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  1. Oh don't lie to yourself, you're always heart-wrenchingly gorgeous
  2. Oh I just hadn't seen many retirement/team HoF posts in that subforum so I posted it in MS, since Vic was posting HoF's in the VHL.com sections . Anyways, congrats to me for getting 6 tpe and I suppose congrats to you for helping me get 6 tpe
  3. With the recent revamp to the retired numbers section of forums, I felt it was about time to upgrade the old Moscow tradition of inducting players to the team Hall of Fame! I'll be honest, there are a few different factors why we're moving over from an official team HoF to retired numbers. First, I have no clue where the team HoF thread is. Chatting with Bek, I found out that the team threads may have been hidden since the focus has shifted towards number retirements and getting them on the forums. Second, gorlab used to make the little HoF graphic things, and he's not around to ma
  4. forgot to tag @Domg5 that we're done!
  5. 1. I actually have a small pet project that I'm working on in the VHL, so I'd like to publish it this week and try to get the proposed changes implemented! 2. I'm always prepared, it's a basic requirement to be a GM haha. 3. Well, I can provide advice as a GM - work as hard as you can, and also communicate with me. I set expectations for everyone, from performance, to earning, and to activity. The more you meet those expectations, the more likely you are to stick with the team in the future and also receive a larger role. 4. I actually will break away from everyone else here and
  6. Cheers folks! With the start of the new season, it's time to announce our newest team captains as well. Alternate: Duncan Idaho - @OrbitingDeath Our first alternate is continuing to carry the A for the 2nd consecutive season, as he did a phenomenal job in the role last season. As just a sophomore, he managed to power through a personal slump in a positive manner, and used that energy to inspire the rest of the team as well. Going into his 3rd season, he understands how important every game is, and how close this team is to being a strong playoff contender. Entering his
  7. @animal74is skipped, @omgitshimis on the clock
  8. @Ricer13 just a head's up, it's McLaren, not McClaren. The VHFL calculation sheet is finnicky with spellings. D - Scotty Kaberle over to you Ricer
  9. D - Scotty Kaberle @omgitshim
  10. Farewell friend. Looking forward to your next player!
  11. I used some setting in voice memos to reduce background noise, perhaps that's why? Idk how loud your turn signal is though. Remember this is an older car, just makes an analogous sound of light clicking when my turn signal is on. Plus I spend most of the time in the left lane lol
  12. that's exactly what I do, especially when they're in the left lane going 55 in a 55 area. You don't go the speed limit in the left lane, you better be zooming.
  13. F - Luke Thornton F - Taro Tsujimoto
  14. how many picks need to be caught up on? 2?
  15. Took a page out of @JardyB10's book and tried recording something while driving, turned out half decent. Might have cussed out other folks on the road a few too many times. Anyways, chatted about a few different topics from this past week: Being traded to LA Pines switching over to defense and my general thoughts on roster composition meta VHFL thoughts and tips Moscow Draft Recap and what happened to get the first overall pick 2 weeks claim for myself (Weeks ending 8/1 and 8/8)