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  1. How is Moscow picking after Riga when they lost to them? I'm an idiot
  2. Western Europe Ready to Win Gold WESTERN EUROPE, Europe - The World Cup of Hockey is back just in time for the end of season 72. Players around the world are anxiously awaiting to hear if their name will be called to play for their respective countries or regions and another chance to prove themselves on the ice after their regular season has finished. There are currently six teams all focused on the same goal, a gold medal. These teams; Canada, USA, Nordic, Western Europe, World, and Mercenaries are all busy trying to compile the best rosters they can in their regions. With all of that being said, we're here to discuss a certain team in particular. That team is Western Europe. What exactly is "Western Europe" you may ask? Well, according to our geographic specialist @fonziGG, it is comprised of "Europe, but not Scandinavia". There you have it folks, our geographic specialist worth every penny VSN pays him. You also may wonder what makes this team so special? Well, it is to be GM'd by none other than the famous GM Oliver Twists. He is world renowned for his World Junior Cup run and his current AGM position in Las Vegas. He will be leading the men of Western Europe to a gold medal this year. Now that we have some background on the current World Cup situation let's discuss Western Europe in more depth. In the world Junior Cup of hockey over the past couple of seasons Europe has seen some great talent represent them at that level. They have won gold medals in the past two seasons of world juniors. Thanks to two years of development those players are going to be great assets to the team of Western Europe. By now, those players should hopefully be in the VHL and doing well for their respective VHL teams. So, when it comes to prospects it seems Western Europe will have a lot of talent to work with. During the last World Cup of Hockey Western Europe won a bronze medal in their game against the Mercenaries. This bodes well for maintaining a healthy base of talent to help the upcoming prospects that will be joining the team this year. All in all, Western Europe looks poised to be in a great position for winning a gold medal this year, or at the bare minimum, being very competitive. When asked about what players may have potentially already made the Western Europe lineup Twists had this to say, "until rosters are finalized I will not reveal anyone who has or has not made the cut. We will be going about this in a very official manner and rosters will be published with every other team". Unfortunately, it looks like we won't be getting any inside scoops on who Twists may be picking for the team, but in the meanwhile you can head over to the portal yourself and get a pretty good idea. Until rosters are announced and games start we will eagerly await the World Cup of Hockey. For now, bring out all of your hype, all of your love, and all of your cheers for team Western Europe! #WestIsBest
  3. 7/6 - 7/12 Please answer either 3 a or b as it pertains to you. 1. Reflecting back on your season, what was your favorite moment as a player on LVA? 2. Who do you think is going to win the VHLM playoffs? 3.a. As the draft nears where do you hope to go overall in the draft? What team would you like to be drafted by? 3.b. As someone who has already been drafted are you planning on staying down another year or going up to join your VHL team? What excites you about either? 4. Is there anything you would have preferred @Spartan or I to have done better for your VHLM experience? We're always looking to improve . 5. Did you ever meet any of our fellow Vegas hockey players from the Golden Knights? If so, what was your experience like? 6. How rowdy did you get the night when we were eliminated from the playoffs?
  4. You really didn't need to write this you could have just linked to my Moscow v. Davos thread.
  5. w0w not even asking your agm for opinions ok
  6. I will also apply for any team! Would love to GM another world cup.
  7. I agree, and also want to see this answered. This may have large ramifications for the VHLM if we always have to field the best roster in terms of playing inactives.