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  1. Sorry fam, just busy with life. Otherwise I definitely would have gone for a back to back title
  2. That's badass right there
  3. It was 8:49 thank you very much
  4. I call bullshit. He'd have to have beaten me out there and that's just not possible
  5. Welcome to red rum theme park
  6. Applying here once again.
  7. I would love to apply and keep the team in Moscow. Teams should not be used to support the GMs political beliefs.
  8. I am still tossing my name in the hat.
  9. @Mikeyou legit have nothing to gain by helping Mafia win. They didn't help you because they wanted to help you, they helped because it was convenient for them. They have been using you all game to earn them a hollow victory that they won through my hard work. I basically did their dirty work for them in killing off most of town, now that I'm no longer convenient for them to have around they want to dispose of me. If our roles were reversed they would be getting rid of you all the same. Also don't forget I supported you in your quest to get rid of Devise. Not once did I