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  1. The Mississauga Hounds have become the perfect example of an organization that has its development system in perfect alignment right now. Andrew Su is an MVP candidate, Albert Stoner was a great find, while goalie Aleksandr Aleksandrov was a fantastic signing. Adil Mahmood has 10 goals in just 16 games. Oh, but we’re not done. That’s the present – and the future is looking just as bright. Two Hounds prospects recently announced that they would be in the VHL by next season. Right Winger Michael Mac was one of the best players in the entire NCAA this past season and he did so as a freshman at Harvard. Mac, taken 8th overall by Mississauga in the 2019 draft, helped Harvard soar in the second half, earning him conference of the year honors in Hockey East. He tied for fourth in conference scoring. But yes, there is more to accomplish in the VHML and he was adamant with our staff that he would make it happen. We, for one, can't wait to see it.
  2. Claim: Mike Mac 1) Connor McDavid 2) Martin Jones 3) Nikita Kucherov 4) Alexander Edler 5) Brian Elliot 6) Seth Jones 7) Kris Letang 8. Jamie Benn
  3. 109 Malmo Nighthawks @ Vancouver Wolves 110 Toronto Legion @ Prague Phantoms 112 Helsinki Titans @ HC Davos Dynamo 113 Riga Reign @ Moscow Menace
  4. 1. VHL fo Sho. 2. He visits everyone he hates and coughs all over them. 3. I've seen him drink horse semen in the dressing room. If that's what it takes to succeed, I'll pass. 4. The puck bunnies. They love to get them some Michael Mac. 5. Hip hop, top 50 on Spotify, ebooks. 6. Control. Red dead redemption 2 Grand theft auto
  5. Sorry, wrong team. Not sure why this notified me but my own team doesn't. Ah well.
  6. Please add me to the tagged list. In VHLM.
  7. Here is my original that I never claimed TPE for but will try now. So at least I am improving lol.
  8. I'm no longer over a point per game, but my 9 points in 9 games is still a solid start, after a rough weekend for the Hounds. 

    1. Banackock


      Keep it up 


      (that’s what she said)

  9. player: Mike Mac TIER 1 :100 tpe +45 scoring 50-> 80 +10 defense 50-> 60 +15 Puck Handling 50-> 65 +30 skating 50 -> 75 Let me know if my math on XP doesn't add up.
  10. In today’s VHL, what’s more valuable than a big winger who moves well and plays with skill? Teams that have one generally don’t let them go. Teams that want one almost never have the opportunity to get one unless they draft one. To that end, I suspected Michael Mac would be a highly sought after player. The Hounds liked what Michael Mac had to offer so much that they gave him first line minutes and powerplay time, but passed on some of the more notable players in this year’s draft class. It was somewhat of an unexpected move, but the pick helped fill a team need. Michael Mac checks a lot of boxes that the Hounds were looking to add this offseason. If you are unfamiliar with Mac, let’s take a closer look at what he has to offer. Mac is polished. When he’s engaged and on the prowl, he’s a player who can draw comparisons to a young Ryan Getzlaf. Like Getzlaf, Mac has a power game, but also has high end vision and the hockey sense to open up lanes for other players. An accurate wrist shot allows him to score from the outside and the willingness to go to the net and play in traffic also makes him dangerous in front. Strengths: Shifty with great hands despite his large frame. Very coordinated and a very smooth skater. He is incredibly talented at keeping the puck in motion and creating offense with a sneaky elegance. Michael’s ability to slow the game down and read the ice has been noticed by many scouts. He is a very strong forward with an “offensive-first” mindset. His soft hands help generate offense, especially in the crease and other dangerous areas. Scouts have also commented on his ability to weave the puck into tight spaces; a skill that is unique given his size. None of this compares to his shot, which is one of the best among available players. Michael can take control of the offense and slow the game down for himself and his teammates. A fast stick and agility will mesh well with the Hounds forward group. Areas for Improvement: Mac’s agility mostly stems from his hands and upper body. A consistent drive in his acceleration is expected to improve with VHL caliber development. Another common area for improvement noted by scouts is a general lack of confidence in his defensive positions, as well as an unwillingness to always block a shot. Potential: His size and offensive ability will be a change of pace for the Hounds forward group. His cerebral read on the game and vision on the ice could make him a big asset on the penalty-kill unit. Mac has shown creativity in his defensive game, which Mississauga will look to use when he hits VHLM ice.
  11. 1) Since it's not been too long since you've joined the league, what are thoughts on the league so far as a whole? "It really seems like a perfect fit for me. It's something I have been trying to be immediately good at but there is such a big learning curve, I know I am going to make mistakes. I'm going to keep plugging away, get a better understanding of the league and perform at a more consistent pace." 2) Are there any areas in the league that you would like to see a change/improvement? '"There is a lot going on at all times on the site. Because of this, it can be challenging for new players to know what to do or what they can't do. You need to have joined before season 70 to do this, and after season 70 to do that. The information is all there, it's just spread out around the site. I wouldn't mind a better summary page of what various things are worth and what you're eligible for as a brand new player." 3) The VHLM Newsletter launched earlier this week, did you read it and was it helpful to you? ''I haven't seen this yet as I joined a few days ago. Looking forward to reading it, though!'' 4) What are your aims this season in the VHLM? ''Have a successful season. Make a name for myself. Win more than we lose. And making the playoffs would be nice, too.'' 5) With the teams starting to take shape, who do you consider to be the favourite for the VHLM Founders Cup? "Ottawa has been really good. I like what I have seen from them so far. I see them making a big impact this season.'' 6a) Is there any player on your VHL team that you're particularly looking forward to playing with when you make the VHL? (For players who were also in the VHL Draft) NA 6b) What do you think of your current VHLM team? (If you were selected in the VHLM Draft) I had high hopes when I signed before the season. After being sat out during the first night, it started to play with my mind a bit. I felt I was healthy enough to play but Berocka didn't get me in the lineup at gametime. I know I am one of the top wingers on the team and will continue to improve as one of the top TPE earners in my very first week. I just need the first line minutes and powerplay time I was promised to flourish. 6c) If a GM were to make you an offer, what kind of player would they be getting? (If you're currently unaffiliated). NA
  12. Hey Reverb, Nice work here. I really like how you do your backgrounds. The coloring and effects you use are solid. You clearly know what you are doing. I am just learning all of these things so I appreciate the inspiration. That said, I like the logo currently in your sig more. It has more vibrant color and a better style. The new sig is almost impossible to read your name, so if I wasn't going off of that only, I wouldn't even know who it was. I get that may be the point of doing the design this way, so its just my personal opinion. Overall, I'd give your current sig an 8 out of 10. I'd give the new one you posted a 5.