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  1. I was going to post that if someone didn't beat me to it
  2. a_Ferk


    Halifax 21st: A Legacy of Failure
  3. He called me a lick. This man knows what he's talking about tbh
  4. 1. Did you expect Philly was going to win it all this season? 2. Will you be tuning in to the VHLM draft stream in 4 days or so? 3. Who is going to win the NHL's Canadian Division? 4. What was your reaction to how the World Juniors ended? 5. From our class of waiver claim players, who do you think will go the highest in the draft? 6. Played any hockey lately? I live in a small town so I've actually been skating quite a bit in recent days.
  5. Hey man, I remember you from a while back. Unfortunately it's the offseason so no teams are allowed to sign you, however I'm pretty sure the draft is going to be in the next 4-5 days or so. You'll get picked up by someone then.
  6. It's an interesting question, as the New York Americans have been the VHL's resident cursed franchise for quite some time now. I think your article gave some good points as to how NYA could become relevant again. However, the answer to your question is probably no, Moscow and Malmo have both came into existence and won a cup since the last time New York won. (Also they were founded a good 12+ seasons after that) Sorry about New York, so here is a 10/10 rating.
  7. I think you may have endangered Toast haha, if he tries to go inactive again the league will be out to get him. I like the humorous media spots because they are much more fun to read and don't seem to drag on as much. The inclusion of pictures was nice because I think they add a nice element to an article. 10/10 article my man
  8. 64. Malmo or DCD? If over, thoughts on the winner? Malmo, the better team won in my honest opinion. 65. Who was Seattle's best player this season? Obviously I'm biased, but have to say Brown. Lead in points and goals and had the most game winners. 66. What changes would you make to Seattle to make them more successful? Major moves this offseason. 67. What did you end up doing for Christmas? Just had my dad's parents over. My dad works with my grandpa anyways lol so it wasn't really a big deal. 68. W
  9. stupid double posts haha, hate when that happens
  10. Sorry we couldn't get you a cup man, and also that we probably won't be able to bring you back. You were one of the best waiver pickups in the league and it was amazing to see. I think you will have great success wherever you end up next season.
  11. Press conference for week ending January 3rd. 1. Have you been watching the World Juniors lately? If so, who are you cheering for? 2. What was the best gift you got for Christmas? 3. What kind of food did you eat for the holidays? 4. How satisfied have you been with your player's performance recently? 5. What do you think of Chicago's big upset (and sweep) of Seattle in the VHL? 6. Assistant GM a_Ferk went MIA with the presser last week. Where did he go?
  12. After going 1-1 in the second sim of the series with Saskatoon, the Las Vegas Aces now face the dreaded 3-1 lead. In the first sim, Vegas took game one by a score of 6-4, and game two by a score of 4-3. Not a totally dominant sim, but enough to take the two game series lead. Saskatoon showed that they still had a bit of fight left in them by winning game three by a score of 2-1. Michael Fletcher played especially well, allowing a single goal on 24 shots. However, Vegas answered with a decisive 5-2 victory and a solid team effort. 10 different Vegas skaters scored at least a single
  13. Haven't really heard of any of these songs (except the one by BTS), but it's a pretty good article as far as list media spots go. The only thing I noticed was the odd grammatical error here and there. For example, the capitalization on i wasn't there a handful of times, but not a huge deal. 9/10 article