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  1. It's been a wild ride VHL, but today it's going to come to an end. I'm tired. I'm tired of dealing with the toxicity of the league, the anti-American sentiment that's ever present, the updaters who put my PTs into review every week regardless of quality (including a presser this week lmao). I'm tired of trying, and doing my best to make this league better while having people personally attack me for no reason. I wish I could look back and say I had fun or a good time, but that would just be lying. There were moments that were fun, but overall I just didn't enjoy my time here. The VHL has sever
  2. twists

    New Las Vegas AGM

    Congratulations to @JigglyGumballs I am sure you will do great things in Vegas! Also, thank you for your kind words @Z16
  3. 1. Definitely a little of both. I think its always great to get new members, but giving away as much TPE as we are is somewhat concerning as well. 2. The only way I could see it getting to be too big is if players became career 3rd or 4th liners. That might not be fun for anyone involved. 3. Well @Victor keeps threatening to trade the whole team to Davos, so I guess that's different than most. 4. pays for OnlyFans 5. Definitely the sharks mascot. That dude has some spunk in him 6. Go full bear mode and rub my back up against something.
  4. You all have until the games are simmed today to get your answers in for VHL fantasy zone!

  5. You didn't miss it! By first round I meant the round after the wildcards! I probably should have specified.
  6. Get your answers in for the last VHL Fantasy of the season!

  7. Time for week 5 of VHL fantasy! Sadly, this will be our last week before next season. As a result I've mixed things up in an attempt to add some fun to the playoff hype. Instead of picking winners of games you will be picking winners of the first round of the playoffs. Each correct guess will be worth 0.5 TPE rounded down (blame the blues). That means you will need two correct guesses for 1 TPE and all four for 2 TPE. Lastly, you get to guess what the series score of the Continental Cup finals will be for 3 TPE! Obviously, you won't have to pick a team, so I'm hoping it's a little bit easier :
  8. I'm so confused, what is the complaint here. Week 4 trivia was posted on Tuesday and answers were posted on Sunday.
  9. Week 4 Winners 2 TPE: @LatinViking @jhatty8 @gorlab @fever95 3 TPE: @MattyIce
  10. 8/24 - 8/30 1. As the regular season wraps up, what are your hopes for LVA come playoff time? 2. Who do you think will win the VHL playoffs this year? 3. Have you ever been to a casino IRL? If not do not let this question sway you into going. 4. Be honest with me, since joining LVA have you turned into a gambling addict? 5. Most likely our first round in the playoffs will be against MIN, do you have any trash talk for them you'd like to share? 6. Who wears the pants in the relationship, @Spartan or @fishy?
  11. TWIST'S MOM'S BASEMENT, Michigan - Sunday has arrived and the sweet smell of trivia TPE is in the air. Everyone gathers around the VHL Trivia sub-forum early, even though we know @Josh won't post the answer until 11:58PM that night. Today we had a surprise! The answers had actually been posted around 2PM eastern time and the crowd went wild. People may even have enough time to claim their trivia and get it in before the end of the day today! Eagerly awaiting to claim my TPE I ctrl-f'd for my name. It wasn't there. Was there a mistake? Had I been left out on accident? I looked at the questions
  12. @.sniffuM The ultimate in Buffness and Beavness all in one Las Vegas defenseman