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  1. D.C DRAGONS PRESS CONFERENCE For the week ending October 17th! 1. Groovy Dood is just 9 assists away from reaching Valentino D.C Dragons assist record. Which player will score the goal, that will put Dood in front of Valentino in assists? 2. What is the team, that you look in the schedule and think that - this match is going to be fun? 3. Dood is retiring after this season, what are you offering to him, so he would stay? 4. Do you prefer listening to podcasts or music? 5. What is your favorite genre of music or what podcast would you recommend to others? (continuing from 4th question) 6. What languages do you know?
  2. Nice interview, I feel like we don't see interviews often enough anymore. I would have prefered that there would have been more questions and shorter answers, I think mostly because when I think of hockey player or athlete I think of short and easy answers and also more questions would have made the interview seem more professional. I liked how you made the questions stand out and it made pleasent reading. Add some pictures next time too! 8.5/10
  3. LatvieŇ°i nekad nav neveiksmes! Cool article, I liked how you divided it into easily understandable headings and it was easy to read. I would have liked some pictures, would have made the article seem more cool, but other then that it was fun to read and would recommend! 9/10
  4. Omi Aberg this year has been playing great and Stockholm fans are calling his name to be named for some awards. We asked Aberg for his comment on this subject and he had this to say for it: "Well, it's awesome that fans are so into my game and I love doing my best to impress them. Though I think it's too early for any award talks, we still have a long season in front of us and all of us want to show our best game and be victorious in the first season with a new team in a new league. It would be awesome for me and it would mean much more than any award or award name that I could receive" Aberg is not a selfish player and it will be interesting to see if Aberg will be able to win the championship together with Stockholm because it's his first and last VHLE season.
  5. Omi Aberg... That 50 year old still hasn't made the big league, you would think that his prime period would be ending or it has ended years ago but NO! He decided that it would be an awesome idea to go play with more youngsters in VHLE, and well - right now it is looking like a great move. Aberg is moving on ice like 18 years old and earning points like crazy. He has not been the most vocal player on the team but on ice, he is playing really well. In only 38 games with Stockholm, he has racked up 59 points, with 20 goals and 39 assists. Aberg and Kisslinger - Viking duo. Aberg's ride with Stockholm has been as smooth as it could possibly be. Aberg has been playing awesomely and no point to argue that he is one of the team's leaders. But good teams have multiple leaders because when someone is having an off-day then there has to be someone who can step up and take the load and that's where Aberg excelled at the start of the season. Coaches were not trusting Aberg with playing time and that is pretty understandable - he was not drafted that early as other players and nobody really expected that he would have such a start in the newly created league. But with time coaches saw what Aberg can add to the team and now when everything has been established, Aberg and Kisslinger are leading the team in the points. In the league, Aberg with 59 points is 3rd, just 4 points behind 1st place and Kisslinger with 57 points is 5th. Both players are leading the offensive side of the team and they are doing a great job. One thing to point out, both of these players are not sniper or playmaker type players, but really two-way forwards that excel on both of these aspects. That is what usually happens, but to make this line work Aberg had to step up a lot and start shooting more. And that's what he did! Aberg ranks in 3rd most shots in the league with 256 shots. He is shooting a lot, he should score more though, but that is something he is working at, but big help on offense is, that he can dish a lot of passes to other players like Kisslinger and it takes the load of Omi shooting to give to other players. Stockholm right now is leading the league with 45 points together with Rome, but comparing to other leagues, the race to playoffs here is much tighter and I would expect a lot of upsets incoming because teams in levels are so similar. These individual plays from Aberg and Kisslinger will be really important if Vikings will want to compete for winning the championship in the first year, but in the way they are playing right now - 3 wins in a row - it is definitely possible and doable. Go Vikings and hopefully Stockholm will be victorious in the 1st VHLE season.
  6. 1. We nominated our first ever Captains this past week, how do you feel about the captains, and do you think they are going to lead us to success? I think we have great captains that will be our corner stones of our awesome year!2. How do you feel about your individual success this season up to this date? Pretty great, I am over point per game so that won't hurt team success too!3. We had 2 stars of the week this past week, (Florida Man and Kisslinger II) does this encourage you to update more and to try to be a star of the week? That's not something I am going for, so not really!4. How do you feel about the VHLE so far, is it better or worse than you expected? I think it's too early to make conclusions about VHLE, but it's fun!5. If you were to take the team out anywhere to eat, where would it be and why? I would take them to my mother's house because she knows how to cook some good food!6. Is there any suggestions for Thad or myself to make the experience in Stockholm better? All good from you guys!
  7. D.C DRAGONS PRESS CONFERENCE For the week ending October 10th! 1. We have fallen from 2nd place in NA Conference to the 4th. How do we turn around this dragon in the right direction? 2. Vancouver Wolves has got only 3 losses in 28 games. What can we learn from a team like Wolves? 3. Welch just got 8 assists in 2 games. Which NHL player would you compare him to? 4. How was your day? 5. If you had a choice, that you could visit any place in space, where would you go? 6. What is the thing that will always make you smile?
  8. D.C Dragons have started this season very well - 2nd place in the North American Conference, 8 points away from the 1st. Vancouver has eaten something unusual and no team can stop them! But D.C has been slowly playing their best game and has earned 14 wins. This off-season Dragons added Dear, which will strengthen our 1st line together with Dood and Strong Jr. They are already scoring a lot of points and showing their effect. Dragons still kept their strong forwards in defense or offensive defensemen Welch and Gumballs and in goal Malone is catching everything that gets thrown at him. Dragons are ready to fight for playoffs and they have started the fight really well with the 2nd place, but this war is long and there are a lot of teams close behind wanting to challenge D.C.
  9. Awesome article, everything is divided on easy to read headlines and paragraphs. It is very easy to read, maybe because you divided it so well. I am a weird person but it bugged me out that 2 headlines were yellow and one red, for me those should have been either all yellow or all different colour, but it's not anything against you, it's more my issue . But awesome article and hope to see more of you! 9.5/10
  10. Great article and predictions are never too early! I loved reading them and the content side of this article was really well! I would recommend leaving the background same for all of the text. On some paragraphs the background was black and on some white, but I don't think that you wanted to do it un purpose. You could add some pictures too! Great job eitherway! 9/10
  11. PRESS CONFERENCE For week ending 03 Oct 2021 1. How do you feel about our current place in the standings? It's not the greatest place, we can do better though! 2. Where is your player the strongest? Probably scoring some goals. 3. Where is your player the weakest? Right now I would like to be better in faceoffs but I wouldn't say I am weakest in one exact spot. 4. What color scares your player the most? White. 5. If your player got into a bar fight, who would they take out first? Nobody, because my player would probably sneak out of this bar fight, because he is old! 6. Why did the chicken ACTUALLY cross the road? I don't know, you tell me!
  12. D.C DRAGONS PRESS CONFERENCE For the week ending October 3rd! 1. Our team is very experienced, with most of our forwards retiring this or in the season after this one. Do you think it's a positive for our chances at Continental Cup? 2. Dood and Dear are combining 39 points in 10 games. Can they keep up this great hockey? 3. Which 3 D.C players will have the most points when the season ends? (https://vhlportal.com/teams/34) 4. What is a thing you know but you wish you didn't know? 5. Do you enjoy busy city or calm country side? 6. What is something that you can't stand that other people do?
  13. Cool article, it felt pretty profesional and it was pretty easy to read. I liked how you added some quotes to help the text seem more like article. I would recommend for you to add some pictures, but this article was so massive, that maybe it is fine that you left out without pictures, I would have added some though. To sum up all - great work! 9.5/10
  14. Great article, it was good idea from you. I like how you made me get to know your player, but I would recommend for you to include some headings and just structure the text. I would like some picture too, because it makes the article seem more profesional, but great work and hopefully you write some more! 8/10
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