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  1. Season 73 Calvin Harvey was drafted 40th overall in the VHL draft in season 73 by Helsinki. After being drafted in the VHL, Harvey went on to be traded to Minnesota in the M. During this time he went on to captain the Storm to a championship while having the third-best record in the league. Harvey's leadership and collected arua provided the bedrock needed to ease the forwards and defensemen to go on multiple scoring campaigns. Harvey's record during the 73rd season was 52 wins, 18 losses, 2 overtime losses, while 13 shutouts. During the playoffs, the Storm was able to
  2. 1) Pretty good, being tied for 3rd in the league is great! 2) We just need to match the speed of the opposition and take less penalties. If we can win some puck battles and get a few bounces going our way we will see a decrease in goals against. 3) Dallas, seeing a 34 year old goalie win who doesn't get enough respect in the Nhl would be great to see! Plus the team just seems like a Western Allstars team. 4) Laine, Osens, or Driver would be neet since they are some of the most exciting fan favorites! 5) Deeper Roster has always seemed like a strong set up since it lets your
  3. @Tape-to-Tape Congrats on being the starting goaltender for season 74!
  4. Thanks! I really like this graphic alot!
  5. It is a very exciting day! It was a real team win.
  6. Review: Love the color scheme and the use off the dust/snow effects. Good player choice and pose. Really like the name font and the use of an outline. The landscape design is great! Everything on this has a smooth layered look to it. Not much I would change here honestly. 9.7/10
  7. Review. This looks very nice. The dust effect is simple looking (guessing it wasn't easy to do) adding a interesting dimension to the graphic. The Integration of the Crest looks seamless and as if it was actually on the jersey at the time of the picture. The white background makes the image and name really pop! The color choice and fonts are great! I would add a shadow effect to the name to give it bit more pizazz and have it standout even more. 9/10