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  1. the character, bubbles, from powerpuff girls. i chose a fictional character name for my player partly because it makes writing career tasks easier and partly because i don't know enough about hockey to choose a render for graphics press conferences are my favorite point task. it gives me a space (with boundaries, i.e., the questions) to give a piece of myself to the site. i don't, however, like the questions pertaining to the team i play for. i'm not really attached to my player or team, so predictions for the league or how my player is performing are kind of boring. i like this format because it gives me a chance to move outside the bounds of a team press conference. i think it's fun, and i'm a bit jealous that other people can complete their tasks so quickly. it takes me a good chunk of time to write/record the content i post (not because it's high quality, but because i work slowly and am picky with myself). i hope they keep happening, though, it's a cool way to interact with each other. 1. why do you stay in the vhl? what about it is appealing to you? 2. what's your favorite way to engage with community members? commenting on forum posts? chatting in a team discord? venturing to gen chat? why do you prefer that method? 3. what's your favorite thing about yourself, either as a person or from the perspective of your player?
  2. 1. i have so many things that i’ve thought about putting into this post, and i just can’t bring myself to share any of them. i considered throwing them into a short podcast, but i don’t think that disjointed thoughts that i kind of want to elaborate on but not actually talk about are good things to be discussing in a podcast, so i return to the duly named series i guess i’m starting. 2. lots of people have been talking about the podcasting scene lately, and i’m going to bandwagon. i love listening to podcasts, and i’d never thought of making my comments on them a review that i can claim until berocka started talking about it in his podcasts. laughing along to podcasts is a great way for me to get a breath of fresh air from the league 3. i have ideas for topics of things that i want to talk about more in-depth, but i can’t decide how i want to go about approaching the subjects, how to best communicate what i’m thinking. some topics, like the board of governors, is that i can’t find the words i want. i can’t figure out how to communicate what i’m thinking, partially because i don’t think i have solidified thoughts. i’ve always found solace in writing–it helps me understand, organize, and develop my thoughts–but i just can’t seem to string together words to get me where i want to be. other topics, like moderation, are things that i have a lot of thoughts about that i could easily fill a 30-minute solo podcast on. i just… don’t want to have a conversation. i don’t feel like disagreeing with people, and i don’t want to have to try to capture nuance.
  3. the survey was open to everyone. when he originally posted the survey, gustav said that anyone could fill it out. we just chose not to (edit: it looks like someone actually did, i just noticed at the beginning of the article that 8.3% of respondents did indicate that they have mod power) i will say that i chose not to fill it out because it doesn't really feel like my space. if i have issues/suggestions with mod team, i'll just tell mod team
  4. i'm so excited that this podcast is back. this podcast is the one that got me into listening to podcasts in the first place. what a good end of 2021 berocka i've been following you closely what the fuck. you have a strong follower base you nerd. both of you do talking yourself is so hard YOU DIDN'T JUST GET HIRED BECAUSE OF YOUR TIME ZONE AVAILABILITY for fucks sake who does the "around the vhl" segment names? where did that come from goalies are good for people who like being in the league but don't give a shit about their player jardy didn't bring back podcasts. he's just louder than everyone else who podcasts >:) don't worry everyone i'm solving the goalie problem singlehandedly i did that too. same thing when i became a mod–i searched my name in all the new channels i got access to... bek also told me not to take anything in the bog subforum personally, except the only thing in the bog subforum about me was when i won elmebeck and the discussion to bring us in i don't even need to buy myself a segment on your podcast cuz i get mentioned damn near every episode i remember when you guys made the mistake of saying no one listened and then like 10 of us were like YES I DO this is my favorite interaction so far (i'm paraphrasing): berocka: lots of talk about mods, especially with gus' article boot: i didn't read that berocka: it's not out yet. his status says he's working on something else first boot: i didn't see that berocka: yeah he said it's his most quantitative article ever boot: i don't even know what that means snaps when you guys started talking about how something you say may not be offensive to you, but it is to someone else... i've obviously heard lots of conversations about that before (and i'm very empathetic toward that argument, we all have things to learn), but i appreciated your viewpoint that even dialectal differences/slang can play into that too. i'm glad you mentioned that. i like listening to your podcasts because i enjoy hearing those words and phrases that aren't in media that i consume regularly please start stealing segments, it'd be hilarious spaghetti overall 9/10, great editing & great to have you guys back. i have to give a criticism to claim this as a review so more discrete segments i guess idk
  5. no mega bite size berocka is okay as long as we have one and a half aussies and bite size berocka PODCAST WITH BIGAL?!?! don't pause the recording to sneeze you dweeb i like feeling like i'm on a call with you "mods are extremely well liked, all around the league" fuck you berocka i'm gonna flick your ear for being a shit head to yourself
  6. berocka if you keep talking shit about yourself saying that you're a bad podcaster, i'm going to fly to australia and kick you in the shin for each time you've said it I'M SO PSYCHED FOR ONE AND A HALF AUSSIES you could take your notes about podcasts in an email to yourself?
  7. i much prefer the car podcasts. you are so much more zesty. you're much more composed when you're sitting at home. LAME. ANYBODY CAN DO THAT fuck segment names your press conference conversation was nice, i agree that the answer 3, act 3 was nice. in chicago when we actually had an active crew of people, we took turns asking questions, and that was enjoyable. the questions didn't get bland, and a crew of us had an unspoken agreement to take time on PCs, so the answers were actually interesting to read. even people who couldn't even claim their answers would answer the questions. okay fr i love these podcasts, i feel like i'm sitting in the car next to you and you're just saying shit while you run your errands. it's like pals bein pals except you can't hear me say shit like "don't apologize for sneezing, that's silly" reviewing podcasts is fun. i should start claiming my comments as reviews (as i write this you're calling out the fact that we write and listen) someone proposed in bog to open reviewing to supplemental tasks, and there was a brief conversation about that. people are upsetti about the fact that a lot of media spot articles/graphics were getting a handful of reviews, but podcasts are so much more fun to review didn't you host a podcast tournament? (THAT HICCUP THING HAHAHA) i feel like some people don't realize how difficult podcasting is... some people (like you, boot, jardy, etc.) make it sound so easy, but i am not good at talking about shit, especially by myself i giggled during this podcast so many times. thanks for the laughs on this thursday morning
  8. i had to slow the podcast down like a minute and a half in because you were saying words that i weren't expecting you to say in the order that you said them with an accent that takes me a bit to acclimate to and i had to laugh at myself for that. caramel milk? wtf? using elmebeck nominations as a - ^ that comment was about to be heartfelt and then u said "i'm going to start a segment on why i should win the elmebeck" i love your accent berocka. your voice is very nice "but speaking... that shit's hard, man" (this segment was fucking hilarious and super interesting as someone who studied language) was there some spice in your milk this morning? u were zesty i listen late but i always try to listen!
  9. "we have started the next season, which is season [enter season number here]" i'm dead the "fake purple team" please > is mad that he doesn't know when predictions open and close > hates the schedule "depreciation! that's shit." i'm a fan of fantasy character names because it makes career tasks easy to write "where's my wave? WHERE'S MY WAVE?" i'm damn near crying i love the energy in these podcasts love the old vsn australia podcasts this podcast is not boring the imaginary conversation between you and al while you talk about yourself getting the elmebeck, i can hear the smile in your voice. it's fantastic you only need 2 votes to get your name on the ballot, 3 listeners is fantastic. love vote manipulation freeball the requirements. naturally created content will get you the most genuine superlatives i love the pride you very obviously take in making no effort to prepare for anything overall 8/10, clearly disorganized but still made me laugh
  10. i do my best to keep a positive attitude, but i gotta burn off steam somewhere... hating pickles/praising french fries is a healthy outlet >:)
  11. sometimes in diner's you get a stray fucking pickle with a meal, and they always put that shit under your french fries. do they not do that in c a n a d a? no, and i won't be trying it
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