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  1. If a person is skipped two times, then they are disqualified. There is no such thing as an "auto pick" for people who are still drafting. Being disqualified means that cx will not receive any TPE, and I took control of their roster after disqualification. Please tag me after sixers has made their final pick and you have updated your roster. Thanks
  2. i also just have to add that every single time rory laughs, it sounds sneaky. every time. i want to know what you're planning, rory.
  3. not even finished yet but 50:07 is my favorite part
  4. @linsangeles skipped @chikn on the clock
  5. F - Chad Magnum G - Jacques Lafontaine cx is disqualified because they were skipped twice. these two picks should be added to the roster
  6. Season 76 is here, which means Fantasy Zone has returned! Everyone is eligible for VHL Fantasy Zone for a shot at 5 uncapped TPE! Correctly guessing the winners of the four games will get you 2 uncapped TPE. If you correctly predict the winner and score of the final game, you get 3 uncapped TPE. The form closes when the first game has been simmed, which I expect to be at the end of this week. Questionnaire Responses