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  1. Review:
              Really liked what you doing out here ngl
              THE TEXT IS STRAIGHT UP 🔥 .
              Render and background is also VERY good


  2. Review:
               Goat shit from a Goat dude, obviously lol.
                Really  liked  what you did here ngl.
                The text was done really well.
                Background is also good.


  3. On 1/26/2021 at 11:16 AM, dasboot said:


    *Week ending January 31* (Answer 6 questions for 2 TPE)


    1. We started 8-0 but came back down to earth with a couple losses. What do we need to do to keep winning?

    2. Are there any standouts across the league this season for you so far?

    3. Predict who you think will finish atop the EU and the NA divisions? 
    4. Did you play fantasy this year? If so are you happy with your team? 
    5. If you have a great game, what do you treat yourself too afterwards? 
    6. Are you able to do any hobbies during the regular season or are you all hockey?

    7. Are you a coffee or tea kind of person? 

    1. Do what we do i guess
    2.Ajay Finna a bust lol
    3. WARSAW i guess for EU.
    4.SHIT! I forgot to do that
    5. By Training i guess!
    6. Ya, I play Basketball!

  4. On 1/22/2021 at 1:31 AM, .sniffuM said:


    *Week ending January 24th* (Answer 6 questions for 2 TPE)


    1. Now that the offseason has finally ended, which team(s) do you most look forward to playing against?

    2. What are your goals for this season?

    3. Having started 4-0-0 for a second consecutive season, what has been the main factor behind our strong start?

    4. What was your favorite sports story of 2020?

    5. How has the addition of Uhtred and rookies Kevin Wu and Nero Endrizzi to the team impacted us so far?

    6. What is one change you'd make to make the league more engaging and/or fun?

    7. Chocolate or other sweets?

    8. What is your favorite kind of bread?

    9. If you could change the color scheme of our logo from the blue, orange and white, which colors do you think would go nicely on our logo?

    2. Win the goalie award i guess
    3. Idk tbh. I really like what we doing rn tho
    5. Good cuz, i love new ppl
    6. uhhh, i really dont know, like what we doing

  5. Review:

     Really loved the colors you used here, straight
    up goated stuff. Text also looks really good>
    Render is clean and stocks you used


  6. On 1/13/2021 at 1:12 PM, dasboot said:


    *Week ending January 17* (Answer 6 questions for 2 TPE)


    1. Big congrats to Malmo, how does it feel now that we lost to the cup champs in the playoffs?

    2. Draft is in a few days, do you get excited even though you're not part of it?

    3. We made a big trade bringing in Uhtred, are you happy to have another star forward up front?

    4. With the roster pretty much set, how do you feel about Warsaw's chances next season?

    5. What have you been up to with your time off in the off-season so far?

    6. I know it's a joke about golfing after the playoffs, but do you play?

    7. We also acquired a backup goalie for nothing this off-season! How much more confident are we gonna be not playing in front of a bot goalie?

    8. Which team has been the winner of the off-season thus far?

    1. Big FFs, we will be back tho 
    2. ya maybe ig
    3. We traded? no one told me.
    4. ring season baby
    5. uhh, i am on vacation
    6. nah, yo boy hooping

  7. On 1/5/2021 at 2:18 PM, dasboot said:


    *Week ending January 10* (Answer 6 questions for 2 TPE)


    1. How are you coping thus far into the off-season, missing hockey already?

    2. What kind of beverages you gonna enjoy the next few weeks?

    3. How important is it that we lock up Lamb this off-season?

    4. Who you cheering for in the cup finals?

    5. Are you excited for NHL to start back up?

    6. Who do you cheer for in the NHL? 

    7. Is there anybody in this upcoming S76 draft class you want to join the team?

    8. It's a new year! Any resolutions for you?

    1. i am doing good
    2. Some lemonade i guess.
    3.Very very important i guess
    4.  Uhh, both the teams are good
    5. I dont watch NHL, FFFFFFF
    6. i dont watch it but the LA team i guess.

  8. review:
               The fact that you had warsaw in the sig is 
                itself goated tier. Apart from that everthing
               is lookin good, Also  like  the colors you used man!!!!

              Overall it looks good!!!


  9. On 12/22/2020 at 8:17 AM, dasboot said:


    *Week ending December 27* (6 questions for 2 TPE)


    1. Playoff bound! How excited are you, for what is for most players on the team's first playoff experience?
    2. How important is/was the bye when/if we get/got it?

    3. Are you happy with the team's performance this year?
    4. Are you happy with your individual performance this year?
    5. What are you gonna do to pump up the locker room for playoff games?

    6. If there's one thing you would change about the discord locker room, what would it be?

    7. Are you gonna take on any superstitions for playoffs?

    1. Very very excited for the playoffs, for real
    2.We already got the bye too ez for us
    3. Yessir, we played really good this year
    4. Uhhhh, kinda, maybe. Not happy real talk tho
    5. I dont do those , my captain  does that
    6. uhhh, make a  game channel so that  they can chat there smh @.sniffuM

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