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  1. Hello. I liked your dream team article, and thought your selections were pretty good, though I bet this was easy because of how short Miami has existed lol. Anyways, I would have maybe did something different with the headers for each player. I think it would have benefit from having a label for each player as well as each position. Other than minor formatting changes I think this article is worthy of 10/10
  2. I like how you include everyone in these media spots lol. Looking forward to being part of the security team, please do more of these Bear's Den articles 10/10
  3. Dakota Lamb - C - Warsaw If you’re choosing the Stolzschwieger Trophy based purely off of points, Dakota Lamb has the strongest case out of anyone to take it home. Drafted 10th overall by Warsaw in S73, Lamb became a crucial part of their team in S74, scoring 43 goals and racking up 47 assists for a grand total of 90 points. He even cracked the top 10 in goals for the league, coming in at number 8. To my knowledge this has to be the best statline for a rookie in a very long time, however it probably won’t hold as much weight due to the recent expansion which has driven up scoring.
  4. How does Trapper work again? Caboose should have been able to place his trap last night correct?
  5. Berocka knows my role but imma refrain from claiming until I'm pressed to
  6. I think we had an expansion or something a while back, there are more than 12 teams now
  7. Pretty good for an early attempt man.
  8. After going on a 2 week bender, I'm back for this week's press conference. Sorry about that. 1. It's a cold night in Saskatoon. How have you been adjusting to the weather? 2. Now that we are clinched for playoffs, what do you think we'll have to do to compete? 3. Who do you think has stepped up to lead the team in this final stretch of the regular season? 4. What are your thoughts on Las Vegas AGM JigglyGumballs lurking in our Locker Room? 5. What are you going to do to pass the time during the NHL offseason? 6
  9. I think your media spot was well written. The beginning statement was a good opener. I like how you went through the team's regular season performance, a bit of a preview for who you will be playing in the playoffs, and your expectations once you do reach the playoffs. The idea of Mexico beating Yukon in the first round is a good one, so I hope you do. Other than the odd grammatical error you have a nice article here, 8/10.
  10. I like the use of green for Las Vegas. The idea of a progress report is something I have not really seen before in a media spot, but I think it was a good idea. The tweet was a nice add I must admit, hopefully VHL twitter can take off even thought I'm not a fan of twitter. I like the analytics media spots and would have gave you a perfect score, but I'm going to give you a 9/10 because Vegas just beat Saskatoon 3-0. Sorry.
  11. 1. What is something you want to get done this week? I want to do my PTs early instead of last minute 2. What were your thoughts on the boring trade deadline? It wasn't boring, we got rid of Dil 3. What did you think of this seasons theme week? Who was your MVP on your team? My MVP was probably Kazimir Komarov. He was playoff MVP in our S72 Founder's Cup run in Sasky 4. What do you think next seasons theme week should be? Something that isn't stupid like the previous few seasons lol 5. A company wants to sponsor your player. Who is it? CCM, my player uses their equipment