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  1. C - Wesley Babiy LW - Arcturus Mengsk LW - Pietro Maximoff LW - Lucas Zhukenov LW - Conrad Jenkins RW - Bogdan Podarok D - Biggu Kyanon D - Felipe Rodriguez D - Bobby Digital D - Theo Matsikas G - Ariel Weinstein G - Jakab Holik C - Thaddeus Humbert C - Sean Blacker C - Essian Ravenwing RW - Shawn Muller RW - Tyson Kohler RW - LeAndre St. Pierre D - Phil Hamilton D - Jeff Hamilton D - David Hamilton D - World B. Free G - Hans Wingate G - Greg Clega
  2. Both Felix Peters (Player) and Mitch Higgins (Builder) were inducted into the VHL Hall of Fame today.  Congrats to both Greg and Higgins!

  3. C - Aleksi Koponen C - Max Mølholt LW - Jorma Ruutu LW - Simon Valmount RW - Niels Skovgaard RW - Theo Axelsson D - Golden Jedtsson D - Kerkko Hyvarinen D - Marquis Hyvarinen D - Joel Jarvi G - Sven Wolf G - Joanna Akerfeldt C - Severin von Karma C - Thaddeus Humbert LW - Wolfgang Strauss LW - LeAndre St. Pierre RW - Shawn Muller RW - Tyson Kohler D - Phil Hamilton D - Jeff Hamilton D - David Hamilton D - World B. Free G - Hans Wingate G - Greg Clegane C - Bronson Faux C -
  4. C - Bismarck Koenig C - Severin von Karma LW - Christoph Klose LW - Wolfgang Strauss RW - E'Twaun Delicious RW - Jakub Rhinehart D - Phil Hamilton D - Kurtis Hunter D - Thaddeus Humbert D - Jeff Hamilton G - Hans Wingate G - Greg Clegane C - Aleksi Koponen C - Tim TebowGow LW - Jorma Ruutu LW - Oskars Harumpf RW - Simon Valmount RW - Max Mølholt D - Golden Jedtsson D - Kerkko Hyvarinen D - Marquis Hyvarinen D - Joel Jarvi G - Bernie Gow C - Tyler Cote C - Gifford Shock LW - Rami Jakobssen
  5. Expanding Horizons From the very moment I mapped out the rough plan for the ten articles to turn VHL 30 in 30 into VHL 40 in 40, the last one was going to be about expansion. It simply made sense as if any theme defined the VHL's fourth decade, it was expansion. Finishing off the series has taken longer than originally anticipated but the timing still feels right. Season 44 is seen as being very likely the last year of both expansion franchises' second competitive cycles and so it's fitting to recap where we are now. There is much to discuss, from the results of the expansion teams to the imp
  6. VHL 40 in 40: #39 Roll with the Changes The Victory Hockey League has, for a long while, been a constantly evolving creature as from one day to the next we have never truly had the same member base. Going strong in our eighth real-life year and 44th season, the league appears to be as strong and vibrant a community as ever. This article was originally intended to be written by League historian Victor in November 2014, but with his departure as full-time commissioner, this particular piece was identified as taxing for him to write. Instead, I’ve gained a renewed interest in helping with th
  7. It's That Time Again It has been a while, both for 40 in 40 articles, and this particular episode, but it's time for a big return. The creator of the original VHL 20 in 20 series, the excellent Zero, used his last article to ask the question: who is the greatest player in VHL history? In a league based on results it is quite surprising how rarely this question is asked or at least both asked and then analysed in depth. Nonetheless, 20 seasons have passed since the last such article and it is long past time to re-ignite the debate, find out if the answer has changed, and investigate if it's th
  8. Mediocrity Most of the focus in history is on the greats, on the history-makers and those involved in memorable events and feats. Yet when someone experiences success, someone out there has to be on the other side of the coin. Given the cyclical nature of the VHL, it is usually that teams swap these roles from generation to generation, but sometimes franchises can get caught up at the bottom or have terrible luck in trying to move up from pretender to contender status. It seems a vicious cycle though in fact breaking out of the downward spiral (or rather stale, mundane reality) is much easier
  9. Marathon Marathon is a term often used to describe the regular seasons in various sports and leagues. Yet while the VHL's regular season is hardly a sprint, being the longest element of its regular schedule, it's hard to ever get too excited over a race with pre-determined results. The bad teams will lose, the good teams will win and the in two weeks of the playoffs, the season will truly be decided. The only thing changed by expansion was that finishing first in the playoffs meant slightly less risk of being knocked out early on, with a bye straight into the conference finals. Or so it would
  10. Causing A Rift Scotty Campbell, Leeroy Jenkins, Kevin Brooks. Aidan Shaw, Daisuke Kanou, Sterling Labatte. Almost always the most memorable players of a generation are those who were the best. Yet despite Odin Tordahl's offensive heroics, Remy LeBeau and Tuomas Tukio matching if not exceeding the accomplishments of Kanou and Shaw, and even some defensive dominance from Ryan Sullivan and Conner Low, you could make a strong case that the defining player of this concluding decade was Skylar Rift. Rift was not an untalented player by any means and one of the best goaltenders of his time. He has y
  11. Young Blood The continuity and longevity of the VHL owes much to the steady influx of new members into the league. The amount of active members has always drifted around the 90-100 mark, yet as a member who joined in Season 10, I can say that perhaps a dozen or so current members were around before myself. It's just a personal example but the perfect case of showing how anyone in the VHL can be replaced, so long as there are ready replacements available. This is only possible through continued recruitment in the league, an aspect which has gained particularly positive attention in the VHL's f
  12. The Three-Headed Goalie The VHL's fourth decade started with one massive event: expansion with the Cologne Express and Quebec City Meute beginning play in Season 31. This was also the first season for goaltenders Tuomas Tukio and Remy LeBeau, of Helsinki and Toronto respectively, with a fellow S31 netminder Skylar Rift debuting a season later for the New York Americans. Expansion no doubt player a large part in the progress of the “thirties” but that was expecting: goaltending dominance from so many sources wasn't. With Tukio and LeBeau retiring in Season 38 they featured in almost the whole
  13. C - Bismarck Koenig C - Severin von Karma LW - Christoph Klose LW - Wolfgang Strauss RW - Kurtis Hunter RW - E'Twaun Delicious D - Ron World Peace D - MC Hammer D - Phil Hamilton D - Thaddeus Humbert G - Hans Wingate C - Tom Slaughter C - Thomas O'Malley LW - James Faraday LW - Tyson Stokes RW - Bruno Wolf RW - Freedom McJustice D - Jake Wylde D - Mason Richardson D - Jerrick Poole D - Jack Kowalski G - Niklaus Mikaelson G - Brock Waldron C - Travis Boychuk C - Jody 3 Moons LW - Lord Karnage LW - Rift Pajodcast RW - Edwin Reencarnacion RW - Milos Denis D - Vladamir Komarov D - Koji
  14. Season 41 VHL Super Cup Now a well-oiled machine, commissioner duties for the third Super Cup went to Chris Miller who succeeded in focusing the draft and thus the tournament on active members. Brekker Bad became the third Super Cup champions after defeating Jardy Bunclewirthless 2 games to 0 in the final series. The Teams Brekker Bad YEAH! was the GM and the battle cry of Edwin Encarnacion's perhaps surprisingly good team, though less surprising considering its name. In choosing Anton Brekker, the GM managed to use his 3 cups wins as part of the great Davos dynasty for team success and B