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  1. joke's on u, you've told me one too many times that you're glad i'm around & ur trick didn't fool me i read this yesterday soon after you posted it, and i have been waiting to respond because i just don't know how??? i am so happy to have you around & am so thankful that our paths finally crossed in chicago. you fit right in <:) thank you so much for the kind words, it's always nice to hear that affirmation that efforts are seen & appreciated!!
  2. rly glad that calgary vs chicago wasn't on fantasy zone score predictions this week
  3. i missed this article when it was posted, but thanks for the update!!!
  4. ok i forgive u bc there is no way u could have known that my brain was so big
  5. it's fine I'll get over it but until then, just know that i am resentful that you did it first
  6. i was going to start a series with this title
  7. 1. Who's the best member in the VHL? What makes them the best in your opinion? You can even state the worst member, that was what I wanted to ask anyway I'm with Quik on this one. You will never get me to admit my favoxrites 2. What's the best thing you have read or saw on twitter/instagram? my tweets. 3. Who do you think is the favourite among the fans here in Chicago? I'd have to say Spencer Elsby ( @Spence King). This may be a bold claim since he's just joined up this season, but how could you not love his energy, enthusiasm, and output? 4
  8. what??? just bc people weren't good at fantasy zone doesn't mean i wasn't allowed to give the 5 tpe out LOL
  9. you all have no idea what i went through to get to where i am today
  10. can’t believe you just fixed the vhl in the first four minutes of your podcast rory is exceptionally talented at increasing forum activity rory = fakest jeffrey pines fan ?????????????????? REAL fans took him in vhfl CHICAGO BIGGEST OFF-SEASON WINNER which one of u dweebs is typpity typin through this whole damn podcast Maybe to show that you all are actually active as GMs, you should include 3 portions of 1PPAO. During these periods, you can each discuss your team for the same amount of time as it would take to read aloud a 1,000 wor
  11. 1. Week 1 of S77 is in the books after 15 games the Phoenix sit 2nd in the NA conference and 5 games over 500, with a record of 10-5-0, what are your feelings about our teams play in the opening week? I'm honestly not entirely sure what to think about Chicago this season. On paper, we probably have the best team in the league. Realistically, though, there are other teams who are proving to be really tough opponents this season. I'm hoping to see us get back on our feet and prove that we are back to compete for another season. 2. As defending Continental Cup champions do you f
  12. i don't like april fools day

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      i liked it when google came out with the pacman google maps game. that was a ton of fun

    3. Devise
    4. fromtheinside


      Yeah when the 11th discord channel on my group of channels changed their avatar to make it look like their was unread pings, I was officially over April Fools being a thing.