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  1. 1. Four times two is 8. Add 117 that's 125. That's easy math. 2. The whole team - we gotta win the 'ship! Individually, we have to have a few finalists in the mix for sure. 3. Playoff MVP. If you can score when it counts then its the most important. 4. Defence. No way I'm biased there. 5. I don't think I ever ate it as a kid but the thought of liver would of disgusted me. Now? Sure I'll eat it. 6. Only pre-game rituals is making sure I got a scoop of Cope left for the post-game scrum.
  2. Wow that's awesome. Thanks so much for making that! Some definite skills on the player sig development!
  3. I wanted to do a quick getting to know you of some people in the league and I thought who better to start with than my own teammates? Our Discord locker room has been amazing and getting to know my teammates has been the best part of this season (winning has been nice too). Anyhow, I wanted to do a quick intro for the roster based on my interactions with them and their performances so far. Albert Zednik RW | 6' 3" | 200 lb. | Age: 20 | | | VHLM Drafted: 72nd Overall (S72) A new player with an empty statline. Word is once he arrives from the Czech Republic after the pandemic lockdown he could be a solid lottery ticket. Alex Burrows RW | 5' 5" | 180 lb. | Age: 38 | | VHL Drafted: 39th Overall (S71) | VHLM Drafted: 25th Overall (S70) A veteran forward build for scoring but takes care of his own end. Burrows is a quality depth player who’s contributions off the stat sheet are just as important as any numbers might be. Cole Newhook C | 6' 2" | 205 lb. | Age: 20 | | VHL Drafted: 35th Overall (S72) | VHLM Drafted: 36th Overall (S72) With 24 points on the board this year Newhook is taking a step forward on a deep roster. A strong centreman who is selfless with the puck but isn’t at all afraid to take a shot. Quality depth centre who’s knocking on the door of taking the next step. Danny DeYeeto D | 6' 8" | 250 lb. | Age: 47 | | VHL Drafted: 39th Overall (S67) | VHLM Drafted: 8th Overall (S67) “Yeets” is the straw that stirs the drink for the Storm. The all-time leader in games played for the Storm, he epitomizes the excellence that comes from putting on the sweater. He’s 5 goals away from becoming the all-time leading scorer and already owns the assists and points records by a significant margin. With 75 points already this season, DeYeeto is pacing the Storm to some lofty heights. Groovy Dood LW | 6' 1" | 190 lb. | Age: 25 | | | VHLM Drafted: 28th Overall (S72) This is a player you love to have on your wing: he loves to make the setup pass and bump up those numbers for his line mates. With 22 assists and a respectable 92 shots this year Groovy is holding down the Storm’s second line and creating a great matchup threat. Hunter Harrison D | 6' 8" | 250 lb. | Age: 18 | | | VHLM Drafted: 49th Overall (S70) My D partner for long stretches this season. Brings a ton of strength to the game and helps open up the ice and take possession with solid checking. At 250 lbs Huner IS the blue line. Ike Bennet LW | 6' 0" | 194 lb. | Age: 19 | | VHL Drafted: 17th Overall (S70) | VHLM Drafted: 15th Overall (S70) Drafted by Helsinki, Ike has made the most of his playing time in the M this season. He’s putting up an average of 1G and 1A a game and he rarely sees a shot he doesn’t like. Ike is setting the tone for the Storm’s second line. Jack John LW | 6' 7" | 196 lb. | Age: 23 | | VHL Drafted: 41st Overall (S71) | VHLM Drafted: 34th Overall (S71) Jack has brought valuable depth to the Storm’s third line. While his TPE production has been reliant on practice and welfare, he’s developed a decent role with the skills he’s developed. With some further growth his puck handling and strength might help him get into those contested areas where his scoring skill can flourish. Jikim Connelly D | 6' 0" | 190 lb. | Age: 19 | | | VHLM Drafted: 76th Overall (S72) “The Englishman” is a new acquisition and has just started his development. His statistics so far point to him becoming a passing D man and might help move the puck our of his own zone to some of the dangerous forwards on the Storm. Joe Exotic LW | 6' 4" | 210 lb. | Age: 19 | | VHL Drafted: 19th Overall (S72) | VHLM Drafted: 15th Overall (S72) At just over a point a game the Tiger Master has been centring the Storms first line in the past weeks. Working on his development with the Storm before heading out to HC Davos. Kendall Rasmussen C | 6' 8" | 250 lb. | Age: 17 | | | VHLM Drafted: 31st Overall (S70) Rasmussen is going to have to do more than just show up to practice each week if he wants to crack the talented and deep roster of the Storm. A few more weeks at least collecting welfare should help his development once he cracks the 100 TPE threshold. Liam Flaten D | 6' 2" | 210 lb. | Age: 19 | | VHL Drafted: 16th Overall (S72) | VHLM Drafted: 13th Overall (S72) “Flats” is an absolute treat to watch on the backend for the Storm. He snaps the puck around the ice with ease and has logged 54 assists so far this season. At +52, he’s making everyone on the ice better each time he’s out there. Absolutely love sharing the ice with this guy! Michael Hall LW | 6' 2" | 180 lb. | Age: 20 | | VHL Drafted: 36th Overall (S72) | VHLM Drafted: 41st Overall (S72) “Anthony” Michael Hall. The kid is on pace for a point per game with the Storm. Moscow might have drafted themselves a highly skilled scorer on the wing if he can keep his development going. Mickey Dickenson RW | 5' 10" | 180 lb. | Age: 18 | | VHL Drafted: 25th Overall (S71) | VHLM Drafted: 22nd Overall (S71) “Slick” Mickey Dickenson has been holding down the wing on the Storm’s first line this season and has been an absolute unit of a wingman for his linemates, chipping in with 47 assists so far this season. Strong development and HC Davos must be loving what they have in this guy! Mikeal Keef D | 6' 4" | 205 lb. | Age: 19 | | | VHLM Drafted: 38th Overall (S72) Just a small town kid trying to do good in this crazy world of hockey. Just be ready for the breakout pass is all. Squirrely Dan LW | 5' 10" | 200 lb. | Age: 30 | | VHL Drafted: 22nd Overall (S71) | VHLM Drafted: 19th Overall (S71) The Squirrel Master comes out of left field/wing everytime whether its on 5v5 or in extra strength situations. He lays crispy tape to tape passes and isn’t shy about tickling the twine with his 25 goals this season. The Terrible Trivium RW | 6' 1" | 197 lb. | Age: 23 | | | VHLM Drafted: 24th Overall (S72) This guy is no-time waster; he’s putting in just under a point per game with his time on the second line. He’s been putting in the time to up his TPE and it’s showing with improved skating and scoring. This kid is one to watch for the VHL draft! Bennet Dahl G | 6' 8" | 250 lb. | Age: 18 | | VHL Drafted: 47th Overall (S71) | VHLM Drafted: 48th Overall (S70) A young kid who’s using his size to his advantage. He’s making the most of development opportunities and could be one to watch in the future. Woody McPine G | 6' 4" | 188 lb. | Age: 17 | | VHL Drafted: 35th Overall (S71) | VHLM Drafted: 7th Overall (S71) There’s no doubt about it - McPine is making it easy for the team. The .906 save pct doesn’t tell the whole tale as he’s making the clutch stops when it counts. When its a 1 goal game against top opponents this is who you want behind you.
  4. Thanks for the highlight!
  5. So great to see this coming together!