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  1. omfg madlad did it! Thank you so much ledge!
  2. Can’t sign into google docs w/o my parents knowing. Habs in 7
  3. Berlin logo is much better in meaning and look imo: Berlin/Paris/Stockholm Edit: I could make a one sentence parody of Royals for the Royals but I’m not going to.
  4. what is perry resigning from? edit: re-sign nvm
  5. i am last-always, i am last-always, ahoy there, ahoy, i am last-always
  6. just found this gem of an ad: Screenshot-2021-06-23-110132

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    2. GustavMattias


      I don't know why I was reminded of this but one time at work we moved the thing we keep onions on in the produce section (not sure what the name for such a thing was) and we found a whole pile of onions under it because apparently cleaning under this thing hadn't crossed anyone's mind in a long time. Anyway, some of them had sprouted and turned into plants, and others had been hollowed out with nothing but peel left--leading us to believe that the onions were eating each other to grow under there. Metal as hell and it made a boring night interesting in a nerdy way.

    3. GrittyIsKing09


      It was one of those clickbait ads on most news websites that have outlandish titles and the likes. i didnt click on it so i dont know. i guess its more of an article than an ad

    4. GrittyIsKing09


      gustav holy cow thats freaking awesome. also a little gross haha

  7. WELCOME TO THE FIRST SEASONAL RAP BATTLE TOURNAMENT there need to be 2 verses, each with 4 lines. they dont have to rhyme. Sign up ends whenever i say it ends/ when we have enough people. any other questions? feel free to ask me here. I will post matchups tomorrow afternoon provided enough people sign up Sign up down below
  8. never gonna give you up never gonna let you down always gonna recommend, this saaw-ong


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    2. GrittyIsKing09


      aight gonna make a rap battle tournament