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  1. 1. I'm the new General Manager here! It's a pleasure to fill out the team from scratch with a fresh batch of promising players. What are your career plans for your player? Winning a couple of cups in the VHL ultimately. Hopefully win one here first. 2. Let's talk about hockey. What do you like the most about the sport? I was always a goalie and I really liked playing. I have trouble paying attention and it was the one thing where I never had trouble staying focused. I was in the zone. It was a good feeling. 3. Is there an NHL star player that you model your player after? If so, who is it? I'm not sure. My player is a defensive defenseman that can also hit and score. 4. Which NHL team do you root for? Which one can't you stand?? I'm an Oilers fan and I can't stand the Leafs due to their media. I was watching the Oilers broadcast once and for the first 5 minutes they talked about Toronto. The Leafs weren't even playing that night. 5. IRL question: How are you doing? Are you a student in school, or working? What's up in general with things in your life? I'm doing alright. I'm currently in university. Just got back from my parent's house as I was visiting over the weekend. 6. How much time do you dedicate to activity on the forums or discord to keep up with league activity? Too much on discord, not enough on forums.
  2. smh I was just about to to do that
  3. Don't really understand this format ngl
  4. 1. Beaviss F- Groovy Dude F - F - D - D - G - 2. BrutalBoost F - F - F - D - D - G - 3. Siddhus F - F - F - D - D - G - 4. Juice F - F - F - D - D - G - 5. a_Ferk (GM) F - F - F - D - D - G - 6. Renomitsu F - F - F - D - D - G -
  5. New York is looking like it could have a championship roster on their hands here to be honest. If I could pick one part of the team that was worse than the rest, it would probably be the defense but even so, it has three 600+ TPE players. Now that Seattle is in a bit of a rebuild maybe New York could finally find a spot in the playoffs? Only time will tell. Best of luck next season. 9/10
  6. With the 12th overall pick in the S80 VHLM draft, the Houston Bulls selected defenseman Biggie Cheese. Houston was relatively close to his home state of Arizona, so Houston could be viewed as Cheese’s hometown team. Biggie Cheese stands at 5 feet, 5 inches and a staggering 250 pounds. He is expected to be a shutdown presence on the blue line for the Bulls. Other notable new arrivals for Houston include Cameron Elsby, who will most likely play on the first pair with Cheese, and Nils Godlander, the 2nd overall pick who is expected to be the driving force behind the Bull’s offense. Nils Godlander will likely play on a line with James glove dropper and Ernie King Jr, who were both also acquired in the draft. Standing inside the blue paint for Houston will be Ali Des Aves. Although he had a small sample size of 4 games with Halifax last season, he did well in his limited ice time.
  7. Am doing them now lol. I'm sick so I stayed in my dorm and slept until noon
  8. Instead of doing my homework or going to bed, I ended up staying up and listening to this for some fuckin reason. Anyways, Frostbeard intro was god tier. I didn't realize so many teams needed a goalie either now or a couple seasons down the road. S80 doesn't have many goalies and the highest ranked goalie for TPE in S81 is currently 26th. Looks like anyone who has a backup will be selling high. I too was shocked that Seattle might actually have to rebuild. The dynasty can't go on forever I suppose. Also rest in piece to Toronto's defense, it will be interesting to see how they address it with their picks. I'm assuming they go after one of the goalies and pick up 2 defense with the other 2 picks. Regarding the Junior tournament, it was absolutely hilarious to see the Warriors choke the way they did after how the round robin went. Go Royals. 10/10, would procrastinate again
  9. If this player becomes good enough to get picked in VHFL it is going to cause absolute chaos
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    You should've tagged me haha, I forgot you made me a sig. Thanks boot
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