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  1. 1. We will have another reliable player. We can use a little extra if we can. 2. It feels amazing. We are playing lights out this season. It is fun to be apart of a winning team and a enjoyable team. 3. We need to play smart and not give up so many goals. I think we need a strategy. 4. Definitely we can. We are playing amazing, scoring so many goals in a game. I have no doubt that we will not get all five. 5. By the end of the season I think it will not even be a race and he will out hit everyone on the list. 6. I think we have a chance but it is slim only because our record against them. We are playing amazing so no one should count us out yet.
  2. GG USA we will come back strong next year 🇨🇦
  3. Player Card Template Name: Jared N Team: San Diego Marlins Player Number: 21 Render Choice: Vincent Trocheck Are you S70?: Yes
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    it was just a joke i am a fan of them and i think they are a great team :)
  5. 1. All we have to do is play how we been playing. Our team has been outstanding and I think if we keep it up we will be in first by the end of the season. 2. It feels amazing, they are a great team and we got the win over them. It can’t get much better than that. 3. We play as a team and fight until the very end. None of us give up and everyone is contributing. 4. I am 99% sure we will get to 330 by the end of the season at least. There is no way we don’t pass 300. 5. They will all keep it up. I have no doubt in them that they will be on fire for the rest of the season. 6. I think Ottawa and Minnesota since they are the only ones ahead of us. We can definitely beat them and I have no doubt that we will be in first place by the end of the season.
  6. I hope everyone is having a great season!

  7. LETS GOOOOO🔥🔥‼️‼️ we’re taking it all the way this year