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  1. 1. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale Moon light? 2. I mean, just based on probabilities, he likely won't. 3. I think it belongs to someone else, so... Meh? 4. I don't really pay attention after we've been eliminated, so, no. 5. I did the time I was in it, but not now. 6. I'm hoping to make this Spanish bread and garlic soup this week. Should be interesting!
  2. Kosmo Kramerev - DF
  3. 1. The recycle bin seems likely. 2. Not present this season. 3. No one. LET IT ALL BURN! 4. Staring into the grim abyss that is regression. 5. That crown looks like it would be hard to skate in. 6. A sheep, for wool, a chicken, for eggs and a comm badge, so I can get the Enterprise to beam me out.
  4. 1. I think my recent scoring drought is emblematic of our situation. 2. Jubis, because he cannot be rated high enough. 3. Rebound control. Stops you from having to make repeated saves from one opportunity. 4. A Jewish deli, so I can get myself a pastrami sandwich. 5. Actually having one. 6. Hufflepuff. Long live the bumbling badger of mediocrity!
  5. 1. Unless some ridiculous offer comes along, we stand pat. 2. Well, I know no one on the Canucks will be traded for. 3. Welfare 4. Bat Out of Hell 5. The winning area is the one in most need of improvement. 6. We've been heating up, I think we might sneak in.
  6. 1. A little slow, but we knew we were rebuilding. 2. I'm disappointed, TBH. I thought I'd score more. 3. A miniature horse named Lil Sebastian. 4. James Earl Jones. The man is made of gravitas. 5. Do rehab clinics do endorsements? 6. Sergei Kostitsen, for giving us this: https://youtu.be/5i_7s45q7wc
  7. 1. So far, our beef has only had sizzle. Now, it will have a one two punch of sizzle and fizzle. 2. Sorry, I think this is a building year. Next year. 3. Our unshakable drinking. 4. Defense go up, player more gooder. 5. Clicking that button for 10 free TPE from training camp. 6. The opportunity to get them in on the ground floor of my essential oils business.
  8. 1. Cry. Lie down. Cry more. 2. Magic Carpet Ride by Stephan Wolfe. No, not that one. 3. I refuse to follow along after I'm eliminated. 4. Fill it up with Mexican Black Tar Heroin. Uhh, I mean, get a milkshake. 5. Jubis 6. I'm a bit of a counting addict.
  9. 1. It was a very up and down year. I'm not very surprised it ended like it did, though I wish it hadn't. We were just so streaky. 2. I want to see what Askarov can do with sole command of the crease. 3. Michael Richards seems the logical choice. 4. Focus and dedication. If you really know how to train a goalie, they can play way over where you'd expect. 5. Uhhhh... London should've been... Better? TBH, I don't pay any attention to other teams. 6. Damn, who's even on the team anymore? How about Prout?
  10. 1. He's incredibly selfish and will only pass if forced to. Those goals come at the cost of many odd man rushes. 2. Pretty easy - Askarov, the new G. 3. The chicks are great. 4. I started spiking the Gatorade with meth. 5. Shots blocked. Hits lead to penalties. 6. They're going to be a big part of the new look Wranglers. The speed at which they pick things up will determine the course of the season.