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  1. Thanks for the offers guys but I'm gonna have to go to Mississauga
  2. Claiming doubles week (1/1)
  3. Transaction ID: 20600790638434167 $1M Player Store Cash 5 TPE Uncapped Doubles Week
  4. (S79) Tyler Reinhart Scouting Report (T.Reinhart, TimberWolves vs Knights S76) Height 5’10” Weight 175lbs Handedness: Right Position: RW/LW VHL comparable: Dakota Lamb GGTB* Build: Offensive Scoring Forward *Gustav’s Guide to Building Traditional Build: Sniper Previous Numbers: Team: GP G A P +/- PIM (S73) Nuuk Snowhawks 36 11 26 37 +10 8 (S74) Nuuk Snowhawks 39 20 25 45 +15 10 (S75) Nuuk Snowhawks 42 27 30 57 +17 7 (S76) Vaxjo TimberWolves 50 19 20 39 +3 12 (S77) Vaxjo TimberWolves 16 6 14 20 +3 2
  5. (S79) Tyler Reinhart Nuuk. A small village located in the barren arctic known as Greenland. With only a population of 17,635. It's hard to imagine very many athletes appearing on the world stage from Nuuk, however, one family has managed to have a group of three siblings all make it to the VHLM with a fourth sibling coming next season. This family is of course the Reinharts. They are composed of Asher, Reylynn, Jerome, and Tyler Reinhart. Tyler Reinhart and his twin Jerome Reinhart both grew up playing hockey on a line together for Greenland's
  6. Player Information Username: Zetterberg Player Name: Tyler Reinhart Recruited From: Returning Age: 18 Position: RW Height: 70 in. Weight: 175 lbs. Birthplace: Greenland Player Page @VHLM GM
  7. 1. Anything possible I have faith in you guys 2. Well I'll speak for my recreate I'm making later today, I'm super pumped can't wait to see where I get drafted i'm hoping to go 1st in at least one of the drafts but i'd be happy going top 10. 3. Yessir free uncapped tpe is the best tpe I don't see how anyone could not want that. 4. French Vanilla but when I'm buying ice cream I always get two flavours so I'm not just having French Vanilla 100% of the time. 5. Either the Calgary Stampede or the Calgary Flames, both are fun to go to and watch. 6. Detroit made a massive steal vs th
  8. Krice (or as he would have you believe "Ricer") is cursed. He has had 7, yes 7, attempts at either a Founders Cup or Continental Cup and has only brought home hardware in only one of those appearances. Krice has made it to the finals every single full season he has played except for S75, and he joined in S69. This graphic shows what he could have bragged about and what a legend he could have been had all of his appearances gone his way. @Ricer13Sorry for using you as a punching bag, I'm sure you'll turn things around.
  9. Houston you got so unbelievably lucky
  10. I’m well aware but our record is 3-2 so miss still got the advantage
  11. Yeah tbh I'm so scared of playoffs it makes or breaks this season. We're the clear favorites and I can't see anyone touching us but it's still very stressful. Also 43-3-0 OTW are still W's