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  1. 1. I didn’t really check out the trades to be honest 2.I really enjoyed playing with zyork it is a shame to see him leave 3.Zyork for sure 4.I haven’t checked him out 5.I think I did good to be honest 6.I am not on discord so I don’t know
  2. Great I have been playing better in these games then with Yukon.
  3. Lol they said Bennett sucks Do not disrespect the MAN
  4. Why do I always get a lot of shots shot on me ?
  5. I’m gonna allow like fucking 20 goals a game
  6. 1. Here we are all friends and that included elmebeck we need to honor him in a way 2. I think was because my goalie hit 50 OVR lol 3.oh yeah won’t be surprised if he gets 30 4.probably not but Gary Neal has the best chance 5. nah I’m a goalie and would like to be the face of the team boss I don’t think I will be traded 6. London for sure
  7. 268 D.C. Dragons @ Riga Reign 269 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 270 Malmo Nighthawks @ Seattle Bears 271 Helsinki Titans @ Calgary Wranglers
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