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    claim for Bday (14 uncapped)
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    It's been a while since I've posted on the forums, and now I am forced to come back for that sweet, sweet 14 TPE for the VHL's birthday. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea what to write about, so I'm going to just ramble for 500 words. I will not be recreating this upcoming season. Su will be the final and the only player I create for the foreseeable future. The main reason is burnout. In the last 2 seasons, I have been showing less and less interest in the VHL, specifically grinding for 12 capped TPE per week. I know that the VHLE was created for this specific reason, but I'd rather be fully invested in the league rather than half-ass it. Another major reason is that Uni is starting again, and I can't see myself being a major factor in any locker room I am in. Noted I never have been a major talked in the LRs I've been drafted to, but I'd rather have some interaction in the LR rather than none. At the rate I'm going I'd probably go inactive and I feel that would be unfair to whichever team drafts me. Su is looking like he is going to nosedive this season, almost looks like he has the Buffalo Sabres curse on him. I'm going to predict that Su will have less than a point per game this season and end up with 67 points. It also doesn't help his case that Su does nothing else apart from score goals (which he is currently struggling at doing). Seattle's disgustingly stacked forward core is also a major factor. Hopefully, he'll pick it up some. Seattle is doing a lot worse than I expected so far. Despite having one of the most stacked rosters in the league, they've been on a 3 game losing streak and are currently not in the discussion for a playoff spot. It is extremely early in the season, and only time will tell if Seattle's struggles will continue. I will admit a major part of the problem is Su being absolutely terrible this season so far. It is nice to be on a team with some fellow S72 draftees. Some great guys that I admire in Timothy Brown, Jungkok and Valtteri Vaakanainen are all on the team. It's also nice to be reunited with Jungkok and Micah Adrienne who I played with in Vancouver. Changing of the times. It's disorienting when you come back to the league and see a bunch of unrecognizable players in the top spots for stats. Honestly makes me feel like an old man. I guess this is the same feeling people had when Su started to appear on the top leaderboards. And that's it for my rant of 500 words. It'll probably be my last post until theme week and maybe for the rest of my time in the VHL. I've had a great time here and have made a lot of great memories. If I have more time in the future I'll be sure to revisit the VHL.
  3. claiming for theme week
  4. With the incoming addition of the VHLE and no original ideas for a theme week, I'm going to be compiling a list of my thoughts on the VHLE. 9 FULL SEASONS! Woah the extra season is nice, and if you're a min-maxer, you could earn full TPE every week from the trade deadline till the draft and immediately enter the VHL to have 9 seasons in the bigs. I'm honestly not a fan of how it is structured. It's fine if you do play 9 full seasons in the VHL, but I think it brings down the overall experience for a user that is a midrange earner. VHLE runs a similar route to the VHLM. From personal experience, when I was just starting out in the league I was super hyped, and during my one season in the VHLM, I was super engaged in it. The problem comes after being drafted. After moving up to the bigs, I found myself less and less interested in the minors until I eventually stopped checking it altogether. I feel like the same problem will be there for the VHLE. You'll have 2 groups of players/users in the VHLE. The first group are midrange earners that just moved up from the VHLM. The second will be IA users and people who don't have the time to constantly do point tasks. The main problem I see here is the lack of coverage on the VHLE, which in turn causes users to feel not engaged. Most active users will be focused on the VHL, and slowly the VHLE will turn into teams that have 2-3 active players and the rest will be IA. Since I believe most IA users only go IA in their first or second season, I think this will leave many potential users a bad first impression of the VHL as a whole. Depreciation. I remember early on in S73 I read that some people wanted longer seasons for careers. I was one of those people, but now I realize that the most fun part of the VHL is probably the first 3-4th seasons of a player's career. After those 3-4 seasons, you essentially know how your player is going to end up and their career trajectory. By the 7-8th season, I was more excited to make a new player than check how my player was doing. A major part of that is depreciation. Seeing a whole season's worth of work just gone like that is pain and a major motivation killer. Part of what makes the VHL so enjoyable is "upgrading" your player and seeing them turn into a better player than they were before. Even in real life, no one likes watching their favourite player stagnate and become worse over time. A major motivation killer I found was depreciation. Now, mid-range earners get an additional year of depreciation in their 8 season career in the VHL (an additional 8% depreciation btw). This last one isn't really a gripe but just an honest question. Will, there be a HOF for VHLE players, if so why isn't there one for VHLM? Also how are HOF standards going to change with the addition of the VHLE?
  5. 1. I dunno, one of the ones where I got a hat trick. 2. Thoughts on the VHLE 3. Some solid young guns coming up 4. HOF 5. Still the same 6. Intentionally tanking my draft stock truly was the wisest decision I have ever made.
  6. Thoughts on CGY so far. We're doing pretty good so far. Unfortunately, the single addition of Su wasn't able to make us top-top tier, but I'd say we are a darkhorse candidate for the cup. I'd say we are in the second tier of teams that are eligible for playoffs right now. We currently are doing better than VAN, which is nice. I wanted out of VAN since I thought our playoff window had already closed, and I wanted another cup before retirement. Overall the league is pretty close together in terms of the quality of the teams this season which is a good sign. I don't think any team is an overwhelming favourite to win the cup. I hope something happens during the trade deadline with CGY. I honestly don't think anything is bad to win CGY, but I just like seeing big moves. Hopefully, we can become even better.
  7. 1. Luke 2. 8:00 in the morning 3. No idea 4. Active LR 5. One of the goalies, they usually are pretty interesting 6. Berlin Bombers
  8. 1. I'm on a playoff team 2. Not scoring as much as previous seasons 3. Not a fan 4. Have a generic name for the first few seasons, then name it after a player who won it a bunch 5. Puck Handling 6. Good, happy that we're in a playoff spot
  9. It's been a few games into the szn and a few things have happened. Su had a really rough start to the szn with only 3 points through 4 games but has picked it up with 11 points in his last 6. It looks like he'll have an above average, but not as good szn in CGY compared to last year. It makes sense as Su is getting pretty old and depreciation sucks. Not sure how to feel about the VHLE. It's going to be nice to have more playing time, but I have some major concerns. I'm going to not care about the league. It's like the VHLM, while you're playing in the league you care about it, but after being drafted I have not once looked back at the VHLM. The 9 season career is nice, but for the majority of people who only care about the VHL, they'll still only have a max 7-8 szn career in the VHL. They will also have to go through the worst (IMO) experience in VHL, depreciation another time.
  10. 1. Best backup goalie of the szn 2. Saving it up 3. Another Stats? 4. Red 5. Balanced roster, no major holes 6. Not alot of star power
  11. I dunno about this one chief
  12. F- Timothy Brown D- Micah Adrienne @Domg5
  13. F- Groovy Dood @Domg5
  14. New way too early season prediction hype. 100% accuracy. Da BEARZ are going to win another cup and get 6 rings in the span of 11 seasons. As a result, they will complete the infinity gauntlet and disintegrate half of the VHL, starting with HSK. Su becomes shit on CGY like Taylor Hall on Buffalo and gets 17 points in 2 seasons combined, effectively ruining his HOF chances. VAN becomes the greatest dynasty of all time now that dumpster fire player Andrew Su is gone from their locker room. After seeing that placing an inactive cap on teams is ineffective, the BOG decides to nuke the league and add 6 new expansion teams. The expansion teams will be Alaska, New Guinea, Vietnam, Yemen, Colombia, and Baltimore. Since there is no one with a meme name from this season's draft class like XxMouthCreamxX, the whole draft class will be complete busts.
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