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  1. why are people reading this article cut it out
  2. Dear diary, I don’t know what to write about but I am too particular to claim welfare for a week so I’m here. It’s much more difficult to write point tasks when you don’t pay attention to the league. Socks didn’t do shit at the awards for last season, and honestly, I’m not really surprised. I’m pretty unbothered - I’ve probably mentioned before that I could not care less about the Hall of Fame. I think it’s neat and fun, I’m sure that it’s fun and exciting to get a player into the Hall of Fame, but I have absolutely no interest in getting my panties in a twist about try
  3. i've never listened to one of your podcasts before, but i'm like 10 minutes in and need to remember to say that i like how much you aspirate your t's
  4. i mean i'm down to keep you in and if i just draft then i'm sure dom will let you get another go D - Scotty Kaberle @Jubo
  5. he didn't update the OP copy/paste and is doing a new system where he adds fillers to draft for DQs (as opposed to himself choosing the best options based on the previous season) i'm going to wait until someone comes around to draft for DQ just in case
  6. pretty sure @jhatty8 is DQed now - been 17 hours and this is his second skip @Domg5@GustavMattias
  7. F - Groovy Dood @jhatty8 otc for two picks
  8. @Vkobe-vyou have like 6 hours left on ur pick