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  1. HOLYSHIT , thank you SO MUCH @MattyIce Cant wait for what the future brings us !!
  2. This has been an age old issue since i joined the vhlm as a complete noob in S69 and when choosing a team through team offers in the waiver process i had NO IDEA about this problem , but how could i ? How could any new user joining the league , even experienced vets be able to predict the future and this issue is teams having incomplete rosters... Personally from my experience when i have created players it was never a thought in my mind WHO i would be playing with or checking every single VHLM team hoping that the team that has 4 Forwards and 2 D make me an offer after when ive already been offered amazing pitches from teams that have a full and active LR. This is my point exactly ... for the users drafted to these VHLM teams that end up with maybe no goalie or not even 4 D or 6 F really miss out on the team aspect in the discord compared to an active LR with First Gens and Vets and all the information your subconsciously taking in. That opportunity doesnt exist for any of these users that get stuck on teams like this for example Saskatoon , Halifax and Las Vegas this season all have atrocious roster sizes. This has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with those organizations GMs nor am i saying anything negative about them. This has been an issue since i can ever remember. The waiver system is flawed. LBH Some GMS truly do have a much better way of pitching and some are just quick on the trigger which makes SUCH a massive difference especially with the ultimate most important part and thats filling the roster with 1st gens and actually having enough bodies on the ice for the sims and not to mention making the LR experience real EVERYWHERE you go ! NO TEAM SHOULD BE ABLE TO PLAY IF THEY DO NOT MEET THE ROSTER MINIMUM AND THEREFORE SHALL "FOLD" for the season IMO if this problem doesnt get addressed. I have no answers... My best proposal would be to make a waiver limit. Once a team has reached the team minimum they are now put at the bottom of the waiver line and may not put in an offer to the user until each of the teams without roster spots have had more than an opportunity to make a pitch. SORRY , this was just hot on my mind and just would love to see each team have full rosters , it really makes me sad
  3. The EAOE IS BACK !! BACK AGAIN !!! ALL DATA IS SUBJECT TO THIS DATE 02/10/21 Elsby’s Agency of Excellence has officially been revived and is alive again with more ambition and most off all exciting content coming ! The EAOE has announced an official partnership with the Raven Skill Academy TM run by Legendary VSN Scout Patrik Tallinder. ( Funt Fact: at one point the VHL had only 2 Scouts running VSN, these two scouts names were Spence King and @Patrik Tallinder. Working together with VSN and their official pre season, midterm, and Final season rankings as well as going above and beyond in so many ways especially Tallinders amazing TPE tracker . This formed a lifelong bond in friendship and now these two men are coming back to work together with their own respective projects and the hype is real . The Raven Skill Academy and the EAOE are probably the two most well known player agencies in the past 10 seasons and for them to be working together and what has already been promised in a Intra Squad Exhibition on NHL 21 the people are anxiously awaiting the news and reveal of the official clientele list. The Raven Skill Academy has not made any official announcements about there roster. The EAOE has a Prestigeous Alumni of big name players an users from the S70 Era, some of these name include, Patrik Laine ( @Laine) @BoboDarius Marimoto, ( @bigAL) Groovy Dood, Ray Shields ( @Zetterberg), Robin Galante Nilsson ( @RomanesEuntDomus), Scotty Kaberle ( @fromtheinside, Matty Socks @fishy, Victor Grachev ( @KaleebtheMighty), Zamboni Driver ( @Tape-to-Tape, Addison Mclaren ( @tcookie) and Controversial but we loved having him and hated saying goodbye the big @BOOM Gunnar Oddinson before he was a forward ! With this being the third time the EAOE has come back and been resurrected were going with a new identity mainly focusing on clients that are in there draft years and not so much going for the big names of the bat we want to get a lot of 1st gens and a good mix of VHL Legends and that’s where this article is going, weve got the first 3 Official Player Commitments to the EAOE S80. The first client to have been signed is the top ranked prospect for the S81 VHLM Draft none other than (S81) {C} Sirdsvaldis Miglaskems – Houston Bulls – Latvia - 130TPE @FrostBeard. A VHL Legend in this Latvian Superstar Centerman. Sirdvaldis is a max earner weekly and VHLE GM of the newly rejuvenated Bratislava Watchmen. Miglaskems is already easily on pace to be playing in the VHLE in S81 he has yet to claim any donation TPE nor a Doubles Week yet as well as can still claim his Junior Review and Scouting Report, this guys is going to explode with Uncapped TPE before even having had a chance for a VHLM team to draft his rights , the Houston Bulls and @MattyIce did a PHENOMENAL job in recruiting the biggest name to date this season in waiver players and overall a potential MVP winner and has future HOF written all over him. Just moments after getting the official commitment from Sirdsvaldis and talking with him personally we we able to secure the 2nd official Player commitment finishing a phone call with another S81 Top Prospect the Yukon Rush star Right winger playing alongside the Top of the Draft Class with the likes of Harkat Mulds @hylandsand Zaza Colors @McWolf . The Rush had a draft for the ages that’s forsure @Domg5 ! This young mans name is a mouthful but one that fans are not going to be forgetting anytime soon if not already have it stuck in their heads or wearing his jersey, the one , the only (S81) Maximus Decimus Meridius – Yukon Rush – Right Wing -VHLM Drafted S80 13th Ovr - @Beaviss. The Legendary user and most recently returned to the front office with none other than the legendary Seattle Bears Organization, the partnership between a seasoned veteran GM like Beav and @Banackock working together only says good things for the future in Seattle. MUCH MORE TO COME! Including more Player Commitments to be announced Officially !! This was just a tease at what the EAOE and Raven Skill have planned! Much more news to come in possibly the coming days if not hours and be on the look out for the EAOE and their official Twitter Page coming soon !
  4. @KaleebtheMighty These GPHX are so fire , i still cant get over them ! You are seriously SO TALENTED , TEACH ME MASTER LOL
  5. What makes the VHL special to you ? what's your favorite thing to participate in ?
  6. so i can start writing ? have you talked to Victor about it ? i dont want to waste my precious time if its not approved ! i REALLY always have wanted to write an HOF article this would truly be an hornor and want to get it published asap plz let me know
  7. thats super weird it didnt save on those two :'/ LOL i legit copied Spartans responses for all three , and i did it same day , one after another , idk why just the VHLE one wouldve worked , but I 100% submitted the forms and put what SPartan had in his Responses
  8. im pretty positive i put Spence King just like the VHLE one
  9. is this official ? who do i need to speak with before writing this up officially ??
  10. i would be honored !!!
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