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  1. 1. i did watch the sb, i am really happy tom brady won another ring. i am happy another florida team won it all. florida is the best state. 2. Probably our goalie he has been doing really well this season, we have a pretty good record also. 3. i am very happy i signed with yukon, its been a really fun experience. nothing really needs to be changed. 4. panthers are doing amazing. best team in the League. heat are doing garbage and playing terribly. 5. i dont listen to music, the best music is called silence i recommend trying it. everyone gets on
  2. 1. hopefully as the season goes on we can get better and our record can be even better. Our record right now isnt the worst. 2. I really dont like my stats right now, i dont feel like i am contributing that much and hopefully i can get better as the season goes on. 3. i think they are going to lose there first game sometime this week, there is no way they are going to go undefeated the whole season. 4. Shake shack is the best, there is nothing that comes close. I had it once 2 years ago when i went to vegas. Normally i only have cheese but if lettuce comes
  3. 1. I am feeling great about the marlins I think the marlins have a good team and I can see them having a great season this year. 2. I really want to be the best defenseman I can possibly be. I am not looking for to much my rookie year but hopefully i do well. 3. I have never watched either one but Rookie of the year is my favorite movie but i dont like shows or movies. 4. I have been enjoying going to the gym with my friend and improving everyday. Hopefully for work i can go to a new department soon. 5. Locker room activity, and hard working on t
  4. Player Information Username: jared Player Name: JaredN Jr Recruited From: Other (FinnFtw) Age: 18 Position: D Height: 72 in. Weight: 191 lbs. Birthplace: United Kingdom Player Page @VHLM GM
  5. What a fun career it was, coming into the league not knowing what to expect. Thank you to all my GMs, teammates, and everyone that has helped me throughout my career.
  6. hope your doing well : P

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      Alex Bridges

      i am, i am, how are you?

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  7. amazing graphic, it looks really professional and it looks like you put a lot of work into it. keep it up and keep improving. 10/10
  8. 1. i would really like to see you guys do great things this coming up season. I hope you guys work well together and shock the world. 2. Good luck to everyone getting drafted , this will be one of the most memorable nights. Just be your self and have fun don’t stress to much. 3. i was very happy when i got drafted to the team that drafted me. No matter what i would have made the best out of the situation. 4. I am heading towards the end of my career so what i would like is to keep working hard and not fall off completely. 5. anything that gets t
  9. i am going to miss you IR good luck with whatever comes your way . i hope to see you around still . thank you for all you have done, i am so thankful for our time together and everything you have taught me.
  10. i will miss you , good luck with everything