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  1. 1. The S80 VHL draft wrapped up last night, what are your thoughts on Warsaw's picks? Well, I trust our GM, so if he picked those players, I'm sure they'll be stars for Warsaw one day. 10/10 draft for us. 2. What will S80 look like for Warsaw? We had our draft and a couple free agency signings so we do have a core. I think we have a chance at playoffs, we still have some of the big guns from the cup run. For the first time in a while, Warsaw are dark horses. 3. The S79 Awards also happened last night, any surprises? Is there someone who should have won an award that didn't? Red Lite/Aloe Dear definitely got FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY for MVP, but other than that the awards were pretty on point. I'm not too sure about the Wylde winner, I have to look into it deeper. 4. The VHLE expansion draft goes on tonight. Which VHLE team do you want to win the draft (is your favourite if you have one)? I like both Swedish teams, Vasteras and Stockholm. Going to be great re-igniting that old time rivalry. I'm excited to see how each team drafts, because I think we're all sort of unsure at the moment. 5. A sad day for Warsaw as 6 season long veteran Aloe Dear tested the free agency and ended up signing with the D.C. Dragons. Any thoughts on Dear and their great career so far? One of, if not the best player in franchise history. Will be missed DEARly, but will be remembered long from now as an absolute legend. 6. Most important question: How was your weekend? It was good, wasn't up to too much except for the drafts. We did find my cat after he got out for a couple days so that was a big plus.
  2. It's a shame the VOD doesnt exist, because it actually was a good listen.
  3. MOSCOW, Russia - The morning after the VHL draft, Warsaw Predators GM Dakota Lamb stood in front of reporters to give his assessment on how free agency and the draft went for the team. "First and foremost, I just want to thank Aloe [Dear] and Lexi [Glass] for everything they did for the organization. I wish them the best of luck with their new teams. As well, my best to [Chris] Hylands, Leo [Strauss], [Tim] Waters, and [Vsevolod] Askarov in retirement. All of these players were key for our organization, and will be truly missed within our organization and in the Warsaw community." When responding to questions about free agency, Lamb said "The players out left us with a bunch of holes, obviously. We felt this free agency class was strong, so we went with that route to fill out the team rather than the trade market. We really liked Brian [Moreau]'s film, so we pursued him heavily to help the top 6. Askarov's retirement and Ajay Krishna's regression made it clear an upgrade in net was needed, and [Jacob] Carson was a guy we know and love in the organization, so it was easy to get a deal done and find our new starter. And of course with the losses to our back end we needed something there as well, and the Poland native Chicken Wing was interested in coming home, and we couldn't be happier. We are still in the market for a top 6 winger, so we will see if we have to go to the trade market for that." Asked quickly about the draft before he had to leave to fly back to Poland, Lamb gave a quick synopsis on the team's draft picks. "Kisslinger II really impressed us in interviews, and we are more than happy he dropped to us at 14. He's got great finishing ability, and should be on track to make the team in Season 81. Brendan Marner we felt was 1st round talent, so myself and [AGM] Williams were overjoyed when he was there at 21. Louis Vignac is a ways away, but no reason he can't continue his development and make the team in a few seasons. Glade V, Aalto, and Suvorov are all project picks, but overall we're very happy with how the draft went. Any number of these players could be seen in the Blue and Orange one day, and you love thinking that right after a draft."
  4. 1. After a tough loss in game 7 to Malmo, how do you feel about our performance throughout these playoffs? It feels good to be just 1 game away from defeating the eventual Continental Cup Champions, however it makes it that much harder to swallow that it could've been us lifting the trophy in back-to-back seasons. 2. What could we have done differently to advance to the Finals? I, personally, feel responsible. Getting ejected from a Game 7, with a finals berth on the line is just embarrassing. To the players, staff, and especially fans - I apologize. 3. Between Malmo and Seattle, who will take home the Continental Cup this season? (Malmo is up 3-1) Well.... It seems I'm writing this a little late, so congrats Malmo on the championship! Hylands has done a great job over there. 4. What are your player's plans for this offseason? Rumours have been flying around that Lamb is on the trade block, so we'll see what happens. For right now he's just going to train and get ready like any other season, especially now at his old age where he needs to stay in tip top shape. 5. Overall what are your thoughts on Warsaw's and your player's S79? It was my best regular season, but a little lackluster in the postseason. Oh so close to back to back will be how Warsaw's S79 will be remembered. 6. The NFL's week 1 just started, have you been watching all the games this weekend? Oh yeah, watched a ton of games. My Eagles absolutely dominated, so I'm happy. Some very entertaining games this week already, the best one being Baltimore vs Las Vegas.
  5. dlamb

    MOS/WAR; S80

    183 goals, 398 points. Key contributor in the many playoff runs. You will be missed @AW13, thank you for a legendary Warsaw career, and good luck! @Spartan 10/10 would trade with again
  6. Small note, Vsevolod Askarov had 45 wins split between Calgary and Warsaw. (If that counts)
  7. gg, what is the sim schedule for the LA WARSAW REAL FINAL!?
  8. yeah really happy with the marner one for the most part, I think I'm getting better
  9. dlamb


    100% agree. I tried playing around with it to make the "marner" a little lighter, but nothing I did made it as clean as it looks right now, it is what it is haha
  10. This is definitely one of the best graphics I've seen from you. A few things I would do, however, is add a blur to the back render, or just try so make it blend into the background better so that the main render is more in the forefront. I like the text, but for some reason on the Z and M at the ends it cuts off awkwardly. I'm also a sucker for team branding, so maybe a VHL logo or something would fit as well. Nonetheless, no reason not to be happy with this. 7.5/10.
  11. 1. How do you feel our first series as a team against Riga went? We almost swept them taking it 4 games to 1. It went very well. We played our game and brought it to them, putting up our normal types of goal and shot totals. Definitely was probably closer than the final series score, but I'm very happy with how we played. 2. How did your player play through the first round? Not too bad. I'd like to see some more goals from Lamb, and I know he has it in him, but I can't complain being over PPG with a series win. 3. Warsaw is in the Conference Finals!! We play Malmo. What are your thoughts on our opponents? Malmo is an absolute wagon this season, there's no denying it. There is a ton of storylines to tie us together, whether it be Muffbeav or Hylands, I'm just hoping for a long, competitive series, and may the best team win. 4. What are our strengths and weaknesses so far through these playoffs? So far, SOG and scoring goals has been our strength. As well as our PP, which is sitting around 30% after our first round. I don't think Riga really showed us what our weaknesses are just yet, but no doubt Malmo will. We have to absolutely bring it. 5. Who is the stronger team in your opinion in the North American Conference? Los Angeles or Seattle? I honestly think LA. Merrick has been an absolute beast, as well as Pines on the back end, and it has been a long time coming. Sorry Seattle, but you have to share the wealth sometimes. 6. Summer is coming to an end, how did yours go? It was good, I had a pretty eventful summer. It doesn't feel like the end though, another month would be nice.
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