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  1. Hylands with 2 awards and 2 all time records, nice!
  2. Mexico City Kings Press Conference Playoffs are here edition! 1. Our 1st round matchup is against the Las Vegas Aces, do you think we can brush them off? 2. Of all the 1st round matchups, who is most likely to pull off an upset? 3. Any thoughts on who will be taking over Mexico City after I leave for Malmo? 4. Which team in the VHL or VHLM has the best logo? 5. Are you looking forward to either draft that's coming up? 6. Are you currently binge watching any TV shows?
  3. this is my final bump. we desperately need you to fill out the tier list. and week 3 claim.
  4. Proud of what Mexico was able to pull off this season! Onto the playoffs!
  5. Love to see the dedication, vat! Hard work pays off
  6. Mexico City Kings Press Conference Trade deadline edition! 1. We are now just 2 points out of 2nd overall, do you think we can make a late challenge for 1st? 2. We had a couple trades go through recently, do you think they are what we need to make a cup run? 3. Of the 4 teams at the bottom of the VHLM, who is most likely to make a late push into the playoffs? 4. What would be your ultimate cheat meal? 5. What made you choose the username you currently use? 6. How often do you exercise or try to stay active during the week?
  7. Hey @STZ! Mexico City could really use you in our push for the cup! I can get you 2nd pairing minutes with eventual special teams time. I think you would be a huge piece of our eventual success if you join. Quote this post and say "acepto " to join the Kings!
  8. Hello @Garsh i was waiting all day for you to recreate! We have space for 1 more forward if you would be so inclined to take the spot. Just quote this post and say "acepto "
  9. Mexico City Kings Press Conference Keeping the momentum going edition! 1. The team is at the bar after a great win, you order a round of drinks for everybody, what do you choose? 2. How do you relax and get rid of stress after a long day? 3. Which team has impressed you the most in the VHLM this season? 4. You have been approached by a company to do a sponsorship deal. What is the ideal company that you would want to sponsor you? 5. What is the ultimate goal you have as a player? 6. Do you prefer chewy or hard chocolate chip cookies?