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  1. applying, dont care which team!
  2. I will apply for another one! Thanks for considering!
  3. i'd LOVE To apply. Ever since I joined the league its been my dream to be a GM. Ive been an AGM multiple times in multiple seasons, and recently ive been applying for all the GM openings. I am not active on updating ,y player anymore, but I would LOVE to GM. Currently a GM in the ProAM. (Go Simpsons!) I apply.
  4. I am now.. intested. I shall apply. Yukon is deep down in my heart. I was GM for them 2 seasons, and played there as a player for, 4/5? I want to see this team succeed, good luck to all other candidates!
  5. Hey, i would LOVE to apply! Ive been waiting since S69 to get my computer, and I got it 1 month ago, and I think this is the perfect spot to start my GM career. I dont care which team I have, any of them would be an honor, thanks for considering!
  6. Beav, if you're looking somebody to keep this streak alive, I'm the guy!
  7. Heyyy there! I am Bridges, yes its me! I finally got my pc and the one thing ive always wanted to do in the VHL was be a GM. I have been an AGM for Yukon, San Diego, and uhh... I dunno, some other team lol. I would love to give GM'ing a VHLM team a shot! I am planning to try and GM a WJC team. I have been in the VHL for.. 8 seasons now..? Yeah thats right, 8 seasons. If a job opens up I would be more than glad to take it - thanks for considering me! -Alex Bridges
  8. 1. I am so pogger that i am here, so poggers man. 2. I want the trophy!! 3. Yes, they have best combo ever, Jared + Bridges... deadly. 4. Biggest threat? Yukon Rush. 5. Sabres. I mean, theyre the sabres, not much to expect. 6.I am not in any others
  9. Player Information Username: Alex Bridges Player Name: Alex Bridges II Recruited From: Returning Age: 17 Position: D Height: 80 in. Weight: 225 lbs. Birthplace: Chad Player Page @VHLM GM
  10. hope your doing well : P

    1. Alex Bridges

      Alex Bridges

      i am, i am, how are you?

    2. jared