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  1. 1. I saved a bundle on car insurance by selling my car for gambling money. In retrospect, the financial advantages were oversold to me. 2. To be honest, I haven't followed the VHLM much at all since I came up. Though I do know my alma mater won the cup, go Mariachis! 3. I'd wait to see how many stay active. I find big waves tend to have more drop out. 4. It's really the only way to go. If I had it my way, they'd also have the season made entirely of extended series, so they could have many temporary offset bubbles. 5. The most. 6. I l
  2. 1. The league has yet to do a media week about destroying the puny humans. 2. The Malmo Chicken Hawks (see my post history). 3. The Miami Mariachis (also see my post history). 4. John Merrick. Now there's a deep cut. 5. Kapuskasing and Bornholm. 6. Honestly, wouldn't worry about it, our offseasons are super short.
  3. 1. Pretty well. I came close to my 15 goal goal, and my overall point total was solid. 2. The season itself was great. Not so much the post season. 3. First priority is Puck Handling to 95. 4. Vacation. There's not enough bars in Calgary. 5. No one is worthy. 6. 17 goals and a cup.
  4. 1. Our young defense has continued to improve, while Laffy continues to be the best. 2. Hmm. I think we traded for someone? I don't remember. I have an 11 month old baby, my memory goes back three hours. 3. No, but I haven't paid any attention. 4. I make this lemon-chicken-egg soup, it's great. 5. It's tomacco salad, brought by Kosmo. 6. I'm trying doing my best to keep up a consistent production level. Don't mess with what's working.
  5. 20457667668012566 Claiming Free week - next week 2 Uncapped TPE Raffle tickets Confirmed. -sterling
  6. 1. My main would be SCSFL. I'm in HO over there. 2. No, I started out in SHL, and that was my main, but then I got fed up with it. For a bit is was ISFL, then GOMHL, but that folded. 3. I can keep up really well with one, and okay with a few on the side. I'm never so engaged that I can rattle off all the star players, though. 4. b) The discord, I guess. I don't keep up well enough to know, so I'll let my teammates tell me what to think. 5. Usually on mobile, but today, on desktop, and when I do my GFX, desktop. 6. Big pile of TPE
  7. 1. Cuy, the roster guinea pig dish. It's taboo. 2. I think the league will be lucky if he only gets 250. 3. The Seattle Kraken, because all of their players are also currently imaginary. 4. Laffy - they think he's one of the best. He's just the best. 5. Goal scoring. I was hoping for 15. 6. The Cattle Ring.
  8. 1. This team has decent depth on the blue line and amazing everywhere else. We might not be this hot, down the line, but we're gonna finish strong. 2. I give us a 50:50 chance. 3. Definitely Laffy, he's the best in the business. 4. Extremely pleased. It's looking unlikely that I'll keep this pace up, though. 5. RJ Jubis. Come back bby. 6. Bobby Orr. STHS loves shooting defensemen, skating and good puck handing.