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  1. 1. How do we feel about our start so far? 2. What do you think the team can improve on? 3. What do you think you can individually improve on? 4. What are you getting up to off the ice? 5. Favorite memory of the season so far? 6. What was the first thing you bought with your salary?
  2. 1. That Jay Jones guy seems good. 2. Never knew him but wish him the best. 3. Improve on last season's performance. 4. I mailed them a fruit basket. 5. The constant threats of violence. 6. Well London is looking solid again.
  3. 1. London comes back with a steel chair and wins the finals for some reason. 2. Yep, we'll only be getting better. 3. We just weren't good enough. Next season will be better. 4. I don't really pay attention to hockey irl so let's say Jay Jones if he ever turns sentient and escapes from the sim to play in the NHL. 5. Mcwolf since he follows me everywhere. 6. The active LR.
  4. 1. Hugh Jass, James Rose and maybe myself ! 2. Our goalie without a doubt. 3. It could be better to be honest. Hopefully it improves next season. 4. I have no idea but hopefully someone on London. 5. I love cheesy christmas music! 6. Relaxing with family and friends.
  5. 1. Keep on this win streak. 2. One of the GOATs. 3. I'm sure a lot of teams will be trying to get better. Hopefully we can handle the new and better rosters. 4. I think we're on a pretty good win streak but maybe we should be looking to improve if we want to keep on it. 5. An auto 12 for doing nothing, of course. 6. Pretty good compared to others.