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  1. Only says freeman's stats from before he was traded that szn S72 Winner Julius Freeman (NYA) 15G 17A 32P +10 85H 10SB
  2. 1. Just standard training 2. Not sure, any lines that allow us to win are fine with me 3. Spartacus, Old but gold 6. Stallion, man makes a mean pancake 7. Rock + Roll 8. Warsaw
  3. S72 was a great draft year with a lot of depth and some great first-gens entering the VHL. Durning the S72 draft, there were also a lot of busts and steals that happened, especially in the first round. One such team that had an equal amount of steals and busts was the Vancouver Wolves. Funnily enough, their first-round picks ended up falling short of expectations, whereas their second picks ended up as steals. Even with their sub-par draft, the Wolves were able to win a cup two seasons later during S74. Now, what would happen if we would turn back time and change who VAN picked with their #4 a
  4. A new season and that means a new VHL thoughts post. Su has been disappointing this season. Honestly, I expected myself to be able to be close to the point leader race this season, and although I'm in the top-10, I'm nowhere close to the top 3 guys. Contender or Stat Padding? I'm honestly conflicted about what I should do for the rest of Su's career. The best-case scenario is that I can stat pad while being on a good team, but if I had to choose 1, I'd have no idea what to do. Su has finally become VAN's franchise point leader. Yey, I guess? I'm happy I was able to be
  5. S72 is nearing the trade deadline, and with that, we are also past the halfway point of the season. There are a lot of notable stories this season with new faces in the league, some old ones are gone, and some players hitting their stride. Today I'll be covering the fact that Andrew Su is now the Vancouver Wolves franchise leading scorer. This happened almost at the start of the season, but I'll be covering it now. VAN has been around for a long time, and with that, they have their fair share of legends. Most notable of which are Julius Freeman, Jeff Downey and HHH in recent memory. Su passed
  6. 1. Worse than expected, wanted to be leading the league by this point. 2. Nope, I suspected than we would struggle this season. 3. Onde or Stallion 6. Stallion, old bud from S72 7. Goalie, i can blame STHS more 8. Onde
  7. A new season and that means a new VHL thoughts post. Rise of the expansions? It looks like all of the expansion teams have finally started to be gud (looking at you LA). It's honestly impressive that they occupy #1, 2, 1 and 4 in each of their conferences. London should also be much better than they currently are in their super top-heavy EU conference. It's nice to see that every expansion has been somewhat competitive so far in their history. Su has been doing decently. Had a really hot streak at the start of the season, but has started to cool down a lot. It's very surpris
  8. As some may know, a massive trade rocked the VHL last week. VAN and TOR made a blockbuster trade where stars Micah Adrienne and SS Hornet were shipped off for Kate Upton, Wolf Weiss and Ziarie Anigbogu. In this trade VAN also gave up an S78 2nd round pick from WAR to acquire an S79 2nd and 1st round pick from TOR. I'm going to examine this trade for each team, and then my player, Andrew Su. First off, for VAN, I'd say this is a definite win. SS Hornet already stated that he wanted to test this upcoming season's free agency, so shipping him off for some picks is fine. Micah Adrienne
  9. 1. Decent, team could be doing better though 2. Slightly disappointed started off hot but started slowing down 3. Not great 5. Seattle 6. Stallion, mates since S72 7. FO, would greatly help the team
  10. VAN has had an interesting start to the season so far. Currently, they're sitting 4th in the NA conference at 8-6-1 with 17 points, only 2 points ahead of SEA. Most of their wins have come from their last hot streak, which is a 5 game win streak and counting. During this time, they have beaten what many critics have considered better teams. Critics' concerns about their defence and goalies have been correct so far as they have had the 5th most goals against in the league. This may not sound so bad, but considering there are at least 2 teams in full rebuild mode it is enough to raise concerns.
  11. 1. Hopefully as the go to guy for anything on the ice. 2. Get a feel for the game again. 3. Rested, sat on my ass and just chilled. 6. CHI for knocking us out of poffs last szn. 7. Win the cup? 8. Focus on the TPE grind and you'll be a great player in no time.
  12. Woot woot new season hype! The Wolves are looking way different than what they were before the season. Unfortunately, it looks like we got weaker over this offseason. With the loss of Venus Thightrap, Jimmy Spyro, Griff Manzer, and a few others, the team has lost a lot of talent. Overall, on offence, VAN is still looking mighty dangerous with the 1-2 punch of SS-Hornet and Andrew Su at the center. The biggest weakness that sports analysts have been pointing at is the lack of depth on defence and the unproven goalie Markus Emerson Jr. For D, VAN doesn't have another great player after Micah Adr
  13. 1. Just overall a really great and supportive guy. Hope that he'll come back someday soon and find VHL fun again. 2. Don't want to bring up anything controversial, so I'll just say I think the most qualified and experienced guy should get the job. Preferably they are on VAN. 4. SS Hornet and Stallion. 5. Nothing, offseason is time for me to become more like hotdog phil. 6. Just go out on the ice and do my best. 7. A failure is only considered a failure if you don't learn from it.