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  1. 1) I think the league has been has very friendly and supportive. I heard about this league from YouTube and was unsure about if I should join or not, but i'm glad I did. I've had a great time so far and look forward to continuing in this league. 2) I've had a hard time navigating the menus to find where to apply my TPE or where to find where my stats are. I'm not saying that is should be changes more as it's been a less than ideal time to find my way around. 3) I was not aware that there was a VHLM newsletter, so I cant comment on if it was helpful or not.
  2. Player Information Username: Jayden Zelinsky Player Name: Jayden Zelinsky Recruited From: YouTube Age: 18 Position: D Height: 72 in. Weight: 162 lbs. Birthplace: Canada Player Page @VHLM GM