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  1. 1) really cool that we can start history off on a good note and show players that no matter how bad your team is you can always have fun 2) to been a VHL or VHLM champion or have a point per game season 3) I am trying to build my player to become a sniper and a play maker mixed or just really good for getting points 4) that you can get more TP Points so you can become a better player faster and you can get to the VHL faster 5) not really since I was drafted in the 4th round I was hoping to go in the 3rd round or 2nd round so I can be more willing to play 6)
  2. 240 Prague Phantoms @ Seattle Bears 241 Helsinki Titans @ Moscow Menace 242 Riga Reign @ D.C. Dragons 243 Vancouver Wolves @ Calgary Wranglers
  3. 1 so far in Halifax I am enjoying it very much and I hope to play for Halifax for many more years. 2 not recent but since my birthday is tomorrow than I maybe going to restaurant that severs meals like that there. 3 one way that I think that could help make the locker room better is to make sure that everyone is getting TP points to make their player better. 4 the way I relax is playing NHL 20 for a bit with my friends 5 my goals for the season are to have more than 30 goals or lead the team in goals 6 how can I become a GM in the VHL
  4. 1 miss the playoffs 2 I don't have one so now I have to have one now 3 no lucky idem 4 the weekly one for free 5 no I did not 6 hitting
  5. btown03

    OTT/HFX; S70

    OK my new home is Halifax thanks Ottawa for drafting me
  6. 1.it going to great starting with a team in Canada team 2.I am fine play for any team in the VHL 3.i just what to be the best player possible 4.I need to win at lest one cup 5. the leafs
  7. ok thanks for all the help so I need 250 training points to get into the VHL league
  8. can I be drafted by a team in the VHL or the VHLM