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  1. 1: In three words, describe Halifax's current regular season. Fear Yukon Rush 2: With 55+ games done and only a few more until the end of the season, what regular season accolades have you accomplished this season? Any goals you focused on beating this season or next? I have done nothing of note. You, every stat category in the show hopefully. 3: Halifax has clinched their spot into the Founder's Cup playoffs! However, the lead for 1st place in the VHLM League still remains close. How do you push yourself to win for the end of the season and keep
  2. 1: We are about halfway through the season, what are your thoughts on how the season is going currently? We're doing pretty good! First in the conference, and hope we can ride this momentum to the playoffs 2: If you weren't a hockey player, what would you want to be? An athlete in another sport? A businessman/woman? A coach 3: Who would you say is Halifax's biggest threat currently? Any rivalries you believe are sparking up this season? Yukon 4: What was the funniest thing to happen in the Halifax locker room this season?
  3. S78 Theme Week VHLE, has been announced recently, and honestly my thoughts are pretty optimistic about it. First of all the league accomplishes a few things: It allows the VHLM to be a true junior league, where players can grow and enjoy a true juniors experience. Learn the league if they are new, compete against other rookies and not washed up players who were once new themselves, or send down stars who look to enjoy a season at the cap, feasting on weaker opposition before moving up themselves. It accomplishes this by doing a few smaller changes, first it lowers the ceil
  4. 1: Halifax has recently acquired Blloyoiderson and Pandora from the Ottawa Lynx, how do you welcome your new teammates to the #BOATGANG? with extreme hazing. I’ll grab the paddles and vasoline 2: As a member of the VHLM, what are you the most excited for when it comes to reaching the big leagues of the VHL and the soon to be VHLE? finding out where I’ll be spending my future seasons. 3: As we enter the 6th month of 2021, we are halfway through the year. What have you enjoyed about 2021 so far? my new career 4: What speci
  5. Miroslav Tsarov has had one of the more unique career paths out of the players recently drafted in the VHLM for sure. His professional hockey career bagan at the tender age of 15, when he was a full head taller than others from his grade. During a previous article we examined Miroslav’s early career and exposure to the Chernobyl radiation in the reactor meltdown which stunted Miroslav’s height and muscle gain. He was a pretty avid basketball player, and immediately after exposure when his height started rapidly growing he was able to use this new found height to dominate the sport. Unfortunate
  6. Since the draft the Halifax 21st have shot out of a cannon they probably took off the side of their ship. They came out guns a blazing and opened the season with an 11 game win streak to put them on top of the standings for the time being. Mostly following the footsteps of some veteran leadership, Halifax has also seen some key play from some of their recent drafted players. Goaltender Emiko Spector has posted 4 wins in 4 games played in a backing up role, and has a stellar .935 save percentage and 1.75 GAA with a shutout. Extremely good numbers even if they are getting the easier compet
  7. 1: Halifax 21st currently rank 1st place in the VHLM after an impressive 11-0-0 start. How did the team celebrate while keeping this hot streak alive? Well this question jinxed it, because we lost the next two games. We celebrated it in sadness. 2: Do you believe in superstitions or traditions? Any important ones you had during the start of the season? Yea, don't talk about a winning streak 3: Say that Halifax was looking to reinvent itself with logo, color, jerseys, everything, What would YOU like to see the team wear and represent?
  8. What can I say, we had our draft last night. I ended up going 20th overall to Halifax, a team where my only previous interaction has been accepting a contract they offered me last season as a Free Agent, only to find that they were unable to fulfil their side of the bargain by the time I was able to talk about the contract with my agent. It's understandable I suppose, there's a time delay and I'm not very good with new technology and missed any notifications I may have gotten. I ended up signing with Houston, and let me tell you, I loved the city. Success on the ice wasn't super, we lost o
  9. 1: Season 78 of the VHLM is starting up in a few days, what are your goals for this season? Just one, sucessful playoff run ending in a cup. 2: Is there other sports you enjoy to play or watch? Or is hockey all day, every day in your life? Hockey All Day. 3: There are only a few Canadian teams in the VHL and the VHLM, if expansion we're to occur would you prefer more Canadian teams to rival against or spread out more around the world? More North American, there are a lot of places to go. 4: Any special hockey rituals you h
  10. The VHLM seems to be quite the swing league. Teams will load up on one draft class and just go nuts trying to put together the power team for 1 or 2 seasons worth of run. I lived through this with my first incarnation. I was drafted by a draft heavy Ottawa team that was brutalized the season before. They were able to return a few pieces, and draft a bunch of others that were able to maintain at least a few seasons worth of earning, not sure if any of us moved on to great success in the VHL after, but we were a dominant team for a stretch of two seasons in the VHLM. The first season we ran
  11. 1. Now that the finals are over, was your prediction on who would win right? I guess not because I didn’t really have any predictions after the announcement 2.The offseason has finally hit, are you or your player doing anything special with your time? moving to Mexico! 3. What do you think this next season will look like for New York? I think similar to last season, but stronger finish to hit playoffs. 4.The WJC rosters were released not to long ago, with that who do you think will win the Gold this year? if the
  12. 1.I'm the new agm replacing dlamb, is there anything you'd like to know about me? What is your favorite stick curve? 2.Yukon GM @Juicewas pied recently for losing a bet, do you think he will follow through with his promise to win the Founders cup next season? He had better. If he doesn't that shows a complete lack of integrity 3.The lottery tournament is over and New York placed 1st! How does that make you feel for the upcoming season? Indifferent, I'm recently retired and I believe NY didn't even own their own pick. 4.We'