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  1. S71 Transaction ID 36M07789AD0461210 Doubles week Doubles week 1$ Million Player Store Cash: CLAIMING IMMEDIATELY 5 Uncapped TPE : CLAIMING IMMEDIATELY
  2. Spencer Elsby is proving to be one of the biggest breakout stars this season. The progression in his confidence and growth in his skill set is almost beyond belief. The Philadelphia Reapers got a STEAL of a pick draft him at 35th Ovr into the VHLM. Elsby , 2nd on his team in SB as a primarily offensive, but can also really shutdown elite players. Right now Elsby is sitting ranked 13th Ovr for the upcoming VHL draft he managed to jump from 32nd to 13th a borderline first round pick within the first quarter of the season. The Sky is the limit for Elsby and he is definitely going to be a high pick in this years VHL draft its already been confirmed by his agent he has been contacted by more than 4 teams. Elsby However has expressed his goals right now are on winning the VHLM title and becoming a legend in Philadelphia fans wont ever forget. Elsby has a very interesting sense of fashion that has become quite evident with his move to North America. His tall lanky frame but absolutely shredded and broad shoulder, Blonde Hair and blue eyes walks out of the bus looking like a Finnish Allen Iverson, baggiest pants , massive jacket and too many gold chains to count. This is where the name is now sticking the Finnish white Iverson.
  3. Thanks for the support @Jubo07 and @Viperxhawks19 greatly appreciated from the two guys that were there for me from literally day 1 ❤️
  4. 1)Amazing team chemistry, everyone has bought into the system and coming closer together as group, most of all some stellar goal tending 2) Im beyond happy with the way the Reapers have performed and am as proud today as i was the first day i knew i was going to be a Reaper 3)To be honest i think theyve gotten some lucky bounces, theres alot of hockey left and i believe we are the better hockey club and it the end that will prove itself 4) I will deffintely be mid celly after scoring and my stick is going to be raised thats forsure lol 5) Invisibility sounds pretty dang good to me for that scenario 6) Their hockey abilities
  5. As a new and dedicated member to this league i would be honored to get some GM experience this early to improve my contributions and continue to improve my ability to contribute , zero GM experience like this , active GM and the FNHL and Asst GM in the FOHL, Officially Applying for Team Europe , would be open to taking any open position
  6. Elsby is most well known for his talent that has mastered the elements of speed and decision-making. He is calculated in his handling of the puck and well-versed in his ability to limit time and space for the opposition without the puck. It's almost taken for granted, now, that he is a highly skilled offensive player, simply due to his individual ability to carry plays. His creativity and vision is what sets him apart from many other defenders, and he plays that exciting style of hockey that punishes opponents mistakes making them look foolish. As he gets more comfortable on the ice, Elsby’s coaches seem to be gaining more confidence in him. Elsby’s ice time has been going up. Over the past 5 games his TOI exceeded 22 minutes. While Jason Goeson Johnson and Ziarie Anigbogu log the big minutes as the top defensive pair in Philadelphia, Elsby’s ice time is creeping up. Playing 2nd line D pairing and on the 1st PP unit, the rookie is proving himself as the undisputed number three on the blue line as he works his way through the few hiccups we’ve seen in his game. Elsby is quickly climbing the ranks not only on the Reapers but in the draft boards as well most recently ranked at 17th Ovr. The improvements in Elsby’s base skills over the past few weeks has been nothing shy of incredible and continues to grow at an exponential rate. Elsby has expressed his frustrations early in the season about the lack of number on his part however he was finally able to rip that monkey off this back (from the replay it looks like he hit someone in standing room) and finally score his first of many VHLM goals. Following that up in the next 5 games Elsby would go on to light the lamp again as well as three helpers a long the way. In an interview with VHSPN Elsby was quoted after the game “That was the most surreal feeling I’ve had since landing in north American last year and now this tops that feeling x100, I couldn’t be more proud than to have scored my first VHLM goal after my life hard work leading up to this and to be able to do it in a Reapers jersey made it just that much more amazing, we’ve got the best fans in the league.” Thanks to the presence of Goesen, Anigbogu and Harrison, the Reapers don’t need Elsby to play a shutdown role but when he’s called on to do so, he’s shown that he’s more than capable to do so, continuing to improve on that in his most recent games. Small sample size be damned, Spencer Elsby is on the verge of becoming a legitimate star in the VHLM. Elsby has been focusing hard on his position and getting his body in the shooting lanes and the stat sheets prove that’s evident. With a big spike in recent games his contribution defensively blocking shots and is now 2nd on the team in Shots Blocked ony behind star VHLM defenceman Jason Goesen. Pretty impressive for a rookie, and considering the majority of those blocks are from his last 7games. All-in-all, a complete defenceman that understands how to open a game and take it over.
  7. 1)It feel AMAZING i feel so at home in these reapers uniforms , this is just the beginning and i love it 2)It happen bad bounces some amazing saves from the other team goalies , you cant win them all 3)Without a doubt walking the blue like and setting up either a wicked shot on net a slap pass back door , i just love to QB the point 4)CHOCOLATE 5) No trapezoid 6)star because im a piece of work thats forsure
  8. 1)Ive been itching to get out on the ice wearing a Reapers Jersey 2)Running around the rink before getting my equipment on 3)A beautiful blonde Finnish woman 4)NHL ? 5)The Green Suit Guys from vancouver 6)Zoolander , Derek Zoolander
  9. Elsby is quintessential definition of a team player, voted captain on his AAA team in Finland since they started wearing letters and was even named Captain of his U20 Team as 15 year old following his rooking year as the youngest player to play the top JR A U20 in Finland at 14 and being named assistant captain at the request of his teammates by December. This is a special young man, coming out of Finlands HIFK Program Highly Recruited 2- way Defenceman has chosen to go play in Mississauga where he has family members King is a great 2 way defenceman with size , skill and IQ off the charts , his best attributes are his scoring and his puck moving abilities, he needs to work on his strength and speed , but looks to be a potential future 1st defenceman and with his Finnish Canadian blood that’s something all fans will love to see. King is a highly skilled defenseman blessed with excellent hockey sense and impressive skating ability. He moves very smoothly and has incredible mobility. Also, he is very skilled with the puck and a capable playmaker with the potential to put up a good amount of points. Very poised and cool with and without the puck and rarely gets caught off guard. After a decent start on a struggling Mississauga squad logging major minutes King as a rookie 16-year-old managed to in 8 games to put up 1 assist 16 hits and 18 Shots blocked! King is known as an Offensive defenceman with his incredible skill and passing accuracy his vision is what some have called generational , however his stats prove this kid is a total package he’s an amazing defender and the way he sees the game is like a proven veteran if not legendary , he’s always in the right spot and making each of his teammates better , never takes a shift off and the sky is the limit for this young Finnish/Canadian giant with hands softer than melted butter. Posses puck skills are levels above average and he is very good at moving the puck into the offensive end in high speed. You can count that King will always find a way to make a clean first pass out of the zone. Very dependable and hard to find him ever make a mistake when hes on the ice and loves to play in the crucial showtime moments. He is also quite shifty and creative and can stickhandle through heavy traffic. Offensively, he has a good shot, including a heavy slapper that he could, however, use more frequently. One of the best all-around defense prospects to ever come along, he combines exceptional skating ability with outstanding puck skills. Sees the game better than most. Has a projectable frame and he likes to use it too; Is a constant threat on the power play because of outstanding hockey sense and a big-time shot from the point.