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  1. Review: Really liked what you doing out here ngl THE TEXT IS STRAIGHT UP . Render and background is also VERY good 10/10
  2. Review: Goat shit from a Goat dude, obviously lol. Really liked what you did here ngl. The text was done really well. Background is also good. 10/10
  3. 1. Do what we do i guess 2.Ajay Finna a bust lol 3. WARSAW i guess for EU. 4.SHIT! I forgot to do that 5. By Training i guess! 6. Ya, I play Basketball!
  4. 1. ALL THE TEAMSSS!!!! I WANT EVERYTHING 2. Win the goalie award i guess 3. Idk tbh. I really like what we doing rn tho 4. LA LAKERES WIN THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP 5. Good cuz, i love new ppl 6. uhhh, i really dont know, like what we doing
  5. Review: Nice idea you got here ngl. Nice effects you used here too!Like the text too, i can also see the jersey swap too. 7/10
  6. Review: Ayo you kinda had a good idea not gonna lie. A really good graphic, being this is your first one. The text also Looks really good not gonna lie. 7/10
  7. Review: Really loved the colors you used here, straight up goated stuff. Text also looks really good> Render is clean and stocks you used 10/10
  8. Review; ayo this shii too clean. Render could use some help tho ngl. Text is the best part about the graphic imo And why tf do you want to watch the world burn tho 10/10
  9. 1. Big FFs, we will be back tho 2. ya maybe ig 3. We traded? no one told me. 4. ring season baby 5. uhh, i am on vacation 6. nah, yo boy hooping
  10. review; huh? Tf happened here. Dude just pasted a googled pictured used a pencil toool and drew random lines. Yo if anyone wanna find some place their garbage, it gotta be here, get good -10/100
  11. review: I love how you used the text. The render is kinda messed up not gonna lie. I like how you used the thing behind the render. Overall its a very good graphic. I really like what you did here. 8/10
  12. 1. i am doing good 2. Some lemonade i guess. 3.Very very important i guess 4. Uhh, both the teams are good 5. I dont watch NHL, FFFFFFF 6. i dont watch it but the LA team i guess.
  13. review: I liked your idea here, very unique not gonna lie. Love the text toooo. I noticed the jersey swap too! You did pretty well 10/10
  14. review: The fact that you had warsaw in the sig is itself goated tier. Apart from that everthing is lookin good, Also like the colors you used man!!!! Overall it looks good!!! 10/10
  15. Review: Dude, why tf do you make these trash stuff . Such a disgusting thing Get yo ass out of here No one likes u. 0/10
  16. 1. Very very excited for the playoffs, for real 2.We already got the bye too ez for us 3. Yessir, we played really good this year 4. Uhhhh, kinda, maybe. Not happy real talk tho 5. I dont do those , my captain does that 6. uhhh, make a game channel so that they can chat there smh @.sniffuM
  17. Review: This loooks VERY VERY cool. Love the idea! It looks so unique and alll no cap 10/10
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