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  1. there must be something in the water in the balkan country of bosnia and herzegovina. the season 82 draft class recently declared themselves eligible for the vhlm draft and no fewer than three bosnian players are included. not to mention all three of them seem to have quite a bit of hype behind them, hinting at some very successful careers ahead. this brings the total of bosnian players in the vhl up to four. in a recent push to bring the bosnian hockey association to the forefront of the hockey world, the efforts seem to be heavily paying off. our records show there has never been a bosnian vhl player before now, with harkat mulds becoming the first ever bosnian player in the season 81 draft class. we asked him how he felt about being the first player to represent his country, "it's obviously a huge honour. there has been a huge push into hockey from the government in recent times, and you are now seeing the results of all the hard work myself and my fellow compatriots have put in." as for now, the four bosnians are playing for the yukon rush in the vhlm as they continue their development. we will continue to monitor their progress closely.
  2. Malmo Nighthawks Press Conference Answer all 6 questions for 2 TPE for the Week ending in 10/24 1. It’s trade deadline day! What moves would you be looking at if you were GM of Malmo? 2. Last season we breezed through the regular season. This time around we’ve struggled a bit more. Have you had trouble keeping your confidence up during times where we haven’t played as well as we hoped? 3. Riga and Los Angeles are only a few points out of playoffs in their respective conferences. Which of those teams do you think has the best chance to make the post-season? 4. If you had the choice to rebrand the Nighthawks, what colours would you choose as our primary and secondary? Or would you even bother to change anything? 5. Jeffrey Pines recently retired from the VHL. What do you have to say about the greatest player the league has ever seen? 6. Have you read any good books lately? I kinda want some recommendations.
  3. hello i would like to claim week 3
  4. Review: Great job of bringing in some of your other hobbies and tying them into your player's story here. I know I would be checking Scotty Kaberle's Fantasy Picks every day of the season to get the edge on my opponents. You did a great job of breaking up your article into nicely sized paragraphs and it was easy to digest. Can't believe you allowed that double line break between the last two paragraphs, though! 9/10
  5. Review: I liked the honesty which you discussed your time in the VHL with here. I wouldn't mind to see out my days on Earth with a beautiful lake side cabin in the Canadian rockies. As always with your articles, the grammar and spelling is spot on. You usually rock some colours in these things, I missed them this time! Other than that a great read! 8.5/10
  6. 1. Anything can happen in the playoffs, I like our chances, we've got a solid squad. 2. I would get myself the finest cheeseburger money can buy. 3. I think he can. Admittedly the whole team has had inconsistency issues through the season, but I'd love to see a push as playoffs get closer. 4. It's tough to say. The league being very competitive probably adds a lot to the excitement of the players. 5. Malmo baby! I played 4 seasons here with my player, and then GM'd another 4 seasons! 6. Roast potatoes and turkey. I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to that.
  7. ok vhl is over now, we can all go home
  8. it hasn’t been very long since chris hylands hung up the skates for good. we only have to go back to the european conference finals last season to find his last ever game. hylands enjoyed a great career in the vhl, where he produced at over a point per game pace for his entire career. not only did he do it as a winger, but his last 3 seasons in the league he re-tooled his game and was among the league’s best defencemen. there’s a lot to be said for a player that can be as good as he was at both positions. but what does life look like for hylands now? he was initially offered a job in the front office of the malmo nighthawks, the very place where hylands made his name known as one of the top players of his era. it was a tough decision, but coming off the back of another cup win, hylands felt he didn’t have much to offer that the team didn’t already have. he wasn’t even sure that he wanted to stick around the league much more considering he had spent seven full seasons dedicating everything he had and more to his game. hylands knew that what he really needed, was to get away from it all, at least for a bit. so he packed his bags, sold his home in warsaw, and moved back home to the british countryside. hylands likes to keep to himself mostly. he’s got a fairly large property, with lots of green space and a home that comfortably fits about two people. he’s recently gotten into gardening! he says it’s very peaceful and relaxing to go outside and tend to the many plants and vegetables he has growing around the property. you might even catch him selling freshly harvested produce, and various baked goods at the local farmer’s market during the summer! he likes to grow a lot of different annual flowers as well, he said his partner loves them and they also help pollinators like butterflies and bees thrive. other than that, hylands leads a pretty tame life post retirement. he will travel in to london every once in a while to watch the united play one of his former teams, and catch up with some old friends. every time he goes, they can’t help but to beg him to return to the game in some form. the experience that hylands brings is invaluable. two continental cups, a kanou, and a couple of defensive awards prove that he has the talent on the ice, but hylands is hesitant and worries that his success on ice will not translate into success in the front office. for now, hylands is quite content to live life at a bit of a slower pace than the vhl allowed. he’s enjoying the little things that life has to offer. perhaps he returns to the vhl in some capacity in the future, but it doesn’t seem like even he knows if that’s going to happen. it’s anybody’s guess at this point.
  9. i graciously accept my best gm award. thank you so much to all who voted for me!
  10. it seems like only a few days ago the season was just beginning! as of today, the yukon rush have played 37 games, amassed 69 points and hold on to first place in the league. it has been smooth sailing ever since yukon figured out their lines and roster. the top line of karjalainen, mulds and colors have been an offensive powerhouse that seemingly cannot be stopped. they have an incredible combined 249 points between just the three of them, and are doing the absolute most to ensure that yukon has the best possible chance of a founder's cup. for mulds, i expect the point production to remain at about the same level for the rest of the season, which is phenomenal in my opinion. 82 points over 37 games so far is way better than my previous player managed. i suspect the new rules regarding playing time in the vhlm are contributing to the success, but at the same time, you gotta be in the lottery to win it, right? well, that's about it for this week. see you next time!
  11. 1. I think we're having a bit of a Cup Hangover at the moment. I like how the team is shaping up and I'm confident in our chances for the playoffs. 2. Most favourable is hard to say. I think we match up relatively well against Davos, I wouldn't mind another series against them. 3. Chicago are looking dangerous! They will be extremely tough to beat. 4. I'm more of a Thanksgiving person. Love the family time! 5. I'm a Sharks fan, so I can't say I'm extremely excited. But it's nice that we are back to a regular schedule and not only playing the same 7 teams. 6. Ted Lasso baby! I'm nearly finished with the second season.
  12. S80 MALMO NIGHTHAWKS CAPTAINS @animal74@.sniffuM@BOOM thanks for the graphic BOOM!
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