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  1. 1. Maybe mixing up lines? 2. It’s never to early in my house. 3. I wouldn’t mind being a Captain. I have no problems sticking up for my mates on the ice and in the locker room 4. Tough question. I think so far I’ve stepped up my game 5. Dont have one 6. Groovy Dood
  2. That’s after a 5 point night!
  3. 1. Give it time. We got off slow last year and turned it on. 2. Fine. It’s takes time to make the adjustment 3.I expect a deep run in the playoffs 4. Confused 5. Only takes one game to get hot 6. Family, and Sports
  4. Andrew Su F and Matty Socks @Domino Draws
  5. Ok, I made them up above. Sorry for holding thigs up
  6. Kyl Oferson F and Erik Killinger D
  7. Sorry about that Do I still have 1 more pick?
  8. Timothy Brown F and Kyl Oferson F
  9. 1. Where it's important to stay in touch, player do have busy lives outside the game. 2. a Movie 3. Like going on a 5 mile run in the morning. 4. London Knights 5. Football 6. Wow bro, your reaching
  10. Transaction ID: 20424853822497271 S75 donation Free Doubles week Free 5TPA pts Free week
  11. 1.Tough, real tough but we have no choice to lace them up and get back at it. 2.Everyone is devastated. We’ll be alright. 3.Silience. 4. Binge watch an old MeTV show from 70’s and 80’s 5. Calia ? 6. Wake up bro, we can do good things
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