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  1. Pretty decent career ig. Nothing special, hope to be better points wise when I next create
  2. It hurts so much not creating a player. I just don’t want any team to be stuck with me not being able to make any high volumes of tpe so I’ll have to put it off for a while.

    1. 16z


      Nah homie teams in the VHLE would love to have you and I know you can light it up for sure! 


      But I'm still waiting for you either way, no rush :)

    2. GustavMattias


      Yeah, you can tear up the minors and the E league as a welfare player if you'd like. I'm sure there are quite a few teams who would love to have you!

    3. Ledge and Dairy

      Ledge and Dairy

      Gritty, I can guarantee you almost every VHLM team would love to have your player, welfare or not, on their team next season. Don't let that stop you from creating and enjoying everyday sims again!

  3. Last day of summer vacation. What should I do? Wrong answers only

  4. @Mr_Hatter @Renomitsu

    Wow did my fortunes change now she has a concert in Lewiston, only like 45 minutes out of buffalo that I’m 95 percent sure I’m going to if we manage to get tickets... holy cow I’m shaking a little

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    2. fishy



    3. Mr_Hatter



      Dude that's awesome, I hope you get to go. Have fun, and be safe!

    4. GrittyIsKing09


      We got the tickets!!!!!

  5. I feel like recently (last few years) there have been so many nhlers dying. Rip
  6. Heyyy just crying internally bc I realized I’m not going to be able to go to any of the Phoebe Bridgers concerts

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    2. Renomitsu


      Phoebe is passing through Charlotte on the 18th-20th but that's the ONE weekend in the next six months I won't be in town.
      Not only that, Julien is passing by Asheville on the 7th-8th but I'm working two long shifts those days!! Plus, I can't really risk getting COVID with everything coming to a head :((

    3. Mr_Hatter


      Damn that sucks!!! Well hopefully concerts will be picking up in a good way soon

    4. GrittyIsKing09


      Oh wow that’s a bummer. Hopefully we will all make it to some concert or another soon! Also has anyone got any of those Spotify emails saying so and so made you something special? Bc I missed one a few weeks ago for discounted still woozy tickets and I’m kicking myself

  7. Oh yeah @bigALhow’s Budapest 

  8. I’ll be On a bit, but no gfx and that stuff until I get a computer. Sorry I left for so long, I’ll be more regular
  9. So, as you may know, I am a child. And without a computer to my name. The reason I am on this site is because of my school computer, which got taken away before the summer. I assumed I could be back at next school year because I thought there would be a hybrid model for returning. There is not. 5 days a week in school, unless you have a medical condition. I do not have a medical condition. so I fear I may not be a regular again until I get a computer (and there is a small chance I get one for Christmas).
  10. I left for a month to be fully immersed in becoming a Toronto blue jays fan. They got robbed Friday 

    1. NSG88



  11. “He’s a pretty prominent member of the community” leaves for almost a month
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