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  1. Overall this season has been rough so far. Riga is only a few points out of a playoff position, but I have not consistently played all season. I would blame my build as it is not done correctly since developing them all equally does not help as much. Hopefully, I can make my build stronger or at least more competitive so that I can help my team win more than a handful of games. Working on rebound control will most likely do the most as not giving any rebounds will result in the opponents not being able to pick up a few greasy goals. It is getting later in my career with Harvey, and at this po
  2. 1. Well, believe it or not, Rose and Zod are gone. We'll be doin a little more draft picking. Do you think we'll have a strong enough team next season to comoete? Yeah, I believe so. We just need alot more luck from the Sims and we will be fine. 2. Looking at the VHLM, the Mississauga Hounds have only lost 4 games! Is there such thing as a guaranteed cup? Maybe, when I was on the Storm we beat Miami in the finals when they had an amazing season. 3. With maybe too many players in the VHL, the BoG has to do something. What do you think? Expansion? Another leagu
  3. 1. I thought we could, maybe if we get lucky we can still sneak in. 2. I am not sure at this point, it could be anyone with how the sims are working this season. 3. I bet sus could if they keep at it and put in the work. 4. You would disappear because you do not regenerate or heal fast enough. 5. No, I do not think that they do that. 6. Probably a horse the size of a cat since taking take of a cat the size of a mouse would be very difficult.
  4. With the season a quarter of the way through, Harvey has no played well at all. With Riga only being two points out of a playoff spot in the Euro division, he will have to play consistent games in a row, else be banished to the bench and watch as the younger goalie take over the reins and do what Harvey has not done. Questions are raised of how he put himself in this predicament; Did he not train correctly? Did he not dedicated enough time to practice? Or is he not committed to the team? "I am not sure what is going on, my last season I played well and this season I look as if I could not stop
  5. @Zetterberg Congrats on 400 points (180 G, 220 A) in 379 games!
  6. So far this season has been quite rough as Riga is off to a bumpy start. We have a good team and really just needed to get into the roll of things. At the start of training camp, we were very excited about the start of the season which could have been our downfall and led us to be too confident. However, after losing a few games we have started to turn it around and win a few games in a row. Harvey is still playing poorly with a 4.00+GAA which will not cut it if Riga wants to make the playoffs, and with the Reigns backup playing well, it could be a contested net. Along with this, the goal scor
  7. 1. Yes, um, sims happened. Thoughts? It happens, we will comeback and get into a rhythm to get into a playoff spot. 2. There have been some crazy up and downs in the standings recently. Who do you think comes out on top? I still think we can end up top 3 if we can turn things around fast enough. 3. Who will lead Riga in scoring this season? Zod currently has the lead I can see McCabe stepping up and really scoring a large amount of points this season. 4. Who has the best profile pic on the team? C
  8. This is pretty sweet! Thanks for doing it!
  9. As training camp concludes and Riga gets ready to go into the season opener, the team seems to have an electric excitement as they prepare to face the Malmo Nighthawks and Moscow Menace. "Yeah, we are really getting into the spirit of the hype around the team," Harvey said. "Everyone has gotten to really know each other and we have become pretty tight-knit." With the game Malmo starting tomorrow, Harvey was asked what he thought about them. "Yeah, they are a strong team and we will just have to play them like any other team where we respect their offensive capabilities, keep the pressure on t