer. 6. Nope, but I should check em out.