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  1. Review- I like the render and the background a lot. Even though there were not any effects used, you made it it up with the background. Although the text position and the style was not up to the mark. This is cool. I suggest you to use this https://www.dafont.com, for your font . 6.5/10
  2. 1. They tamper in Cricket @Berocka 2. Best GM 3. Best Goalie in VHL no cap, fight me 4. Hm, any other team which let me go 5th round 63 pick 5. 6. Because i am a 7. Give cool kids extra 1000 TPE 8. 9. 10. No one! Only friends ! 11. 12. Bana
  3. - Ajay Krishna - G | 5th Round 63 pick It was draft day night, VHLM. Everyone eager to find themselves a new home among the pros. Every pick pulls out the energy in you. It summarizes your hard work you had put in throughout your life on the ice. Every athlete will be pleased to go in the first or second round, but that is always not possible. The draft is always a gamble, never know if they are gonna be a bust or a superstars or even a late round steal . Let me introduce you to a hard working athlete, the name is Krishna, Ajay Krishna. An Indo-american , grew up near Los Angeles, California. He had a nice work ethic, learnt from one of his favorite VHL Veteran player Jet Jaguar( @gorlab) and. One of the best C in the league, currently playing for HC Davos. He had a nice 1 week training with him before the draft. This would hence boost his draft reputation and stock. BUT no! He would wait all the way till the 5th round and was given a chance by defending champions Ottawa Lynx. You could find his personal thought on this here .Even though he did not like it, that was what it was supposed to be. From the bright side he was given a chance to start for the team as a goaltender. Ottawa Canada was where he was supposed to go now! Even though being far from home (India) he felt like it was his new home, thanks to coach @DoktorFunk and his goalie and assistant coach @DarkSpyro. He learned a lot from them, especially how to go about when it was time for VHL. They kept on calling him an steal of the draft. Even made an poster for him. Poster made for Ajay when he was drafted by the staff members Ottawa will be called his turning point, he had made friends with VHL player and Canadian Timothy Brown and many others. He would potentially play with rebuilding Ottawa lynx a push them towards the playoffs,. He had an impressive career with 0.891 save % , which many provoked as one of the best right now. As of where he came from, no one knows. He kept his personal details very secretive. He does press conferences once per week, giving only 2 words answers. Overall Ajay is now entering the S73 VHL draft. He will be looking to go in the first round. He has been trying really hard to do so.
  4. 1. We did what we should do as a team! 2. Yes! i got .891 saving %, wanted .90 but whateverr 5. Lynx will win it all 6. The whole team, we did what we should do 7.. Dont like music 8. Any team is fine Oof
  5. Wait a sec my man, i have been max earning CAPPED TPE, from the start, if u have any doubts you may check my update page
  6. Early Draft hype 😎

    1. Banackock
    2. gorlab


      top goalie prospectΒ  POG

  7. I would love to apply .