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  1. a_Ferk


    yo dlamb, I like the art in the background of your sig, makes it look real nice. The font you used is cool, I think that was a good choice. A criticism I have is that there is some empty space above the goalie's helmet and a lot of the top tier graphics seem to avoid that. In short, I think your work is S tier but since it is a Mexico player, 9/10
  2. Hello. I admire your patience with writing an article this size and also having time to add team logos, I would get lazy and just post mine. I thought your article was very well presented, and your writing was great. I prefer the analysis articles over re-drafts personally, as I find they are easier to follow and give insight into how each pick played out. Nice work 9/10 Thanks for fixing the text for light theme users btw.
  3. 49. The Bears traded away @Phil. What are your thoughts on this? Release the rage!! Say your goodbyes!! Sucks to lose Phil, but we have to do what we can to win. 50. The weekend is over. What are your plans for the up and coming week? Not a lot. Sleep schedule is actually pretty normal now so that's good though. 51. Trade deadline is tomorrow. Think anything will happen? If it passed, thoughts on it? I could see us making another move. 52. @Kendrick is 11th in the M with 84 points in 64 games. What are they putting in his "water"?? Mike's secret stuff from space jam. 53. @S
  4. VHLM GMs will find something to fight about even without articles like this lmao
  5. 31. What are your plans for the upcoming weekend? We ate food. 34. The Easter bunny brought the Bears some "stuff"? What did it bring? It brought us some depth scoring. 36. @Kendrick plans to have the team over for a covid safe Easter team dinner. What is he cooking for us all?? He said it was chicken, but it looked suspiciously like rabbit 37. @Shiny Snuck into the Bears LR and pulled an Easter prank on the team... what did they do? He showed up in the locker room, shocking everyone. 38. @InstantRockstar came up with a secret plan to egg the commissioners homes. What is
  6. 15. Which team had the biggest off-season? Moscow I guess. They sold a lot of assets, looks like a rebuild. 16. Were you surprised by all the GM's stepping down? Who would you hire? Not really. Life happens. I would've hired IR 17. Thoughts on the Bears off-season? Kendrick's player was a nice pickup. Cool to see drew and Toast joining the team as well. 18. What are your expectations for you this season? I want to score 50 goals. With how we've been so far it's likely not going to happen, but a guy can dream. 19. How do you think the Bears will do this season? Hopefully bet
  7. I'd say it's safe to say the Sabres have reached meme status 😬

    1. GustavMattias


      I don't know how it took you this long to realize that.

    2. GrittyIsKing09


      how did they fucking lose that.

      my family just bursted out laughing every one of the flyers goals.

  8. sweats in 1-0 win
  9. Hello. I like the contrast between the black and white background and the banner which is in color. (Reminds me of a certain anime opening where everything is black and white except the destruction, but that is besides the point). Nice touch that red fonts and backgrounds are slightly different shades of red, for the respective team's logos. 10/10 banner
  10. Pretty sure the requirement is actually 500 words chief. Pretty meme worthy media spot but it did get me thinking about where the money actually does go, so there is that. I like your VHL movie idea, we should pitch that to some movie producer. 9/10 article because you don't know the word requirement, rekt
  11. Claiming for my media spot this week. *Also note for updaters, it is the first article from the top. **Edit 2, 553 words